On heat Admissions open up from Play team to IX and XI(ARTS/SCI./COMM) || contact 7602728801, 9564263345 for details

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On heat Admissions open from Play group to IX and XI(ARTS/SCI./COMM) || contact 7602728801, 9564263345 for details



Lincolns High school is affiliated come ICSE and also ISC new Delhi. Siliguri is a top educational centre with countless well-known English medium schools, among which Lincolns High college stands as among the oldest and also most very esteemed. The institution campus covers around four acre of land, paths supplying spectacular views at every turn which is aesthetically pleasing, v the scope of coming throughout exotic flora. Lincolns High institution is a co-educational school having two collection up the sections- Karaibari and also Milanpally. Karaibari section comprises that LKG come XII and Milanpally LKG to X.


Our Mission

Our mission is to construct young men and also women with active and an imaginative minds, a feeling of understanding and compassion because that others, and also the courage come act on their beliefs. We strive to make our students proud that their country and the heritage and thereby revolve them right into well rounded individuals who will contribute positively come society. We tension the total advancement of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.


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school cautioned native forcing the candidates to exercise the selection as listed in the CISCE circular dated 15th June 2020

Principal"s Note

Dear aspirant Students and Parents, The right an option of college for your child is just one of the most critical and an overwhelming decisions you have to make in her life because that the bright and much better future of your children. The information provided by us will definitely assist you to answer many of your queries and why friend should pick Lincolns High School, Siliguri. There has been a typical saying the passionate persistence without impertinence produces progress. Lincolns High School has actually testified the adage by gift a perennial panorama that activities, achievements and experiences every round the last bygone years. In our continuous strife because that excellence and also perfection, we have marched ahead with our heads high and also fearless minds. Ours undeterred spirits and driving ambitions have actually aided united state to make vast forays in various areas of endeavors. Our penetrative vision has led united state in covering numerous milestones and create a legacy of our own. Us have, hence, shown a sterling power in virtually all fields. We space performing our solemn duty and also responsibility to ensure, that purposeful educational training of a high traditional is imparted come your kids to equip them to challenge the civilization outside. Lincolns motto “Grow v Challenge” has actually proved in own way or the other, that true meaning. Ns attribute these achievements to mine learned and dedicated colleagues, responsible parents and also the promising students. I find lot of satisfaction in offer this spiritual institution together it is like rearing a garden with sole objective of achieving excellence in all fields. “Today’s kid is the citizens of tomorrow”. Therefore, ns earnestly and sincerely think that the is the sacred responsibility of the teachers, parents and also well-wishers come illuminate the fragrance the truth and also virtue in castle and help them to with the janice of healthy development.