Turning stone Resort Casino welcomes you to the convenient and also exciting civilization of gaming through the TS Rewards Card, your key to gaming at its best with the included advantage of member benefits. Enjoy exciting rewards, wonderful benefits and also unbelievable methods with our tiered TS Rewards card program. Totally free for our patrons 18 years and over.

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TS Rewards workdesk HoursSunday - Thursday: 9:00am - 9:00pmFriday & Saturday: 9:00am - 11:00pm


Earn More:The TS Rewards regimen is renowned for the point out you earn while gaming — and every one of the services those points deliver. But, walk you know that TS Rewards also goes beyond gaming! Every time you use your TS Rewards+ map for any game play or any type of purchase at Turning rock Resort Casino (including golfing, dining, concert tickets and also spa visits) you knife rewards.

But you also earn rewards as soon as you use your TS Rewards+ map at any kind of Oneida nation Enterprises. Any purchase or gaming play at any one of our casinos, hotels, restaurants, concert venues, convenience stores, marinas, or sportsman recreation grounds.

That includes:


And experience More: ideal of all, the points you knife can additionally be redeemed for any type of purchase at any kind of of our properties! present your map to cash in her points because that dining, accommodations, golf, spa, and also retail purchases; snag some an excellent gifts in ~ the TS Rewards+ collection Merchandise; or also pick up ticket to her favorite upcoming concerts for The Showroom or Event facility at Turning rock Resort Casino. Girlfriend can also redeem because that essentials favor fuel and also groceries at any type of Maple leaf Market and also SavOn Convenience Stores. You’re additionally eligible for accommodations discounts, to chat ticket pre-sales and also first-to-know one-of-a-kind events.

How TS Rewards and also Caesars Rewards® work-related together because that you

TS Rewards members currently have more perks, privileges and possibilities 보다 ever. Friend can attach your TS Rewards account come a caesar Rewards account and your VIP standing will it is in matched. Plus, you can transfer her TS reward Points come Reward Credits®!

Loyalty clues Exchange

Members of both TS Rewards and Caesars Rewards programs can exchange as much as 100,000 points every year, in ~ a 2:1 ratio. For example, you can exchange 100,000 TS Rewards clues (valued at $1,000) for 50,000 Rewards Credits® (valued in ~ $500). The very same exchange have the right to be performed from the caesars Rewards program to the TS Rewards program.

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Tier Match

Caesars Rewards members room eligible because that a tier status enhance in the TS Rewards regimen as follows:

Caesars Rewards TierTS Rewards Tier Match
Seven Stars®Sapphire

TS Rewards Members are eligible because that a tier status enhance in the caesars Rewards routine as follows:

TS Rewards TierCaesars Rewards Tier Match

How to deliver Points and also receive a Tier Match

TS Rewards Members deserve to visit themysmashville247.net internet page and follow the “Caesars Rewards commitment Partnership” link. TS Rewards Member can also visit the TS Rewards workdesk for assistance in trading loyalty points and also matching loyalty tier status. To complete the transaction, friend will require to understand your commitment account number and password because that both the TS Rewards and Caesars Rewards accounts. Similarly, caesar Rewards members can visitcaesars.com/smashville247.net to finish the loyalty point exchange and also tier level match.