As described, thin Lizzy were actually a team of tough guys themselves, perhaps also being akin to modern-day rappers in terms of how they rolled, though being Irish and this being some time back.

In fact lead singer Phil Lynott also grew up in component in a rough, gang-infested community (aka Manchester, England) and through his mom profession came right into regular contact with some of the premiere bad boys in the vicinity.

In fact it has been hypothesized that “The guys Are back in Town” is actually based upon the lifestyles of stated individuals, who were referred to as the high quality Street Gang, which may well it is in true, all things considered. For instance, the featured rigid is in actuality gift in 3rd person. This means that the vocalist himself is not one of the ‘crazy cats’ upon who the song is based.

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Lyrics that “The boys Are back in Town”

And as the start of the track illustrates, it is these “wild-eyed boys” who would it is in the ones the ‘just got earlier in town’. And again, the narrator is not part of your group. Rather, he is supposedly someone whom they are cool with. And the factor we can come to that conclusion is due to the fact that upon arrival, the guys are in search of a details lady who, by the watch of things, is really attractive/seductive.

And in terms of ascertaining she whereabouts, castle ask the narrator of she location. In fact it is she whom he is addressing in the very first verse. In various other words, she the one who he’s initially telling “the guys are ago in town”.

The Attractive Lady

Then in the second verse he is addressing an associate, whom we deserve to say is additionally the listener. Or described differently, that puts you and also I in the role of said acquaintance, speaking as if we too live in the ‘hood. And what the is act is extolling the sexiness of the previously mentioned lady.

But on optimal of gift outrageously hot, she’s likewise presented together a fierce woman, one that is prefer the female tantamount of the negative boys herself. Meanwhile, the last couple of currently of the passage are not that simple to decipher. But it shows up as if Phil may be speak something choose if she doesn’t want to it is in found, climate they should simply “forget” about her.

The Boys are Back!!!

The leg that falls between the second and third verses is based on the same basic emotion together the chorus itself. And that is the vocalist expressing exuberance over the re-arrival the the boys. In fact he deems castle coming earlier to town as such exciting news that it must be “spread… around”.

The Boys room Members the a Gang?

It is in the 3rd verse that becomes an ext obvious – because that the an initial time yes, really – the the vocalist may well be introduce to a crew akin come a street gang. As presented, top top the weekend, they like to hangout at a place dubbed Dino’s Bar and Grill. And by every means, on top of acquiring boozed they’re additionally going to connect in part ‘blood spilling’ in ~ the venue also.

And the conclusion that the 3rd verse insinuates that the boys room migratory. It would show up that they depart town regularly, every year even, only to return when the weather start “getting warmer”, as in as soon as the “summer comes” ago around.

And maybe, based upon their Wikipedia page, the high quality Street corridor did engage in together a manner. That is come say the they allegedly committed robberies in Holland, i beg your pardon is a significant distance far from Manchester. And if they did so frequently as implied on Wikipedia, climate it may also be that they spent far-reaching amounts of time traveling in between the two nations (i.e. The UK and Holland).

Narrator is a fan of The Boys?

Outside the labeling lock “crazy” or what have you, Phil Lynott doesn’t actually placed forth any kind of opinion that “the boys”. However, the is pretty apparent by the ton of his expressions, i.e. The chorus, the he idealizes them. And now that they are “back in town” that knows the Dino’s, their hangout spot, is the place to be. 

And you see that together the tune progresses, this lady the they were trying to find at the start disappears native the picture. So this is very much around the gang, if you will. And that is also quite revealing the the personality of the vocalist, together he is someone that is actually excited the they space “back in town”.


Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy

Although the command singer the this group, the late Phil Lynott (1949-1986), to be a black (or more specifically mixed) musician, slim Lizzy were actually a team from Ireland (1949-1986), although altogether the quartet actually came from three different countries. 

And in addition to Lynott, at the moment the tape was rounded out by the following:

fellow co-founder Brian Downey, who also acted together the group’s drummerScott Gorham Brian Robertson

Thin Lizzy, which to be extant many notably indigenous the late 1960s to early on 1980s, score a variety of hits throughout your tenure. These access time were generally in Ireland and the bordering UK. 

Achievements the “The guys Are earlier in Town”

Out of all the band’s hits, “The boys Are ago in Town” can be considered their signature song. In fact also if you never heard the this group, opportunities are that you may be acquainted with the track due to regular intake in pop media, etc.

For instance, one remarkable utilization of the tune, which Thin Lizzy walk not grant of, remained in 2012. This was when US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s running-mate, Paul Ryan, provided it throughout the Republic national Convention the 2012.

This track made roll Stone’s 2004 ranking that “the 500 best Songs of every Time”, even if placing nearer come the bottom of the list. 

It additionally topped the irish Singles Chart and made it in ~ the peak 10 of the UK Singles Chart and also top 12 that the Billboard hot 100. This is in enhancement to going yellow in the UK. Indeed this to be the band’s very first true global hit (i.e. Having actually an superior showing in phibìc America as well as in Europe) and saved slim Lizzy from being actors into professional music limbo.

Moreover during its year the release, “The boys Are back in Town” picked increase an NME compensation in the classification of Best Single. And every one of this for a song which, according to Scott Gorham, thin Lizzy didn’t also favor.

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When did slim Lizzy relax “The guys Are back in Town”?

As initially featured, this tune deserve to be found on thin Lizzy’s sixth album, 1976’s Jailbreak, with the song having an issuance day of 17 April 1976. And also its issuance was handled by Vertigo records in the UK and Mercury documents in the US.



Phil Lynott is attributed as the single composer that “The guys Are ago in Town”. Additionally, the producer of the track is man Alcock.