There room a variety of meanings for words "arc" in mathematics. In general, an arc is any kind of smooth curve joining 2 points. The size of one arc is well-known as that is arc length.

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In a graph, a graph arc i am one ordered pair of nearby vertices.


In particular, one arc is any part (other 보다 the whole curve) of the one of a circle. An arc equivalent to the main angle

is denoted
. Similarly, the size of the main angle subtended through this arc (i.e., the measure up of the arc) is periodically (e.g., Rhoad et al. 1984, p.421) yet not constantly (e.g., Jurgensen 1963) denoted

The facility of one arc is the facility of the circle of whichthe arc is a part.

An arc who endpoints lie on a diameter of a circleis called a semicircle.


For a circle of radius

, the arc length
subtended through a main angle
is proportional come
, and if
is measure up in radians, climate the consistent of proportionality is 1, i.e.,



The length of the chord connecting the arc"s endpointsis



As Archimedes proved, for chords

which space perpendicular to each other,



(Wells 1991).

An arc that a topological room

is a homeomorphism
->S" />, where
is a subspace the
. Every arc is a path, however not conversely. An extremely often, the surname arc is offered to the photo

The prefix "arc" is additionally used to denote the inverse features of trigonometric functions and also hyperbolic functions. Finally, any path v a graph which passes through no vertex double is called an arc (Gardner 1984, p.96).

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