Joint synovectomy is the operation removal of the synovial membrane, the organization that present the share capsule.

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Synovium surrounding the body’s joints and produces synovial liquid to help lubricate the joint allowing smooth movement. In instances of joint disease, the synovium i do not care inflamed (synovitis) and also produces overfill synovial fluid containing an enzyme that have the right to eat far the cartilage on the joint surface bring about bone top top bone share pain.

Synovectomy helps to relax joint pain and also improve the range of activity and ability to function.


Joint synovectomy is usually recommended by her surgeon as soon as you have actually a painful disabling joint condition that does no respond come non-surgical therapies such as rest, medicines (NSAIDs) or corticosteroid injections, and physical therapy. The is usually shown in the adhering to conditions:

Joints affected by rheumatoid arthritisPersistent share painJuvenile chronic arthritisSystemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)Joint trauma and infectionPost-infectious monoarthritis

Joint degenerative obstacle such as osteoarthritis are an pure contraindication for joint synovectomy procedure.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Painful joint problems should be evaluate by one orthopedic surgeon for ideal treatment.

Your surgeon will certainly gather your medical history and do a physics examination. Diagnostic studies will also be carried out such as:

X-rays to inspection bony frameworks of the joint.MRI scan to generate images of both bone and soft tissues.CT (Computed tomography) scan to evaluate bone in detail which is daunting in a level radiograph.


Joint synovectomy have the right to be performed as an open up surgical procedure or arthroscopic surgery under basic anesthesia. That is normally performed as an outpatient procedure.

In the open up technique, an scratch is made end the affected joint. The share capsule is exposed and accessibility is gained to the synovial membrane. The lining is eliminated by scraping and also cutting. Incisions space closed v sutures. A dressing pad is applied over the operation site.Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in i m sorry an arthroscope, a small, soft versatile tube v a light and video camera at the finish is placed into the share to evaluate and treat the deformity.

The surgeon renders a few small incisions about the joint. In one incision, the arthroscope is presented to see the interior of the joint. The various other portals are offered for the insertion the surgical instruments to eliminate the inflamed synovium in the joint. A sterile liquid is infused right into the joint to help clear the debris. In ~ the end of the procedure, the arthroscope and also instruments space removed and the small incisions room covered with a bandage.

Advantages the arthroscopic synovectomy over open synovectomy include:

Smaller incisions with less scarringMinimal soft tissue traumaLess post-operative painLesser infection rateFaster heal & recovery

Post-operative care

The post-surgical guidelines to be followed after joint synovectomy include:

Make sure to gain adequate rest.Your medical professional will prescribe pain medicines to assist alleviate pain and make friend feel more comfortable.Limit the use of the impacted joint. Activities to be restricted include lifting, carrying, twisting, pushing or pulling.You will undergo rehabilitation after surgical procedure to assist regain joint function. The term of rehabilitation relies on the basic condition, the impacted body part, and also the health status the the individual.Follow her surgeon’s instructions concerning use the Heat and cold modalities to assist control pain and also swelling.Lifestyle and workplace modifications may be recommended by an job-related therapist.

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Risks and also Complications

As v all surgery, risks and complications can occur. The feasible complications complying with synovectomy include:

infection, bleeding, nerve and also blood courage damage, damage to bone surface, and no relief of symptoms.