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1 The main character and also protaganist the the film is sixteen years old, and also volunteers for her sister, to complete in the Hunger Games. That is she play by?
Answer: Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence theatre Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" and also will continue to take it on that role in the next three movies. She to be 20 when filming begin. She has additionally starred in "Silver Linings Playbook", for which she winner an Academy Award, "American Hustle" and also "House at the finish of the Street". Amongst others, Shailene Woodley, Abigail Breslin, Isabelle Fuhrman (later cast as Clove), Emily Browning and also Emma Roberts likewise tried out for the function of Katniss.
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2 What is the name of the ceremony whereby a boy and a girl are favored to complete in the yearly event recognized as "The Hunger Games"?

Answer: The Reaping due to a previous rebellion versus the Capitol, every of the twelve poorer districts the Panem have to offer up a boy and girl between the eras of 12-18 to fight come the death, to show that the Capitol is quiet in control. Annually an officiant brings out two separate bowls, based upon gender, i beg your pardon contain the name of every child in that district. Whoever"s surname is attracted gets the respect of representing that district in fighting come the death in one arena with other competitors, or tributes. The winner would obtain nothing an ext than fame and wealth.
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3 in ~ the start of the movie, among the gamekeepers (Seneca) to be being interviewed by someone. That was the person?

Answer: Caesar Caesar Flickerman and Seneca had actually a discussion about the Hunger Games and what they meant. Seneca, who remained in his 3rd year together gamekeeper, believed that in enhancement to gift a reminder that the past, it assisted to lug the twelve districts of Panem closer together.Later in the movie, Caesar and also Seneca had an additional discussion about the present group the tributes. Seneca stated that anyone was in keep for miscellaneous special, since there was a volunteer (Katniss Everdeen) in among the far districts (District 12).Still later, once Caesar"s interview v the tributes began, the announcer the his present introduced the interviewer as Caesar Flickerman.
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Answer: Primrose Everdeen Willows Shields was actors to play Primrose "Prim" Everdeen, Katniss" tiny sister. Her surname is attracted out of the Reaping round originally, until Katniss volunteers for her. The 74th Hunger games is Prim"s very first time gift reaped, and at the very beginning of the film she has a nightmare about her name being drawn.Katniss is played by Jennifer Lawrence, if Glimmer and also Rue space played through Leven Rambin and also Amandla Stenberg respectively.
Answer: To save her sister"s life Katniss is details Primrose won"t obtain picked, because her name has only been placed in once. However, this transforms out to no be the case. Prior to Primrose can make it come the stage, Katniss intervenes and also declares she desire to take her sister"s place. Since Katniss is skilled in the art of hunting, she has actually a better chance of survival. Prior to leaving, she cautions Primrose to not take any kind of extra food or noþeles else that would gain her name put in more times.
Answer: she sister"s during the reaping, Effie (a residents of the Capitol who pertained to District 12 to select the names of the two tributes) drew out Primrose"s name, even though her surname was only put into the illustration once. Katniss believed that Primrose (her sister) was also young and volunteered herself as tribute. According to Effie, this to be the an initial volunteer from district 12.
7 that plays the female from district 5 in the 74th Hunger Games? She is recognized for her cleverness, red hair, and also for dice by a gift berry.

Answer: Jacqueline Emerson Foxface, that is play by Jacqueline Emerson, is a Tribute in the Hunger gamings from ar 5. She is well-known for being clever and also cunning. Foxface renders it to the peak 5 prior to she is killed by eat poisonous berries. Jacqueline Emerson is likewise a recording artist, and her first single was videotaped in 2011.
Answer: career Tributes We very first hear around them once Katniss, Peeta, and also their mentors are eating dinner at their hotel. The alliance is do of the 4 tributes native Districts 1 & 2. According to Haymitch, these kids train intensively at a distinct academy until they"re 18, volunteer because that the games, and also "almost constantly win". Basically, lock dedicate their resides to killing!
Answer: train Effie, Haymitch, and also the two tributes of ar 12, Katniss and also Peeta, travel to the Capitol by a train. There was not lot transportation in the districts that Panem, yet the Capitol was able to send one of its trains. Katniss and Peeta were offered their very own separate compartments. The Capitol was a long method away, so also with a quick type of transportation choose the train, that still take it the far better part that a day.During this time, lock were provided lots that food come eat. Haymitch likewise gave advice come Katniss and also Peeta on how to survive. The idea to be to obtain sponsors, and also the means to carry out that was to get world to like them. Katniss was initially upset that Haymitch appeared so wake up to offer out information.
Answer: Coriolanus snow Coriolanus snow is the chairman of Panem and is played by Donald Sutherland, that has likewise appeared in "JFK", "Pride and Prejudice", "Fool"s Gold" and "Moby Dick". President eye is the key antagonist in "The Hunger Games" series, however does no play crucial role in the first film.Haymitch is play by Woody Harrelson. Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth dram Peeta and also Gale respectively.

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Answer: Glimmer wait on Katniss come come under from a tree for this reason they deserve to kill her, the Careers and also Peeta camp out underneath it. Rue, the girl from district 11, points the end a tracker jacker nest adjacent and advises Katniss to cut down the branch hold it. Everyone is able to flee the scene, except for Glimmer, the girl from ar 1, that ends up obtaining stung to death.