In sociology, the functionalist view examines exactly how society’s components operate. According to functionalism, different facets of society exist because they serve a necessary purpose. What is the duty of society stratification?

In 1945, sociologists Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore released the Davis-Moore thesis, which argued that the better the useful importance that a social role, the higher must be the reward. The theory posits that social stratification to represent the inherently unequal worth of different work. Certain tasks in society are an ext valuable 보다 others. Qualified world who to fill those positions must be rewarded much more than others.

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According to Davis and Moore, a firefighter’s project is an ext important than, for instance, a grocery keep cashier’s. The cashier position does not require the very same skill and also training level as firefighting. Without the incentive of greater pay and far better benefits, why would certainly someone be ready to rush into burning buildings? If pay levels to be the same, the firefighter might as well work together a grocery save cashier. Davis and also Moore thought that lucrative more essential work with higher levels that income, prestige, and also power encourages human being to work-related harder and longer.

Davis and Moore proclaimed that, in most cases, the degree of skill required for a project determines the job’s importance. They additionally stated that the more skill compelled for a job, the fewer qualified civilization there would be to do that job. Certain jobs, such together cleaning hallways or comment phones, perform not require lot skill. The employees don’t need a university degree. Other work, like creating a highway system or transporting a baby, requires enormous skill.

In 1953, Melvin Tumin countered the Davis-Moore thesis in “Some values of Stratification: A an important Analysis.” Tumin doubted what determined a job’s level of importance. The Davis-Moore thesis does no explain, he argued, why a media personality with tiny education, skill, or talent becomes famous and also rich top top a reality present or a project trail. The thesis likewise does not describe inequalities in the education system or inequalities as result of race or gender. Tumin thought social stratification prevent qualified human being from attempting to fill duties (Tumin 1953). Because that example, one underprivileged youth has less possibility of ending up being a scientist, no matter exactly how smart she is, since of the relative lack of opportunity available to her. The Davis-Moore thesis additionally does not define why a basketball player earns numerous dollars a year when a medical professional who saves lives, a soldier who fights because that others’ rights, and a teacher that helps type the minds of morning will most likely not make millions over the course of your careers.

The Davis-Moore thesis, though open for debate, was an early attempt to describe why stratification exists. The thesis states that society stratification is essential to promote excellence, productivity, and efficiency, therefore giving people something to effort for. Davis and also Moore believed that the device serves culture as a whole since it allows everyone to advantage to a certain extent.

Conflict Theory

(a) A team of building and construction workers top top the task site, and also (b) a team of businessmen. What category of stratification execute these construction workers share? exactly how do building and construction workers differ from executives or custodians? that is an ext skilled? who has greater prestige in society? (Photo (a) courtesy the Wikimedia Commons; photograph (b) courtesy of Chun Kit/flickr)

To symbolically communicate social standing, world often interact in conspicuous consumption, i beg your pardon is the purchase and also use of certain products to do a social statement around status. Moving pricey however eco-friendly water bottles could indicate a person’s social standing. Some civilization buy high-quality trendy sneakers even though castle will never wear them come jog or beat sports. A $17,000 automobile provides transport as easily as a $100,000 vehicle, yet the luxury auto makes a society statement that the much less expensive car can’t live increase to. All these symbols of stratification space worthy of check by one interactionist.

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Analyze the Davis-Moore thesis. Execute you agree through Davis and Moore? Does social stratification play an essential function in society? What instances can you think the that assistance the thesis? What instances can friend think of the refute the thesis?Consider social stratification indigenous the symbolic interactionist perspective. Just how does social stratification affect the daily interactions of individuals? exactly how do solution of class, based on factors such as prestige, power, income, and wealth, influence your own everyday routines, as well as your beliefs and also attitudes? illustrate your ideas with particular examples and also anecdotes native your own life and the stays of human being in her community.