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stomatalgia, stomate, stomatic, stomatitis, stomatitis medicamentosa, stomato-, stomatocytosis, stomatodynia, stomatognathic system, stomatology, stomatomalacia

Stomato- is a combining type used choose a prefix definition “mouth” and occasionally, “cervix,” a clinical term because that the lower end of the uterus. Stomato- is supplied in many medical and also scientific terms.

Stomato- originates from the Greek stóma, definition “mouth.” This root is the source of the English words stoma and stomate (technical terms for a mouth, among other senses) and is pertained to stomach. Stomach? our stomachs and also mouths are definitely connected—and etymologically so, too. Uncover the link at ours entry for the word.

What are variants the stomato-?

When combined with words or word aspects that begin with a vowel, stomato- i do not care stomat-, together in stomatitis.

Closely pertained to stomato- space -stomous and -stomy. Learn an ext about the details applications that these forms at ours Words that Use posts for them.

Examples of stomato-

One example of a medical term that features the combining kind stomato- is stomatopathy, “a condition of the mouth.”

The very first part that the word, stomato-, method “mouth.” The second part of the word, -pathy, below indicates “disease.” Stomatopathy literally equates to “mouth disease.”

What are some words that usage the combining form stomato-?

What space some other forms that stomato- may be commonly confused with?

Break the down!

The combining type -plasty often method “plastic surgery.” What walk the clinical procedure of stomatoplasty involve?

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British smashville247.net meanings for stomato-


before a vowel stomat-

combining form
indicating the mouth or a mouthlike partstomatology

Word beginning for stomato-

from Greek stoma, stomat-

Medical definitions for stomato-


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Mouth; stoma:stomatitis.


scrimpverb (used there is no object) | SEE DEFINITION
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