Being involved in a car accident is a stressful situation. The consequences of a auto wreck have the right to compound the stress. Indigenous injury to home damage, clinical bills to lost wages, you might be dealing with more than you bargained for.

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While part car mishaps aren’t avoidable, many are. When it involves accidents, there room some causes that are more common than others. Listed below you will find a list of the top reasons of vehicle accidents. Learning the reasons could aid you protect against getting affiliated in a collision of your own.


1. Distracted Driving

Without a doubt, distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents across the country. A distracted driver is one that doesn’t have their complete attention ~ above the road. They may be paying closer attention to a cell phone device, passengers, or also a cheeseburger. Remember that your just job once you space behind the wheel is to obtain where you are going safely.

2. Speeding

We have all had vehicle drivers blast previous us top top the highway, even when we were going over the speed limit ourselves. The is not unexplained for world to drive 10, 15, or also 20 miles over the posted speed limit. Keep in mind that the much faster you drive, the slow your reaction time. If you must prevent an accident if you room driving at 20 miles end the limit, chances are an extremely high that the accident won’t be prevented at all.

3. Drunk Driving

Any person who drinks and also gets behind the wheel is a hazard to themselves and also others. When you drink, her senses and also cognitive features are dulled. Gain behind the wheel and also your reaction times are slowed and your decision-making capabilities are compromised. If you decide to drink, find a sober part to take it you home.

4. Reckless Driving

Weaving in and also out the traffic. Tailgating. Cut other chauffeurs off. These are all instances of reckless driving and each can reason a very serious accident. If you check out anyone driving favor this approximately you, back off and also give castle space. Over there is nothing you room going to execute that is walk to make the driver much more safely. Defend yourself and also call 911.

5. Impending Weather

More specifics rain. Water creates slick roadways and also can reason cars to slip and slide there is no warning. If you space stuck in a rainstorm, journey extra carefully. Also if girlfriend think her tires are sticking to the road as they should, opportunities are the they aren’t. Don’t hazard it.

6. Running Intersections

Running v red lights and also stop indications is an additional top reason of vehicle accidents. Red means stop. It isn’t a tip for you to execute with as you wish. If you watch a light turn yellow, slow-moving down rather of accelerating to shot and “catch” it. Don’t be tempted to run stop indicators near your residence as so many world are. Concerned a complete stop. The extra 10 secs you need to wait isn’t worth risking your life.

7. Teenagers

Teenage vehicle drivers are dangerous due to the fact that of your inexperience. A teenager presented through a brand-new driving situation will not know how to react. Teenagers are responsible because that causing crashes every day. If you see a young human being behind the wheel, remain behind them and also give lock room.

8. Night Driving

Many world aren’t aware that night driving boosts the risk of accident by almost double. It deserve to be difficult to watch what is up ahead of friend or coming at girlfriend from the side. As soon as the sun begins to fall from the sky, your awareness have to be heightened.

9. Design Defects

If you space of a particular age, you might remember a automobile called a Geo Tracker. The tiny SUV made headlines since of that is propensity to reminder over roughly turns once they weren’t taken with caution. The Tracker isn’t alone. Numerous manufacturers have produced cars and also trucks with style defects the make them fragile to accidents.

10. Unsafe lane Changes

Have you ever had someone cut you off? possibilities are the you have. As soon as passing an additional vehicle, make sure that you have plenty of room to acquire in former of them as soon as you decide to. If friend don’t have enough room to safely pass, don’t. It yes, really is the simple. Salary close attention to what is to either next of your automobile before you decide to change lanes.

11. Wrong-Way Driving

It’s simple to turn the wrong method down a street, specifically when you are unfamiliar with the area. Be certain that friend pay fist to signs indicating one-way roads. Recognize which direction you have to travel prior to getting onto and also off of highway ramps. Wrong-way drivers are especially dangerous due to the fact that people room not ~ above the lookout because that them and also often react too late.

12. Improper Turns

When you strategy an intersection, be certain that you room in the ideal lane for her intended direction of travel. If you uncover that you are in the right line when you wanted to turn, keep going straight. Girlfriend can always go roughly the block or turn roughly in someone’s driveway or a publicly parking lot. One of two people is a safer different than cutting throughout lanes.

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Many accidents can be avoided if human being only paid much more attention or made much better decisions. There are dozens of factors that accidents occur and, in truth, some merely can’t be predicted. Things prefer drunk driving, reckless driving, and speeding, because that example, are specifically at the discretion of the driver.

If you have been associated in one accident, you require an experienced an individual injury lawyer on her side fighting because that the compensation you may be entitled to under the law. Contact our office today and let a member of ours team provide you with a cost-free case evaluation. We understand that you room under a great deal of stress and we want to do every little thing in our power to aid you with this complicated time. Contact now or browse our website for much more information about our firm. Our auto accident lawyers can aid you!