Have friend tried to carry out Tracfone carry minutes from one phone to another? If you have actually a brand-new Tracfone and also your old one still has remaining minutes, you’re probably wondering what to carry out with it.

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Do you usage it, or carry out you just let the minutes expire?

Luckily, you can use these minutes on your new device; here are tips on how Tracfone transfers minutes to an additional phone.

Tracfone minutes differ from plan to plan, and also any continuing to be minutes might be transferred to another Tracfone. You need to speak to Tracfone’s customer service to do this.

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1 deserve to Tracfone deliver Minutes from One Phone come Another? Is This Possible?
2 how To transport Tracfone minute to an additional Phone?
3 how Tracfone transfer Minutes from One phone to one more – calling Customer service
3.1 step #1. Acquire Your Devices’ Serial number
3.2 step #2. Speak to Tracfone Customer organization Care
3.3 step #3. Move Your minute
3.4 action #4. Use Your new Phone with an ext Minutes
4 moving Minutes native A stolen TracFone
4.1 action #1. Report A lacking or stolen Phone
4.2 action #2. Buy/Get A brand-new Phone and Register Under Tracfone
4.3 action #3. Contact Tracfone Customer service
4.4 action #4. Deliver Your minutes
4.5 action #5. Usage Your new Phone through Your Old Phone’s minute
5 Some instances When you Cannot transfer Tracfone minute
5.1 Facts about Tracfone minutes

Can Tracfone deliver Minutes native One Phone to Another? Is This Possible?

Most subscribers who space wondering exactly how to transfer Tracfone minutes will surely be surprised regarding how simple this will be. It’s simply a matter of calling customer service and providing her phone details.

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Note: before you transfer, verify your continuing to be minutes by texting “Balance” to 611611 or through dialing *777*1# from her smartphone.

How To move Tracfone minute to one more Phone?

Before a Tracfone setup expires, you may still have the remaining minutes which you desire to save. If you have the an easy Phone plan, friend can constantly transfer her minutes to an additional Tracfone.

Let’s clear things up first, this is not about sharing some of your minutes with an additional number.

This is around removing the minutes from an old phone to your new Tracfone device. Right here are methods to do it.

How Tracfone deliver Minutes native One call to another – Calling client Service

Step #1. Obtain Your Devices’ Serial Numbers

Every smartphone or cell phone phone has its serial number. The is a collection of number that identify a specific device and carriers like Tracfone usage this come block numbers, control minutes, and other account settings.

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The serial number of a machine is discovered right close to the battery.

Open the ago of the device and eliminate the battery. You can easily find the number when the battery is removed. Take note of this number.

If her new an equipment has a non-removable battery, check the owner’s hand-operated for the serial number. Write these down and also label these as “old” and also “new” numbers.

Step #2. Call Tracfone Customer service Care

Contact Tracfone customer treatment at 800-867-7183. Wait in heat to speak come a live customer business agent to move your minutes. The rep will certainly ask for your old call serial number to verify this in your system.

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Finally, they will certainly ask for your new phone’s serial number.

The agent will tell you when to suppose the transfer and also will offer you a transaction number because that the call. Restart your new maker to refresh your system.

Step #3. Deliver Your Minutes

You can inspect if her minutes space transferred to the new an equipment by using the adhering to techniques:

Using the Tracfone My Account appCheck minutes balance at the Tracfone online siteCall *777*1# using your smartphoneOr through texting. Just text “Balance” and also send this come 611611

Step #4. Use Your new Phone with much more Minutes

When girlfriend have evidenced that her minutes space ready, you might now use your device.

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Transferring minute from A steal TracFone

If you confirm that your Tracfone has actually been steal or is lost, girlfriend can obtain the minutes from the phone to your brand-new one.

Follow these steps:

Step #1. Report A missing or steal Phone

Report ASAP by calling Tracfone customer company at 800-867-7183. Tracfone will certainly lock your machine to stop anyone from using your minutes.

Remember to notify the agent the you will contact later to carry your minute from the old phone come your brand-new device.

Step #2. Buy/Get A new Phone and Register Under Tracfone

Tracfone has a repertoire of great, affordable smartphones. You may additionally get a new phone and also register this under Tracfone.

Step #3. Call Tracfone customer Service

Call 800-867-7183 to it is registered your new device and to move your minute from the steal phone come the new device. Restart your brand-new phone after ~ the contact to update it.

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Step #4. Deliver Your Minutes

Your minutes will certainly be moved to the brand-new phone. Verify by checking your minutes balance through text, calls, with the website, or the Tracfone app.

You will get a post confirming the number of minutes you have remaining and also the time and date when your minutes expire.

Step #5. Usage Your new Phone through Your Old Phone’s Minutes

Your minutes are prepared for use. You may now text or speak to using Tracfone. Remember come monitor your minutes so you’ll never ever run out of minutes for calls and also texts.

Always examine your balance every ~ you make a call.

Some situations When girlfriend Cannot move Tracfone Minutes

Some Tracfone plans and also offers are non-transferrable such together the double Minutes feature. The dual minutes you get are non-transferable also if your device is lost, stolen, or damaged.

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Data solutions are non-transferrable as these don’t rely on the variety of minutes you have actually on the plan even if your machine is damaged or stolen.

Sometimes, new promos sell non-transferrable minutes so girlfriend must first call customer company to verify if this is possible.

There are also new offers that allow subscribers to save their minutes as they adjust their devices.

Facts about Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone airtime minute are offered not simply for external calls but also for just arrive calls. Also, if girlfriend send or obtain a text, your minutes will certainly be deducted. A sent out text is 0.30 minute while a got text is likewise 0.30 minutes.

All species of calls will reduce your minutes; instances are speak to waiting, simultaneously calls, call made come 411 or 611, customer organization calls, and toll-free calls.

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Manage your Tracfone minute by always checking it prior to you make a call and before you carry your continuing to be minutes to one more phone.

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If you’re asking can Tracfone carry minutes indigenous one phone call to an additional because you have unused minute from an old phone, climate you’re in luck!

You have the right to move your minutes to an additional number and also enjoy calling or texting for an extended period with Tracfone.

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