I will go end three examples in this indict showing just how to determine algebraically the train station of an exponential function. But prior to you take it a look at the worked examples, I indicate that you evaluation the said steps below very first in stimulate to have a good grasp that the basic procedure.

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Steps to discover the station of an Exponential Function

STEP 1: change fleft( x ight) to y.

largefleft( x ight) o y

STEP 2: Interchange colorbluex and also colorredy in the equation.

largex o y

largey o x

STEP 3: isolate the exponential expression top top one next (left or right) the the equation.

The exponential expression shown below is a generic kind where b is the base, when N is the exponent.


STEP 4: get rid of the basic b of the exponential expression by taking the logarithms the both political parties of the equation.

To make the simplification much easier, take it the logarithm of both sides making use of the basic of the exponential expression itself.Using the log in rule,


STEP 5: resolve the exponential equation for colorredy to acquire the inverse. Finally, change colorredy with the inverse notation f^ - 1left( x ight) to compose the final answer.

Replace y v f^ - 1left( x ight)

Let’s apply the argued steps above to settle some problems.

Examples of how to find the inverse of an Exponential Function

Example 1: find the train station of the exponential function below.


This need to be straightforward problem since the exponential expression on the best side that the equation is already isolated for us.

Start by instead of the role notation fleft( x ight) through y.


Since the exponential expression is by chin on one next of the equation, we can now take it the logarithms that both sides. As soon as we acquire the logarithms of both sides, us will use the base of colorblue2 since this is the basic of the provided exponential expression.

Apply the log of Exponent ascendancy which is log _bleft( b^k ight) = k as component of the simplification process. The rule states that the logarithm of an exponential number whereby its base is the exact same as the basic of the log in is same to the exponent.

We are almost done! settle for y by adding both political parties by 5 then division the equation by the coefficient of y which is 3. Don’t forget to change y come f^ - 1left( x ight). This means that us have uncovered the inverse function.

If we graph the original exponential duty and its station on the exact same XY- plane, they must be symmetrical follow me the heat largecolorbluey=x. Which lock are!

The only distinction of this trouble from the vault one is the the exponential expression has actually a denominator of 2. Various other than that, the actions will it is in the same.

We readjust the role notation fleft( x ight) to y, complied with by interchanging the functions of colorredx and also colorredy variables.

At this point, we can’t execute the action of acquisition the logarithms that both sides just yet. The factor is the the exponential expression ~ above the appropriate side is not fully by itself. We very first have to get rid of the denominator 2.

We can attain that by multiply both political parties of the equation through 2. The left side becomes 2x and also the denominator on the ideal side is gone!

By isolating the exponential expression top top one side, the is now possible to get the logs of both sides. When you do this, always make certain to use the basic of the exponential expression together the basic of the logarithmic operations.

In this case, the base of the exponential expression is 5. Therefore, we apply log operations on both sides making use of thebase of 5.

Using this log rule, log _bleft( b^k ight) = k, the fives will cancel the end leaving the exponent colorblue4x+1 top top the right side that the equation after ~ simplification. This is great since the log section of the equation is gone.

We can now finish this increase by solving for the change y, then replacing that by f^ - 1left( x ight) to represent that we have obtained the station function.

As you deserve to see, the graphs of the exponential role and that is inverse room symmetrical around the heat largecolorgreeny=x.

I watch that we have actually an exponential expression being divided by another. The an excellent thing is the the exponential expressions have actually the same base of 3. We should be able to simplify this making use of the division Rule that Exponent. To divide exponential expressions having equal bases, copy the typical base and then subtract their exponents. Listed below is the rule. The presumption is that b e 0.

Observe how the original trouble has been greatly simplified after using the division Rule the Exponent.

At this point, we can proceed as usual in resolving for the inverse. Rewrite fleft( x ight) together y, complied with by interchanging the variables colorredx and also colorredy.

Before we can acquire the logs that both sides, isolate the exponential part of the equation by including both sides by 4.

Since the exponential expression is utilizing base 3, we take the logs the both political parties of the equation through base 3 as well! By act so, the exponent colorblue2y-1 on the appropriate side will drop, so we can continue on resolving for y i beg your pardon is the forced inverse function.

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It verifies that our answer is correct since the graph that the given exponential functions and also its station (logarithmic function) are symmetrical along the heat largey=x.

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