Microsoft Word has actually many varieties of nonprintable icons such together different types of spaces,tabulations, line or web page breaks, etc. The non-printable symbols are likewise known asWhitespace characters in typography, nonprinting characters in theprevious version of Microsoft products, or formatting marks.

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You can display or hide, if you watch a most strange symbols in the document, some or all of thesesymbols by click the switch Show/Hide ¶ (or pushing Ctrl+* orCtrl+Shift+8):



You can selectively present only spaces in the document, just Tabulation symbols,etc. To display or hide certain nonprintable symbols, carry out the following:

1. top top the File tab, click the Optionsbutton:


2. In the Word Options dialog box, open theDisplay tab and then inspect or uncheck choices as you like:


Spaces have the right to differ:When you form the text, usually you separate words (sentences or also syllables insome languages) by pressing the Space key (also recognized as Spacebar).

Usual or common an are is presented as a small dot between words:


Sometimes an ext specific spacing characters like Em Space, En Space or¼ Em Space are used.

These spaces identify by their width:

Em space method a an are the exact same width as a lowercase mcharacter.En space means a an are the very same width as a small letter ncharacter.¼ Em space (also known as mid space) accordingly means aspace the very same width as a lowercase m character separated by 4 -one fourth of one Em Space wide.

Em space and En space are displayed as typical space, as a little dotbetween words, but with broader gaps before and also after them. ¼ Em Space lookslike a vertical bar between words:


Paragraph marks or pilcrows (¶) stand for a i break.

They are put by Word at the finish of every paragraph. In various other words, it appears everytime as soon as you press Enter:


Object anchors are displayed in a file just when you select an object.

Any floating thing in a record has one anchor that is tied come a certain paragraph

. It deserve to be moved, replaced orremoved with that paragraph prefer its part.

It is feasible to move any anchor to any other paragraph.

The display all formatting marks checkbox mirrors the switch Show/Hide ¶ the wasdescribed above. When you click to highlight that switch on the ribbon or non-highlight it(or use shortcut keys for that), that checkbox will certainly be checked or unchecked appropriately.

Other formatting marks the you have the right to see in the file by clicking on the Show/Hide ¶button:

Line breaks:

a) as a right-angle arrowhead pointing come the left

. This symbol have the right to be addedto the record to begin a brand-new line, not a new paragraph, by clicking onShift+Enter:

b) as a right-angle arrowhead between two vertical lines

. This symbol mirrors thebreak that different text around object, such as a caption text or photo from the bodytext.

Pagination breaks - a Column break, a Page break and also a Section breakare provided for the far better formatting the the document:

To include the page break, simply click Ctrl+Enter.

Keep point out are presented as a tiny black cartridge ■ on the margin next to the paragraph:

Keep clues represents few of paragraph options:

Keep through next,Keep lines together,End-of-cell and End-of-row marks the you can see in tables together universalmonetary symbol or money sign (¤) looks favor a circle with 4 linesradiating native the corner:

End-of-cell marks choose a paragraph marks contain formatting because that the last (or only)paragraph in the cell and formatting because that the cell.

End-of-row marks put at the finish of each row of a table. They contain formattingfor the row.


You can display or hide all these unique symbols, however they are still non-printable! you canprint simply some the them.To delete any type of of these unique characters, select them and also press the Delete key.Displaying of this special personalities is an extremely helpful for troubleshooting. If your textdoesn"t break as you like, it have the right to be because you have actually too numerous (or the wrong) paragraphs setas Keep with next.

If your press is adding a blank page in ~ the end of your document, it might be due to the fact that ofseveral north paragraphs in ~ the finish that are forcing one extra page.

If an automatic number insists on being bold even though you have applied bold formattingonly to the part of the numbered paragraph, it can be because of i marks. Friend needto choose the paragraph mark and un-bold it, since automatic bullets and numbering takeon the formatting that the i mark.

See also this pointer in French:Comment afficher/ masquer les symboles non imprimables dans le file Word.

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