1991 Topps Baseball observed the agency celebrate it"s 40th anniversary. Back it"s not among the card maker"s most beneficial releases, it"s among their many attractive.

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1991 Topps Baseball sticks v a then-standard 792-card checklist. Over there is plenty of room for every the game"s top stars. Many of the rookies come native the draft Picks subset, the best of i m sorry is Chipper Jones. Various other subsets include All-Stars and Record Breakers.

The base card design is really clean and also highlights the stellar photography. Cards have a white border. A pair of slim frames are likewise around the photo. These frames room color-coded follow to the team. A bar runs along the bottom of the card has both the player name and position. Over the bar is a ribbon with the team"s name. Topps provided a one-of-a-kind 40th Anniversary logo on the cards. Card backs are red with complete career stats and also player vitals. A short bio is added for those football player with sufficient space.

For every little thing reason, 1991 Topps Baseball has an abnormal lot of errors. Many are statistics errors, yet some players have actually the wrong picture or wrong team.

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As component of the 40th Anniversary celebrations, Topps included buybacks and also buyback redemptions because that Topps Baseball cards released in between 1952 and also 1990. One collector was also given a complete run of basic sets from every year.

Key 1991 Topps Baseball Cards:

1 Nolan Ryan - Texas Rangers2 George Brett - Kansas City Royals RB3 Carlton Fisk - Chicago White Sox RB4 Kevin Maas - brand-new York Yankees RB5 Cal Ripken Jr. - Baltimore Orioles RB6 Nolan Ryan - Texas rangers RB7 Ryne Sandberg - Chicago Cubs RB8 Bobby Thigpen - Chicago White Sox RB9 Darrin Fletcher - Philadelphia Phillies10 Gregg Olson - Baltimore Orioles11 Roberto Kelly - brand-new York Yankees12 Paul Assenmacher - Chicago Cubs13 Mariano Duncan - Cincinnati Reds14 Dennis desk lamp - Boston Red Sox15 Von Hayes - Philadelphia Phillies16 Mike heather - Detroit Tigers17 Jeff Brantley - san Francisco Giants18 Nelson Liriano - Minnesota Twins19 Jeff D. Robinson - brand-new York Yankees20 Pedro Guerrero - St. Louis Cardinals21 Joe Morgan - Boston Red Sox MGR22 Storm Davis - Kansas City Royals23 Jim Gantner - Milwaukee Brewers24 Dave Martinez - Montreal Expos25 Tim Belcher - Los Angeles Dodgers26 luis Sojo - Toronto Blue Jays27 Bobby Witt - Texas Rangers28 Alvaro Espinoza - brand-new York Yankees29 Bob walk - Pittsburgh Pirates30 Gregg Jefferies - new York Mets31 Colby Ward - Cleveland ind RC32 Mike Simms - Houston Astros RC33 Barry Jones - Chicago White Sox34 Atlee Hammaker - san Diego Padres35 Greg Maddux - Chicago Cubs36 Donnie Hill - California Angels37 Tom Bolton - Boston Red Sox38 Scott Bradley - Seattle Mariners39 Jim Neidlinger - Los Angeles Dodgers RC40 Kevin Mitchell - san Francisco Giants41 Ken Dayley - St. Louis Cardinals42 kris Hoiles - Baltimore Orioles43 roger McDowell - Philadelphia Phillies44 Mike Felder - Milwaukee Brewers45 kris Sabo - Cincinnati Reds46 Tim Drummond - Minnesota Twins47 Brook Jacoby - Cleveland Indians48 Oil have the right to Boyd - Montreal Expos49 Pat borders - Toronto Blue Jays50 Bob Welch - Oakland Athletics51 arts Howe - Houston Astros MGR52 Francisco Oliveras - san Francisco Giants53 Mike Sharperson - Los Angeles Dodgers54 Gary Mielke - Texas Rangers55 Jeffrey Leonard - Seattle Mariners56 Jeff Parrett - Atlanta Braves57 Jack Howell - California Angels58 Mel Stottlemyre Jr. - Kansas City Royals59 Eric Yelding - Houston Astros60 candid Viola - new York Mets61 Stan haver - Los Angeles Dodgers62 Lee Guetterman - brand-new York Yankees63 Milt Thompson - St. Luigi Cardinals64 Tom Herr - brand-new York Mets65 Bruce Hurst - mountain Diego Padres66 terry Kennedy - san Francisco Giants67 rick Honeycutt - Oakland Athletics68 Gary Sheffield - Milwaukee Brewers69 Steve Wilson - Chicago Cubs70 Ellis Burks - Boston Red Sox71 Jim Acker - Toronto Blue Jays72 junior Ortiz - Minnesota Twins73 Craig Worthington - Baltimore Orioles74 Shane andrew - Montreal Expos RC75 Jack Morris - Detroit Tigers76 Jerry Browne - Cleveland Indians77 attracted Hall - Montreal Expos78 Geno Petralli - Texas Rangers79 Frank thomas - Chicago White Sox80 Fernando Valenzuela - Los Angeles Dodgers81 Cito Gaston - Toronto Blue Jays MGR82 Tom Glavine - Atlanta Braves83 Daryl Boston - new York Mets84 Bob McClure - California Angels85 Jesse Barfield - brand-new York Yankees86 Les Lancaster - Chicago Cubs87 Tracy Jones - Seattle Mariners88 Bob Tewksbury - St. Louis Cardinals89 Darren Daulton - Philadelphia Phillies90 Danny Tartabull - Kansas City Royals91 Greg Colbrunn - Montreal Expos RC92 Danny Jackson - Cincinnati Reds93 Ivan Calderon - Chicago White Sox94 john Dopson - Boston Red Sox95 Paul Molitor - Milwaukee Brewers96 Trevor Wilson - mountain Francisco Giants97 Brady Anderson - Baltimore Orioles98 Sergio Valdez - Cleveland Indians99 kris Gwynn - Los Angeles Dodgers100 Don Mattingly - brand-new York Yankees101 rob Ducey - Toronto Blue Jays102 Gene Larkin - Minnesota Twins103 Tim Costo - Cleveland indians RC104 Don Robinson - san Francisco Giants105 Kevin McReynolds - new York Mets106 Edwin Nunez - Detroit Tigers107 luis Polonia - California Angels108 Matt Young - Seattle Mariners109 Greg Riddoch - mountain Diego Padres MGR110 Tom Henke - Toronto Blue Jays111 Andres thomas - Atlanta Braves112 open minded DiPino - St. Louis Cardinals113 Carl Everett - new York Yankees RC114 Lance Dickson - Chicago Cubs RC115 Hubie Brooks - Los Angeles Dodgers116 mark Davis - Kansas City Royals117 Dion James - Cleveland Indians118 Tom Edens - Milwaukee Brewers RC119 Carl Nichols - Houston Astros120 Joe Carter - san Diego Padres121 Eric King - Chicago White Sox122 Paul O"Neill - Cincinnati Reds123 Greg A. Harris - Boston Red Sox124 Randy bush - Minnesota Twins125 Steve Bedrosian - mountain Francisco Giants126 boy name Gilkey - St. Luigi Cardinals127 Joe Price - Baltimore Orioles128 Travis Fryman - Detroit Tigers129 mark Eichhorn - California Angels130 Ozzie blacksmith - St. Luigi Cardinals131 Checklist #1132 Jamie Quirk - Oakland Athletics133 Greg Briley - Seattle Mariners134 Kevin Elster - brand-new York Mets135 Jerome Walton - Chicago Cubs136 Dave Schmidt - Montreal Expos137 Randy ready - Philadelphia Phillies138 Jamie Moyer - Texas Rangers139 Jeff Treadway - Atlanta Braves140 Fred McGriff - Toronto Blue Jays141 Nick Leyva - Philadelphia Phillies MGR142 Curtis Wilkerson - Chicago Cubs143 man Smiley - Pittsburgh Pirates144 Dave Henderson - Oakland Athletics145 Lou Whitaker - Detroit Tigers146 Dan Plesac - Milwaukee Brewers147 Carlos Baerga - Cleveland Indians148 Rey Palacios - Kansas City Royals149 Al Osuna - Houston Astros RC150 Cal Ripken Jr. - Baltimore Orioles151 Tom Browning - Cincinnati Reds152 Mickey Hatcher - Los Angeles Dodgers153 Bryan Harvey - California Angels154 Jay Buhner - Seattle Mariners155 Dwight Evans - Boston Red Sox156 Carlos Martinez - Chicago White Sox157 john Smoltz - Atlanta Braves158 Jose Uribe - san Francisco Giants159 Joe Boever - Philadelphia Phillies160 Vince Coleman - St. Louis Cardinals161 Tim Leary - brand-new York Yankees162 Ozzie Canseco - Oakland Athletics163 Dave Johnson - Baltimore Orioles164 Edgar Diaz - Milwaukee Brewers165 Sandy Alomar Jr. - Cleveland Indians166 Harold Baines - Oakland Athletics167 Randy Tomlin - Pittsburgh Pirates RC168 man Olerud - Toronto Blue Jays169 louis Aquino - Kansas City Royals170 Carlton Fisk - Chicago White Sox171 Tony LaRussa - Oakland Athletics MGR172 Pete Incaviglia - Texas Rangers173 Jason Grimsley - Philadelphia Phillies174 Ken Caminiti - Houston Astros175 Jack Armstrong - Cincinnati Reds176 john Orton - California Angels177 Reggie Harris - Oakland Athletics178 Dave Valle - Seattle Mariners179 Pete Harnisch - Baltimore Orioles180 Tony Gwynn - san Diego Padres181 Duane Ward - Toronto Blue Jays182 junior Noboa - Montreal Expos183 Clay Parker - Detroit Tigers184 Gary environment-friendly - Texas Rangers185 Joe Magrane - St. Louis Cardinals186 pole Booker - Philadelphia Phillies187 Greg Cadaret - brand-new York Yankees188 Damon Berryhill - Chicago Cubs189 Daryl Irvine - Boston Red Sox RC190 Matt Williams - san Francisco Giants191 Willie Blair - Toronto Blue Jays192 plunder Deer - Milwaukee Brewers193 Felix Fermin - Cleveland Indians194 Xavier Hernandez - Houston Astros195 Wally Joyner - California Angels196 Jim Vatcher - Atlanta Braves RC197 chris Nabholz - Montreal Expos RC198 R.J. Reynolds - Pittsburgh Pirates199 Mike Hartley - Los Angeles Dodgers200 Darryl Strawberry - brand-new York Mets201 Tom Kelly - Minnesota pair MGR202 Jim Leyritz - new York Yankees203 Gene Harris - Seattle Mariners204 Herm Winningham - Cincinnati Reds205 Mike Perez - St. Luigi Cardinals RC206 Carlos Quintana - Boston Red Sox207 Gary Wayne - Minnesota Twins208 Willie Wilson - Kansas City Royals209 Ken Howell - Philadelphia Phillies210 Lance Parrish - California Angels211 Brian Barnes - Montreal Expos RC212 Steve Finley - Baltimore Orioles213 candid Wills - Toronto Blue Jays214 Joe Girardi - Chicago Cubs215 Dave smith - Houston Astros216 Greg Gagne - Minnesota Twins217 chris Bosio - Milwaukee Brewers218 stack Parker - mountain Francisco Giants219 Jack McDowell - Chicago White Sox220 Tim Wallach - Montreal Expos221 Don Slaught - Pittsburgh Pirates222 Brian McRae - Kansas City Royals RC223 Allan Anderson - Minnesota Twins224 Juan Gonzalez - Texas Rangers225 Randy Johnson - Seattle Mariners226 Alfredo Griffin - Los Angeles Dodgers227 Steve Avery - Atlanta Braves228 Rex Hudler - St. Louis Cardinals229 Rance Mulliniks - Toronto Blue Jays230 Sid Fernandez - brand-new York Mets231 Doug Rader - California Angels MGR232 Jose DeJesus - Philadelphia Phillies233 Al Leiter - Toronto Blue Jays234 Scott Erickson - Minnesota pair RC235 Dave Parker - Milwaukee Brewers236 open minded Tanana - Detroit Tigers237 rick Cerone - brand-new York Yankees238 Mike Dunne - san Diego Padres239 Darren Lewis - Oakland Athletics240 Mike Scott - Houston Astros241 Dave Clark - Chicago Cubs242 Mike LaCoss - mountain Francisco Giants243 Lance Johnson - Chicago White Sox244 Mike Jeffcoat - Texas Rangers245 Kal Daniels - Los Angeles Dodgers246 Kevin Wickander - Cleveland Indians247 Jody Reed - Boston Red Sox248 Tom Gordon - Kansas City Royals249 Bob Melvin - Baltimore Orioles250 Dennis Eckersley - Oakland Athletics251 note Lemke - Atlanta Braves252 Mel Rojas - Montreal Expos253 Garry Templeton - san Diego Padres254 Shawn Boskie - Chicago Cubs255 Brian Downing - California Angels256 Greg Hibbard - Chicago White Sox257 Tom O"Malley - new York Mets258 chris Hammond - Cincinnati Reds259 Hensley Meulens - brand-new York Yankees260 Harold Reynolds - Seattle Mariners261 Bud Harrelson - new York Mets MGR262 Tim Jones - St. Louis Cardinals263 Checklist #2264 Dave Hollins - Philadelphia Phillies265 note Gubicza - Kansas City Royals266 Carmen Castillo - Minnesota Twins267 mark Knudson - Milwaukee Brewers268 Tom Brookens - Cleveland Indians269 Joe Hesketh - Boston Red Sox270 note McGwire - Oakland Athletics271 Omar Olivares - St. Louis Cardinals RC272 Jeff King - Pittsburgh Pirates273 Johnny ray - California Angels274 Kenny Williams - Toronto Blue Jays275 Alan Trammell - Detroit Tigers276 invoice Swift - Seattle Mariners277 Scott Coolbaugh - Texas Rangers278 Alex Fernandez - Chicago White Sox279 Jose Gonzalez - Los Angeles Dodgers280 Bret Saberhagen - Kansas City Royals281 Larry Sheets - Detroit Tigers282 Don Carman - Philadelphia Phillies283 Marquis Grissom - Montreal Expos284 bill Spiers - Milwaukee Brewers285 Jim Abbott - California Angels286 Ken Oberkfell - Houston Astros287 Mark approve - Atlanta Braves288 Derrick might - Chicago Cubs289 Tim Birtsas - Cincinnati Reds290 Steve Sax - new York Yankees291 john Wathan - Kansas City Royals MGR292 Bud black - Toronto Blue Jays293 Jay Bell - Pittsburgh Pirates294 Mike Moore - Oakland Athletics295 Rafael Palmeiro - Texas Rangers296 note Williamson - Baltimore Orioles297 Manuel Lee - Toronto Blue Jays298 Omar Vizquel - Seattle Mariners299 Scott Radinsky - Chicago White Sox300 Kirby Puckett - Minnesota Twins301 Steve Farr - Kansas City Royals302 Tim Teufel - new York Mets303 Mike Boddicker - Boston Red Sox304 Kevin Reimer - Texas Rangers305 Mike Scioscia - Los Angeles Dodgers306 Lonnie blacksmith - Atlanta Braves307 Andy Benes - san Diego Padres308 Tom Pagnozzi - St. Luigi Cardinals309 share Charlton - Cincinnati Reds310 Gary Carter - mountain Francisco Giants311 Jeff Pico - Chicago Cubs312 Charlie Hayes - Philadelphia Phillies313 Ron Robinson - Milwaukee Brewers314 Gary Pettis - Texas Rangers315 Roberto Alomar - san Diego Padres316 Gene Nelson - Oakland Athletics317 Mike Fitzgerald - Montreal Expos318 rick Aguilera - Minnesota Twins319 Jeff McKnight - Baltimore Orioles320 Tony Fernandez - Toronto Blue Jays321 Bob Rodgers - Montreal Expos MGR322 terrycloth Shumpert - Kansas City Royals323 Cory Snyder - Cleveland Indians324 Ron Kittle - Baltimore Orioles325 Brett butler - mountain Francisco Giants326 Ken Patterson - Chicago White Sox327 Ron Hassey - Oakland Athletics328 Walt Terrell - Detroit Tigers329 David justice - Atlanta Braves330 Dwight Gooden - brand-new York Mets331 Eric Anthony - Houston Astros332 Kenny Rogers - Texas Rangers333 Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves RC334 Todd Benzinger - Cincinnati Reds335 Mitch Williams - Chicago Cubs336 Matt Nokes - brand-new York Yankees337 Keith Comstock - Seattle Mariners338 luis Rivera - Boston Red Sox339 Larry walker - Montreal Expos ASR340 Ramon Martinez - Los Angeles Dodgers341 man Moses - Minnesota Twins342 Mickey Morandini - Philadelphia Phillies343 Jose Oquendo - St. Louis Cardinals344 Jeff Russell - Texas Rangers345 Lenny Dykstra - Philadelphia Phillies346 Jesse Orosco - Cleveland Indians347 Greg Vaughn - Milwaukee Brewers348 Todd Stottlemyre - Toronto Blue Jays349 Dave Gallagher - Baltimore Orioles350 glen Davis - Houston Astros351 Joe Torre - St. Luigi Cardinals MGR352 open minded White - Kansas City Royals353 Tony Castillo - Atlanta Braves354 Sid Bream - Pittsburgh Pirates355 Chili Davis - California Angels356 Mike A. Marshall - Boston Red Sox357 Jack Savage - Minnesota Twins358 note Parent - san Diego Padres359 lining Cary - new York Yankees360 Tim Raines - Montreal Expos361 Scott Garrelts - mountain Francisco Giants362 Hector Villanueva - Chicago Cubs363 stack Mahler - Cincinnati Reds364 Dan Pasqua - Chicago White Sox365 Mike Schooler - Seattle Mariners366 Checklist #3367 Dave Walsh - Los Angeles Dodgers RC368 Felix Jose - St. Luigi Cardinals369 Steve Searcy - Detroit Tigers370 Kelly Gruber - Toronto Blue Jays371 Jeff Montgomery - Kansas City Royals372 Spike Owen - Montreal Expos373 Darrin Jackson - san Diego Padres374 Larry Casian - Minnesota pair RC375 Tony Pena - Boston Red Sox376 Mike Harkey - Chicago Cubs377 Rene Gonzales - Baltimore Orioles378 Wilson Alvarez - Chicago White Sox379 Randy Velarde - brand-new York Yankees380 Willie McGee - Oakland Athletics381 Jim Leyland - Pittsburgh Pirates MGR382 Mackey Sasser - brand-new York Mets383 Pete blacksmith - Atlanta Braves384 Gerald Perry - Kansas City Royals385 Mickey Tettleton - Baltimore Orioles386 Cecil Fielder - Detroit tigers AS387 Julio Franco - Texas rangers AS388 Kelly Gruber - Toronto Blue Jays AS389 Alan Trammell - Detroit tigers AS390 Jose Canseco - Oakland Athletics AS391 Rickey Henderson - Oakland Athletics AS392 Ken Griffey Jr. - Seattle Mariners AS393 Carlton Fisk - Chicago White Sox AS394 Bob Welch - Oakland Athletics AS395 chuck Finley - California Angels AS396 Bobby Thigpen - Chicago White Sox AS