Paige RoggeMrs. DzakEnglish III, 2B22 April 2014Taken as well Far: An analysis of “Rules the the Game”Some people say that the love between a mother and also her daughter is forever; however what around the understanding? In the instance of Waverly Jong and also her mom in the story “Rules the the Game,” through Amy Tan, there is much miscommunication and also misunderstanding. The story is set in mid-1950’s Chinatown and also as the story opens, that is Christmas time. “Rules the the Game” is the telling of just how a little girl learns come be much more independent yet falls into conflict with her mother along the method and i do not care a form of trophy. Amy Tan uses elements such as character, symbolism, and setting to portray the themes of struggle in between two cultures and independence perfect in “Rules of the Game.”In “Rules that the Game,” the key character, Waverly Jong, is a typical seven-year-old girl living in Chinatown, mountain Francisco. Gift round and dynamic, over there is lot to Waverly. As one reads further into the exposition though, she learns to play chess with her brother, Vincent. Readers deserve to see more of a complicated character as soon as Waverly discovers chess: “I found that because that the totality game one have to gather invisible strengths and see the endgame prior to the game begins” (Tan 1113). This mirrors readers that together she learns much more about the game of chess, the an ext she i do not care her very own person, reflecting the template of independence. In the start though, Waverly is really dependant on she mother and family, yet when she dram chess, she be comes an ext of an American than simply Chinese. Evidence of this can be seen when Waverly defines her status in the community: “I to be still part 429 points far from grand-master status, yet I to be touted as the great American Hope, a son pr...... Middle of record ......can sence the old Chinese means of thinking as soon as Waverly’s mommy says: “We space not concerning this girl. This girl no have concerning for us” (Tan 1117).In conclusion, Amy Tan uses numerous literary elements such as characterization, symbolism, and conflict to display the themes the independence and also the battle within Waverly between her Chinese heritage and becoming Americanized. The characterization reflects just just how much young Waverly transforms from start to end, and how she grow further and further from she family.

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The struggle between being one American and Chinese is portrayed with the symbolic nature of the good luck charm from she mother, the wind she hears while play chess, and the video game itself. By using the aspect of conflict, Tan mirrors the level of the conflicts between the 2 cultures and also ways that life, and likewise between Waverly and her mother.