It doesn’t issue that Everybody hates Chris ended in 2009, due to the fact that the product is still fresh and also relatable. Collection in the 1980s, the comedy collection chronicled kris Rock’s upbringing in Brooklyn, new York and his experience at Corleone High School.

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With tales about Chris’s family, the side-eye worthy school, and also the vivid neighborhood characters, Everybody hates Chris kept human being rolling v laughter and also solidified itself together a standard TV show. The been much more than 10 years since the collection wrapped and also fans witnessed Chris notice he to be leaving high school, but where room the actors members now?


Cast the ‘Everybody no Chris’ through Terry Crews, Tichina Arnold, Tyler James Williams, Tequan Richmond, Imani Hakim and also Vincent Martella at the 8th annual Family television Awards in 2006. | Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Terry Crews

Terry Crews was the hardworking patriarch ~ above Everybody hates Chris. Julius rock is the summary of cheapskate dads, and also he’s regularly referenced in memes and also general conversations about hilarious TV fathers. And also because of him, Rochelle never essential her job.

Crews is still very active in TV and film with functions in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Craig of the Creek, Deadpool 2, and a hosting gig on America’s got Talent.

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Tichina Arnold

As Rochelle, Tichina Arnold had actually some the the most iconic one-liners and legit mommy threats on the show. Arnold had actually a effective acting career before the display — numerous fans recognize her from Martin — and also she continues to continue to be busy on and off screen. She’s raising a teenage daughter and Arnold at this time stars in The Neighborhood together Cedric the Entertainer.

Film-wise, she’s been in Clover, The critical Black guy in mountain Francisco, Countdown, and also the upcoming Wonder London. She also pops up v bestie Tisha Campbell to host TV occasions such together the soul Train Awards. Yet fans will have to give up expect on a Martin revival, together the cast made it clean it i will not ~ be happening.

Tyler James Williams

Everybody love Tyler James Williams together Chris, the eldest sibling in the family whose luck never seemed to be on the an excellent side. Viewers watched Williams prosper up on display as the key character.

But as soon as the show ended, that went on come star in 2014’s Dear White People, and also The go Dead, Criminal Minds: beyond Borders, and also Whiskey Cavalier.

More recently, Williams snagged a couple of films duties in The United claims vs. Billy Holiday and The Wedding Year. His following project is one upcoming abc sitcom titled Abbott Elementary. Williams is also an advocate for Crohn’s condition awareness, a condition that he was diagnosed through in 2017.

Tequan Richmond

Tequan Richmond played Chris’s younger brother Drew, the athlete and girl magnet. He’s still in the acting game and also appeared ~ above General Hospital indigenous 2012-2018 and also a number of movies. Richmond’s latest function is father, as he invited a baby in early on 2021 v his Boomerang co-star and girlfriend, Tetona Jackson.

Imani Hakim

Imani Hakim lugged feistiness to Tonya, Chris’s bratty, tattletale sister. After the present wound up, Hakim relocated on to brand-new TV and film roles, and also landed the command in 2014’s The Gabby Douglas Story. She’s also been in Sharknado 4, Cam, and also most recently, apologize TV’s Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

Ian has plenty of strengths together a an imaginative director. Knowing human being by their name is not among them.

— Mythic search (
mythic_quest) might 16, 2021

Vincent Martella

Though many of the show’s fans understand Vincent Martella together Chris’s ideal friend Greg Wuliger, he currently had a big fan base from his job-related as a voice actor on the lovely Phineas and also Ferb. He is Phineas!

He as well was in The go Dead. But Martella tho does many of voiceover work and occasionally shares videos of himself doing everyday things.

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across the universe

— Vincent Martella (
VinMan17) may 11, 2021

Paige Hurd

Paige Hurd play Chris’ crush, Tasha Clarkson, who grandmother kept a close eye ~ above her. Hurd now stars in Power publication II: Ghost as Tariq’s classmate and also one that his plenty of love interests. She’s additionally in The Oval where she dram Gayle, the troublemaking daughter the the very first couple.