I am Minhaj from India. I’ve been listening to her podcast indigenous a pair of months every day and also I am simply loving it. Come be ethical your podcast is mine favorite. It’s natural, informative, enjoyable and the voice is an extremely clear that ns can quickly listen and understand while go on the road. Thank you so much for this great work. I have a inquiry for you, i heard in a speech of a native speaker informing a expression ”I’ve gotten”. Ns was confused because I heard that for the first time. Ns know about the expression “I’ve got” very well. Room they both exact same or different, What does “I’ve obtained ” mean.

I will be grateful if friend kindly take my doubt under factor to consider and aid me out.

Waiting because that the answer, many thanks in advance…….

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Good question!

We room guessing the you are provided to british English.

The verb forms of “get” including “get,” got,” and also “gotten” space an interesting instance of wherein American English speakers and British English speakers use the previous participle differently.

The verb “to get” way to secure, to acquire, come reach, achieve, possess.

This verb has actually a most meanings. It is super vast and at sight important.

Where carry out we Americans and also British people disagree?

In England they to speak get, got, obtained while Americans say get, got, and also gotten

Go here to learn an ext about the background of words “gotten.”

More examples of exactly how we use it:

I must have gained milk in ~ the store but I forgot.If I had actually known it was his birthday I would certainly have gotten him a gift.

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Pronunciation that gotten- it sounds choose Manhattan or eaten. It can be challenging for non-native speakers to pronounce.

One point to watch out for:

When americans talk around possessing miscellaneous in a static instance they speak “got.”

For example: have you got anything to eat? got anything rather you want to say?

 Also watch out for:

 gotta= acquired to= have to

“I gotta obtain there by noon”


Click below to read much more about the history of the word “gotten.”


Recognize the the third kind of “get” is used in different ways in the US and also England.

Don’t acquire overwhelmed.

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Always try to connect rather than be perfect when you are looking for the right grammar form.