Everything you need for the best Sims 3 cheats, from free Simoleons to building anywhere


Want to usage a few The Sims 3 cheats? There"s nothing wrong through that, no judgement here. With a video game like The Sims 3, the possibilities are currently endless however modifying it with some cheat codes only enhances the gameplay also more. Even if it is you’re spring to do some easy Simoleons to live your ideal Sims life or teleporting her Sim v ease, we’ve obtained the cheats for you.

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So, let’s gain to it. Here are few of the height The Sims 3 cheats because that PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox. Make certain you read our guide carefully so that you don’t mess anything up v your favorite Sims though.

How to enable cheats in The Sims 3

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First points first, in stimulate to enable cheats ~ above The Sims 3, you’ll require to bring up the cheat console making use of the indict below:

The Sims 3 computer cheats: host Ctrl and Shift, then push cThe Sims 3 Mac cheats: hold Command and also Shift, then push cThe Sims 3 PS3 cheats: host down all 4 shoulder buttons in ~ onceThe Sims 3 Xbox cheats: organize down all four shoulder buttons in ~ once

A box will then show up at the peak of your display where you’ll kind your password in.

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The Sims 3 Cheats

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The Sims 3 shift-click cheats

One that the most vital cheat password in The Sims 3 is testingcheatsenabled true, which permits a world of brand-new options the are obtainable by utilizing shift-click on Sims, items, and also more. We’ve placed together several of the options below:


Shift-click the mailbox and also choose any type of of the complying with options:

Make all Happy to set active family members mood come maxMake Friends for Me to offer the energetic Sim a variety of random friends from the neighbourhoodMake needs Static to set needs to max and also stop lock decaying end timeMake every Dynamic come return requirements to normal decay rateMake Me recognize Everyone come make active Sim recognize everyone in the neighbourhoodForce visitor to do a arbitrarily visitor arriveForce NPC (more choices available) to do a details NPC arriveSet Career (more alternatives available) to set the present Sim’s job to a stated path, branch, and also rank

The Sims 3 Career building cheats

Shift-click the career building of a Sim and also choose any type of of the adhering to options:

Force possibility to force work-related opportunitiesForce occasion to force work-related eventForce every Events to pressure every feasible event from chosen workplace

The Sims 3 soil cheats

Shift-click the ground and choose any of the complying with options:

Teleport me right here to teleport energetic Sim to the locationBuild/Buy on this lot (after job 1.7) to enable build and buy mode even when there’s a fire or burglary, either option permits bothSeasons (more options available) to enable weather regulate within the video game (only easily accessible with Seasons growth pack)

The Sims 3 sims cheats

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Shift-click every Sims and also choose any kind of of the complying with options:

Trigger period Transition to period up selected SimAdd to active household/family to add selected sim to a householdEdit sim in CAS to take it a Sim earlier to Create-A-Sim modeModify traits for active Sim to readjust only an energetic Sims traits

The Sims 3 money cheats

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KACHING! No, seriously, kaching. Enter any kind of of the listed below The Sims 3 money cheats for some extra Simoleons or complimentary housing.

kaching - receive 1,000 Simoleonsrosebud - receive 1,000 Simoleonsmotherlode - obtain 50,000 Simoleonsfamilyfunds - replace with family members surname and also a numeric value between 0 - 99,999,999 (must go into testingcheatsenabled true in console first)freerealestate - enables you come buy any type of house you want (must enable this code in Map mode)

The Sims 3 partnership cheats

(Image credit: EA)make me recognize everyone - selected center knows every other Simmake friends for me - make numerous random friends for selected Simforce visitor - forces a neighbour to present upadd to household - add active Sim to present household

The Sims 3 modify Sim cheats

set age - collection age the SimageuptoNPC on - ages up a Sim into a non-controllable NPC who stays in your household, additionally works top top childrenforcetwins - offers pregnant sim twins

The Sims 3 thing cheats

buydebug - allows you to buy anything, including locked objects (must enter testingcheatsenabled true in console first)moveobjects - no constraints for placing/moving objectsConstrainfloorelevation - pressure terrain adjustments nevertheless of objects, Sims, and also other structuresFadeobjects - objects fade as soon as camera it s okay close to themdisablesnappingtoslotsonalt - objects will not snap to slots while stop Altsnapobjectstoangle - toggle 45 level angle object snapsnapobjectstogrid - toggle snap to grid for inserted objectsplacefriezes - permits you come place structures on height of tiled floors

The Sims 3 requirements and skills cheats

(Image credit: EA)shazaam - add 2,500 lifetime delight points to active SimResetLifeTimeHappiness - resets the lifetime happiness of every the Sims in an active householdmodify traits - collection or clean traitsResetsim > - teleports called Sim back to household lot v neutral motives and no moodletsmake happy - sets all moods/moodlets for anyone in the house to perfect; removes an adverse moodletsmake encourages static - set motives to revolution for entire householdmake urges dynamic - set motives come dynamic for entire household

The Sims 3 job cheats

set job - offer selected center a careerforce opportunity - click career structure you work at to pressure an opportunityforce event - click career building you occupational at to force an eventforce every events - click career building to display all occasions for the job consecutivelyunlockoutfits - see career outfits and service uniforms (must permit this code before entering Create-A-Sim mode)

The Sims 3 world and UI cheats

help - screens most cheatsquit - quits the gamefullscreen - toggle fullscreenfps - shows framework rate display in top right the screenhideHeadlineEffects - hides every meters and effects in-game, e.g. Sim believed bubbles or PlumbobslowMotionViz: <0-8> - slow activity visuals: 0 is normal, 8 is slowestplaysounds - toggle every audio (must get in testingcheatsenabled true in console first)

The Sims 3 assorted cheats

jokeplease - prints random joke to console, doesn’t affect gameplayenablellamas - llamas allowed message prints to consoleforce company sim - pressure a certain service sim to appear