Comprehensive testimonial of Triple leaf Tea at sight Slimming. View what genuine experts and actual users need to say around this decoding tea.

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Product Name:  Triple leaf Tea super Slimming

Overall Rating:

Morning or Night: Night

Price: $9.58

Teabags or loosened Leaf: Teabags

Servings Included: 20

Cost per Serving: $0.48

Laxative Ingredient(s): Senna Leaf

Moneyback Guarantee: No

Where come Buy: Click Here

Ingredients: Senna Leaf, Whorled mallow leaf, Persimmon leaf, Papaya leaf, Licorice root

Overall Opinion:

I offered Triple sheet Tea supervisor Slimming 1.5 the end of 5 stars.

Bottom heat is this tea is much more of a laxative than a slimming tea.

I didn’t notification any weight loss or slimming effects, so i was pretty allow down as whole (as are numerous other consumers).

This tea includes a an extremely controversial ingredient, Whorled Mallow Leaf. Digital it says they’ll it is in removing this ingredient native this tea soon.

The taste is pretty bland and also not my favorite.

I also found the laxative effect (from Senna Leaf) to have a direct correlation for how long girlfriend brew the tea. The much longer your brew it, the stronger the impact it’ll have on you.

So, if you’re searching for a “laxative tea”, then offer it a try. But otherwise, I’d look in other places for a slimming tea (there are countless others that taste and also work better!).

Detailed Opinion:

Ease that Use

Triple sheet Tea super Slimming come in individually covering tea bags, i beg your pardon is great and convenient.

You need to be careful with just how strongly you brew this one. The directions continue to be to start out by unavoidable the tea an extremely weak. You can increase the moment you steep the tea after several days.

You’re not claimed to drink this tea for much more than 7 days in ~ a time.

The first 2 days i brewed my tea an extremely weak, and also over the next few days after the I gradually left it in longer, however never end 3 minutes.

You’re claimed to take it this one in ~ night, together it’s caffeine free.


I no a pan of the taste that this tea.

It tastes very earthy and mild. The taste isn’t the worst, but it’s definitely not my favorite.

It tastes sort of choose an unsweetened black tea (the type they serve on airplanes, haha).

I wish it offered much more in the taste department, due to the fact that I uncovered it nice bland.

Ingredient Analysis

Triple sheet Tea supervisor Slimming has Senna Leaf, which is a recognized laxative ingredient.

Whorled Mallow leaf is a tree that will be eliminated from this tea shortly. That can reason heart palpitations, fatigue, and also muscle spasms. I haven’t checked out this ingredient in any kind of other slimming teas. It’s type of a scary ingredient!


If you need to obtain stuff moving in the bowel department, this one works good (although utilizing teas because that a laxative impact probably no the best idea).

However, if you’re looking for a tea that helps promote healthy and balanced weight lose in the lengthy run, this isn’t her tea.

I didn’t notification any weight loss or “slimming” impacts in the week ns took it.

Also, i don’t think you’ll see drastic results with many teas after just 1 week…..and you’re not permitted to take it this one much longer than a week.

This is much more of a laxative tea 보다 a slimming tea.

Side Effects

Thankfully i didn’t have any heart palpitations or muscle spasms like other users did.

I found around 6-8 hrs after i drank this tea, I required to use the restroom. The stronger I brewed the tea, the more intense this side result was. It was obviously the Senna leaf resulting in the laxative effect. An additional unfortunate side result of this tea is gas.

I likewise found this tea dehydrated me, so every morning ns woke up very thirsty.


Triple leaf Tea supervisor Slimming is only $0.48 every serving. That’s very cheap, back in this situation I think you obtain what you pay for.


They don’t have a money back guarantee…. An additional reason i wasn’t a large fan the this tea.

Where come Buy

To buy Triple leaf Tea supervisor Slimming, Click Here.

Triple leaf Tea supervisor Slimming: Summary

FactorTriple leaf Tea supervisor Slimming
Overall Rating
Ease that UseYou should pay cautious attention to exactly how long you brew the tea.
TasteTastes earthy and also kind that bland.
Notable IngredientsSenna Leaf, Whorled Mallow Leaf
ResultsNo load loss or slimming effects.

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Side EffectsUsing the bathroom a lot, dehydration
Price/ValueThis tea is supervisor cheap at only $0.48 every serving.
GuaranteeNo guarantee
Where come BuyClick Here

Triple leaf Tea supervisor Slimming Review