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Procto- is a combining form used favor a prefix an interpretation “anus” or “rectum,” technical terms for parts of the butt. That is provided in some clinical terms, particularly in pathology and surgery.

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Procto- comes from the Greek prōktós, definition “anus.”

What are variants of procto-?

When merged with indigenous or word aspects that begin with a vowel, procto- i do not care proct-, together in proctalgia.

An instance of a word girlfriend may have actually encountered that functions procto- is proctology, “the branch the medicine handling the rectum and also anus.” A professional in this is a proctologist.

The procto- part of the word describes anus and also the rectum. The -logy portion of the word is provided to name sciences, studies, or body of knowledge. Proctology literally method “study that the rectum and also anus.”

What room some native that use the combining form procto- or proct-?

What are some other forms that procto- may be frequently confused with?

Not every native that begins with the specific letters procto- or proct- is necessarily using the combining forming procto- to denote “anus.” Proctor is one example. Find out the very different background and meaning of proctor in ~ our entry because that the word.

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The combining kind -tomy way “cutting” or “incision” of an organ. What go the clinical procedure of a proctotomy involve?

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British smashville247.net interpretations for procto


before a collection proct-

combining form
indicating the anus or rectumproctology

Word origin for procto-

from Greek prōktos

Medical meanings for procto


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Anus or rectum:proctalgia.


Faustianadjective | SEE DEFINITION
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