the last couple of days i m sorry — in our residence at the very least — means quite a few renditions that the standard nursery rhyme:

It’s raining; it’s pouring. The old male is snoring. He visited bed and also bumped his head. and he couldn’t get up in the morning.

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And, as often happens as soon as someone start singing the rhyme, i wonder: What does that last line average exactly?

Why couldn’t the old man obtain up in the morning? Did the die? loss into a coma? Or to be he just too lazy to gain up?

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To my surprise, after a fair bit of time spent searching online — far too lot time, yes, really — ns couldn’t uncover a clear answer.

There were lots of sites where human being asked the exact same question, v dozens of human being weighing in v their own opinion.

But no definitive proof of what the yes, really intention of the original song was — at the very least in part, ns imagine, since the precise origins the the tune are unclear.

One of the few hints i did discover was in the Wikipedia entry on the song , which actually renders the last lyric as: “And the wouldn’t get up in the morning.” Which, hopefully for the old man, argues that he simply didn’t desire to obtain up, together opposed to not being able to.

And while i didn’t find response to my question, i did — in my search — stumble throughout a quite hilarious 2003 study from the Canadian clinical Association newspaper that complained that “several well-known nursery rhymes portray head injuries as inevitable events that perform not require medical follow-up.”


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The section of the tongue-in-cheek file on the old guy in “It’s raining, the pouring” is particularly funny — and specifically addresses the confusion about exactly what happened:

There are two execution The first version is presented above, however the 2nd one changes the sequence of events so that the old man “bumped his head” then “went come bed.”

Obviously, developing the exact sequence of occasions is critical to the production of a differential diagnosis.

If the yonsei gentleman bumped his head after ~ retiring because that the evening, one is compelled to entertain potential foul play, seizure activity or also a postcoital MI (there is no proof to confirm the typically held id that he was alone).

Also, it need to be listed that he to be “snoring.” can his death have been precipitated by serious obstructive sleep apnea?


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If he actually bumped his head before going to sleep, the perform of potential mechanisms is endless, and a an excellent forensic examination is required to determine the cause of death.

The notoriously negative documentation of factors precipitating head injury in nursery rhymes renders it difficult to identify what really happened in this case and others.

The CMAJ study also dissects the head injuries in 5 other nursery rhymes, including Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hush-a-bye-baby and 10 small Monkeys (you know, the ones that jumped on the bed and bumped your heads).

What around you? What do you think happened to the old man in the rhyme?

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