Rear-end collisions space the most common mishaps between vehicles.1 They occur when drivers do not have sufficient time come perceive and react safely to slowing or stopped traffic. Increasing your complying with distance can aid give friend time come react when someone brakes in former of you.

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The Three-Second Rule

Increasing the distance between you and also the vehicle ahead can aid give you the time you have to recognize a hazard and also respond safely. The nationwide Safety Council proposal a minimum three-second complying with distance.2

Determining the three-second space is relatively easy. When adhering to a vehicle, choose an overhead roadway sign, a tree or other roadside marker. Note when the car ahead passes the marker, then check out how plenty of seconds the takes (count 1-1,000; 2-1,000; 3-1,000) for you to pass the same spot. If the is not at least three seconds, leave an ext space and also increase your complying with distance.

Think of following distance in regards to time, no space. Through a conventional of 2.5 seconds, highway engineers use time, fairly than distance, come represent just how long that takes a driver come perceive and react to hazards. The nationwide Safety Council also uses this traditional (plus a small extra for safety) as soon as recommending the three-second preeminence for complying with distance.2

Sometimes Three seconds Is not Enough

The three-second ascendancy is recommended for passenger vehicles throughout ideal road and also weather conditions. Slow-moving down and also increase your adhering to distance even much more during adverse weather problems or as soon as visibility is reduced. Likewise increase your following distance if you room driving a larger auto or towing a trailer.

Distractions, such together texting, reaching for a drink or glancing in ~ a navigation device, likewise play a function in rear-end collisions. Also if you use the three-second rule, you may not have time to react to a danger if you room distracted. The is an additional reason why you should avoid distractions if driving.3  

Sources:1 Traffic safety and security Facts 2011, A Compilation that Motor automobile Crash Data indigenous the Fatality analysis Reporting System and also the General estimates System. Reference material for DDC Instructors, fifth Edition. National Safety Council, 2005.3  

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