The Indusrial change began to take root in the United claims around?
The American industrial Revolution an initial appeared here?New England
This occupation to be very difficult in the the brand-new England area?Farming
What made the brand-new England area appropriate for industry?1) plenty of rushing rivers & streams, 2) close come resources, 3) many ports
The financial system that the U.S. Where people put your money right into a organization in wishes of make a profit?Capitalism
Another name for money used for investment?Capital
Scientific explorations that simplify work?Technology
Invented the cotton gin?Eli Whitney
Gives an inventor the sole legal ideal to the invention and also its earnings for a certain duration of time?Patent
Memorized draft of british machinery, then copied them in the U.S.?Samuel Slater
Brought manufacturing steps with each other in one ar to boost efficiency?Factory System
Opened up a factory system in Waltham, Massachusetts?Francis Cabot Lowell
Uniform piece that could replace any type of other the same pieces?Interchangeable Parts
He to be a Connecticut inventor that started the use of interchangeable parts?Eli Whitney
Another surname for big businesses?Corporations
Shares of ownership in a company?Stock
It was created by congress in 1816 and also it had the power to make huge loans to business?Second bank of the U.S.
More 보다 65% of american in the 1820s?Farmers
An official count the a population?Census
When go the an initial census take it place?1790
How many civilization were life west the the Appalachians in 1820?2 million
Another name for toy fee roads?Turnpikes
In 1806, Congress authorized funds because that this roadway that would attach Ohio v the East?National Road
In areas where the soil was regularly muddy, cmpanies developed these, consisting of logs laid side by side?Corduroy roads
Two troubles with flow travel?1) significant rivers flowed in a North-South direction, 2) travel upstream by barge versus the current
He designed th Clermont?Robert Fulton
_?_ was used to power boats?Steam
It added to the gorwth of river cities choose St. Louis and also Cincinnati?Steamboat
An synthetic waterway?Canal
A 363-mile canal that connected Albany wtih Buffalo?Erie Canal
Separate compartments where water levels were increased or lowered?Locks
He to plan the Erie Canal?De Witt Clinton
Elected president in 1816 win small opposition?James Monroe
The absence of major political divisions, political differences and also national unified led to period of time called?Era of an excellent Feeling
Loyalty to their region?Sectionalism
They to be funded jobs such as canals and roads?Inernal Improvements
The idea the states had actually the power?State Sovereignty
He was among the best orators of his day?Daniel Webster
He bacame recognized as the nationwide leader who tried to fix sectional disputes?Henry Clay
Even though the U.S. Can not force it,it became critical part the American foreign policy?Monroe Doctrine
This agreement noted for disarmement follow me the Canadian border?Rush-Bagot Treaty
He was a leader that tried to deal with sectional disputes by compromise?Henry Clay
The 1820 census revealed a populace of .....10 million
This individual sustained state sovereignty?John Calhoun
This treaty was an instance of army strength in the U.S.?Adams-Onis Treaty
This commitment established an main border in between Canada and also the U.S.?Convention of 1818
Won the presidential election in 1816 & 1820?James Monroe
He was James Monroe's secretary of state?John Quincy Adams
He to be a mexico revolutionary?Miguel hidalgo
The United says gains east Florida, retained West Florida, and also gave increase all claims to Spanish Texas?Adams-Otis Treaty
Loyalty come a region?Sectionalism
What type of cities prospered due to the fact that of the steamboat?River Cities
Two advantages of river travel?1) an ext comfortable, 2) could load their products on barges
Identify at an early stage inventions that contributed to the industrial Revolution?Spinny Jenny, noodle Gin, Water Frame, power Loom