When you stop to think around it, Two and also a fifty percent Men need to really be called Three and a fifty percent Men, if you counting Ashton Kutcher’s late-series replacement of Charlie Sheen when his lifestyle got just too winning. Nevertheless, the show was always much more about the women in those men’s lives. In Charlie’s case, there to be a the majority of them… therefore what room they up to today?

Sherri gave Charlie a operation for his money together she was thought about the female version of him. Sherri was constantly trying to acquire Charlie to invest the night with her, leaving Charlie to look for revenge because he was no the user in the relationship – an endure wholly unexplained for him. Alan eventually started dating Sherri, but it did not occupational out due to the fact that of her past with Charlie. Sherri proved up in 3 episodes and her critical appearance featured her calling increased a “selfish pig” at Charlie’s funeral.

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Jeri Ryan – Sherri | Then

Jeri Ryan made a variety of film and also television appearances before she was cast as the function of Sherri. Ryan proved up in television collection such together Murder, She Wrote and also Melrose Place. Possibly her most famed role, however, came in Star Trek: Voyager, whereby she played the former Borg 7 of Nine. She has additionally had recurring duties in shows consisting of Law & Order, Shark, and The O.C. She freshly reprised the function of seven on Star Trek: Picard. Ryan has been married twice, and also has one child from her marital relationship to Jack Ryan and also another native her current marriage to Christophe Eme.

Jeri Ryan – Sherri | Now

Lyndsey to be a mrs character that made countless appearances on TAAHM. She had actually a an extremely on-and-off-again partnership with Alan beginning in the 7th season. Lyndsey to be the mom of Jake’s friend Eldridge and though she love Alan, she often had a hike eye and got involved with various other men. Lyndsey additionally had a drinking problem and also she visited a pawn shop to see just how much the engagement ring the Alan provided her to be worth. Lyndsey and also Alan ultimately broke off your engagement and also she began dating Larry, who she likewise eventually loses.

Courtney Thorne-Smith – Lyndsey McElroy | Then

Before she appeared as Lyndsey ~ above TAAHM, Thorne-Smith was already a famed television actress. She had actually recurring duties on Melrose Place, L.A. Law, and also Ally McBeal. She was also a key character on the sitcom according to Jim from 2001 until 2009. Courtney is still getting actors following she time ~ above Two and a fifty percent Man and she can right now be checked out on the television collection Fresh off the Boat. She has actually been married twice and also has a kid with her second husband, to who she’s been married since 2007.

Courtney Thorne-Smith – Lyndsey McElroy | Now

Olivia Pearson to be a minor character who only made one illustration on the show. Pearson to be Charlie’s pre-series girlfriend who he met again once Evelyn started dating Olivia’s father, Tommy. Their connection did not end well and Olivia still held a grudge against Charlie. She ended up throwing her drink in his face over dinner and also her father ended up leave Evelyn for a younger woman. This is the just time we see Olivia in the series.

Krista Allen – Olivia Pearson | Then

Krista Allen had already worked in Hollywood for a number of years before she landed she small duty on Two and a half Men. She had already appeared as billie Reed on the fight soap opera work of Our lives for 61 episodes. She additionally played the role of Jenna Avid top top the display Baywatch for 26 episodes. Allen has likewise appeared in a variety of films, such as The final Destination and Black Widow. She’s currently 45 and has been married and also divorced twice. She has a kid from her first marriage.

Krista Allen – Olivia Pearson | Now

When Evelyn got engaged to Teddy, Charlie and Alan were presented to his daughter, Courtney. Charlie immediately falls in love with Courtney but her father tells Charlie to remain away. Of course, that does not listen to him or Alan who alerts him that Courtney is a little bit cuckoo. Courtney claims that her father is cutting she off and also Charlie lends she $50,000, and also the pair start dating. Charlie asks Courtney to marry him right before his mom marries she father. The is climate revealed the Courtney and also Teddy space actually con artists named Nathan and Sylvia who were simply trying to take the Harpers’ money.

Jenny McCarthy – Courtney Leopold | Then

Jenny McCarthy was already a famed model and also actress by the time she made that onto Two and a fifty percent Men because that eight episodes. McCarthy to be a famed Playboy Playmate and also she modeled for the newspaper for many years. McCarthy went onto become a wrestler in WrestleMania and also a MTV host. McCarthy was once a co-host top top The View and also she even had her very own talk display called The Jenny McCarthy Show. McCarthy is married to note Wahlberg’s brother Donnie and also she has actually one son from a vault marriage.

Jenny McCarthy – Courtney Leopold | Now

Rose to be a memorable character the made multiple appearances top top the show. She was ideal known for being Charlie’s stalker that was madly in love v him. That course, Charlie did no reciprocate the feelings, which created some hilarious moments. ~ eight years of stalking Charlie, Rose forms a friendship through him and Alan. The plot take away a twist once Charlie and Rose get engaged and also they take it a trip to Paris to gain married. However, this was the moment in genuine life as soon as Sheen was having actually a problem with producers and he was, ahem, disposed of and written off the show prior to he and also Rose got married.

Melanie Lynskey – increased | Then

Melanie Lynskey relocated from brand-new Zealand to Hollywood to begin her exhilaration career and she has been rather successful. Lynskey was famous prior to she showed up on Two and also a half Men together she was featured on over the Garden wall surface and The Life & time of Tim. Due to the fact that she played rose on Two and a fifty percent Men, Melanie has continued to act and also was cast in the movie up in the Air and also in the television collection Togetherness. The 40 year-old’s an individual life is additionally going well, as she’s involved to other actor Jason Ritter.

Melanie Lynskey – climbed | Now

Charlie go something out of character when he said Chelsea that he loved her. Charlie was not one for feelings so this was a shock come the audience. Your relationship began as a fling, similar to most of Charlie’s romances, yet he end up proposing come Chelsea. Charlie goes come the size of proposing to Chelsea because she refuses to tell that she loves him. Your whirlwind romance pertained to an end when Chelsea starts seeing Alan’s lawyer and also Charlie starts date her finest friend the end of revenge.

Jennifer Taylor – Chelsea Melini | Then

Since her time ~ above Two and A half Men, Jennifer Taylor has had several small appearances in television shows and also films. Because that example, she has had a recurring function as anne Seery top top Shameless and has likewise had guest appearances on NCIS and also Anna Faris’ show Mom. Taylor additionally appeared in the created TV movie Death’s Door. Once she is not busy acting, Taylor security time v her songwriter husband, Paul Taylor, and also their 2 adorable children.

Jennifer Taylor – Chelsea Melini | Now

Charlie took an attention in Mia but she wasn’t right into going out v him until he stated that his nephew, Jake, liked dancing. A run teacher, Mia agreed to begin a connection with Charlie as lengthy as he stopped drinking, amongst other bad habits. The course, Charlie agreed to these conditions yet he did all of the things he agreed not to do behind Mia’s back. Mia left Charlie however returned in a later episode come ask the if he’d it is in a donor for her so she could have baby. The two got engaged, however ultimately damaged up.

Emmanuelle Vaugier – Mia | Then

The Canadian actress has ongoing to work-related in display business because her time on TAAHM. Vaugier had a recurring role as Niko top top the present Mistresses and she additionally made appearances on lost Girl and also Rouge. She has additionally appeared in a variety of television movies consisting of Love in Paradise and His twin Life. The actress is now 41 and also has a variety of projects in post-production. That was freshly announced the Vaugier will certainly be voice a character in the video clip game Hellraid.

Emmanuelle Vaugier – Mia | Now

Evelyn Nora Harper is Charlie and also Alan’s self associated mother that they jokingly describe as Satan. Evelyn to be married many times and usually do the efforts to gain her hands on the fortunes of she deceased husbands. Her sons dislike she so much that they prevent spending time with her at all costs. However, Evelyn frequently gets involved in she children’s lives and also in one episode, among Charlie’s previous girlfriends i do not care a man and Evelyn begins dating him.

Holland Taylor – Evelyn Harper | Then

Holland Taylor is an Emmy win actress who has remained in show business due to the fact that the late 1960s. Prior to she was cast as Alan and Charlie’s mother, Taylor appeared on television reflects such as The Practice, ally McBeal, and The naked Truth. Taylor has also appeared in some well known movies such as The Truman Show and also Legally Blonde. The 74 year-old is no shying away from the spotlight and also her last appearance was on the show great behavior. Taylor has actually come out as LGBT and she has actually been date her girlfriend because 2015.

Holland Taylor – Evelyn Harper | Now

Judith and Alan were as soon as married and also they had actually a boy together named Jake. Your marriage ended in divorce, which caused Alan having actually to move in through his brother. Judith to be the only woman the Alan had ever been with but Judith was not satisfied in the marriage. Judith was recognized for using Alan’s alimony payment for she only an individual needs such as getting plastic surgery. Alan was thrilled when Judith married Jake’s pediatrician, Herb, because it expected he longer longer had to provide her money. However, Judith and Herb divorced after Herb cheated on her.

Marin Hinkle – Judith Harper | Then

Marin Hinkle is currently 51 years-old and still acting. Hinkle had a number of television appearances before her time on TAAHM, however, playing Judith Harper was the function that acquired her a huge break together she appeared in 84 episodes. Hinkle went onto show up in two other notable television shows, Homeland and also Madam Secretary. Her many recent project, Before/During/After is at this time in post-production. Hinkle has been married to Randall Sommer, that is a theater director, due to the fact that 1998.

Marin Hinkle – Judith Harper | Now

Before Alan to be kicked out by his wife and moved into Charlie’s beach house, Lisa remained in a committed partnership with Charlie and also she stayed in his house. However, as with almost every one of Charlie’s relationships, he ended it since he simply didn’t want to commit. Charlie acquired jealous as soon as Lisa educated him the she has plans to get married. The then invited Lisa back to live v him and tried to convince her the he’s prepared to be a household man. Lisa obtained married anyway, yet the marital relationship didn’t last. And so, Lisa got back with Charlie… who promptly broke up with her again if blaming she for having commitment issues.

Denise Richards – Lisa | Then

Denise Richards is an actress and a former fashion model. She to be famously married come Charlie Sheen in real life, till the pair divorced in 2006. Before they split, castle welcomed two daughters called Sam and also Lola. The girls are now 12 and also 13 and also Denise has likewise welcomed another daughter right into her life after adopting a baby called Eloise. Richards has ongoing to act and also she has numerous projects in the works and also in post-production. In enhancement to her duty of Two and a half Men, Richards is ideal known because that her duty in Love Actually and as a bond girl.

Denise Richards – Lisa | Now

Kandi is a dimwitted 22 year-old that is Alan’s second ex-wife. Kandi has a thing for hooking up with only men, which describes why she had romantic relationships with Alan, Charlie and Judith’s divorce lawyer. Kandi shows up in 16 illustration of the show as, unequal Judith, she remained friends with Alan ~ she divorced him. She likewise worked together Alan’s receptionist but she was not able to effectively use the phone and fell sleep in the bathroom.

April Bowlby – Kandi | Then

April’s most notable role outside of Two and also a fifty percent Men came when she play Stacy Barrett on drop Dead Diva. She had actually a main function for 6 seasons and appeared top top 78 episodes. If Bowlby has had mostly small roles due to the fact that then, she has showed up on some famous television shows including Psych and The huge Bang Theory. Most recently, she appeared as superhero Elasti-Woman on death Patrol. Bowlby is currently 37 years old and single, however we can’t imagine the this gorgeous actress will stay solitary for long.

April Bowlby – Kandi | Now

Beverly was a mrs who had actually not had much lucky in the past with men. She had actually been dumped eight time in the past and also two that them to be divorces. Beverly and Alan ended up being acquainted on a dating website and also Alan tries to admire her by claiming that Charlie’s home is his own. He at some point reveals the reality to Beverly after that realizes that she has her own problems. Beverly and also Alan finish up resting together but it is clear the the partnership was over as Beverly bound him to the bed and also left.

Allison Janney – Beverly | Then

Allison Janney has had actually a long and also successful acting career and also she was famous prior to she appeared as Beverly top top TAAHM. Janney showed up in several movies throughout the 1990s such as 10 points I Hate around You and also American Beauty. Janney has showed up in television reflects such as Break a Hip and she has voiced personalities on Phineas and Ferb, family Guy and also F is because that Family. Since 2013, Janney has been playing the duty of Bonnie ~ above Anna Faris’ display Mom.

Allison Janney – Beverly | Now

Charlie decides to set Alan increase on a date with danielle as a plot to try and obtain Alan to relocate out the his house. Daniel admits she has actually been with many men and also women in the past however she believes that she need to settle down and that Alan would certainly be good for her. In the end, Charlie becomes attracted to danielle after hearing around her past and the brothers argue end her. Danielle eventually does not chose either that the men and slips top top Jake’s skateboard if she is leave Charlie’s house.

Brooke Shields – daniel Stewart | Then

As us all know, Brooke Shields was a famed actress and model long before she do a one episode appearance top top TAAHM. Shields fits the meaning of a true child actor together she acquired her very first job as soon as she was simply 11 months-old. Shields was the youngest model to appear on the cover of Vogue at age 14 and she go onto appear in a variety of television shows consisting of Suddenly Susan and also Lipstick Jungle. Shields is still exhilaration to this day and also she has had actually roles top top Hannah Montana and Scream Queens. Shields is married v 2 children.

Brooke Shields – daniel Stewart | Now

Gretchen martin is the sister of Larry Martin that was engaged to Lyndsey. Alan once dated Gretchen and also when the meets her in season 11, that goes by the fake surname ‘Jeff Strongman’. Alan continues to lie around his identification to Gretchen and also claims that Walden’s girlfriend Barry is his very own son and that the is the owner of Barry’s apartment. Alan and also Gretchen gain close and also she speak him the her ex-husband was a compulsive liar. She ultimately finds out about Alan’s string of lies and also she dumps him.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley – Gretchen young name | Then

Just like countless of the other women on this list, Williams-Paisley had a the majority of acting endure on her resume before she made it come TAAHM. She to be on 17 episodes of the tv series, Relativity and also she also appeared in father of the Bride and the sequel. Williams-Paisley showed up in several other television mirrors such as Nashville and According come Jim. Her personal life is walking well as well as she is the wife of nation music singer, Brad Paisley and the mommy of their 2 children.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley – Gretchen martin | Now

When we are presented to the character if Walden Schmidt, he defines that his wife has actually just left him and he has actually attempted to take it his very own life. Bridget is Walden’s wife and he begs she to take him ago but she rejects him because of his absence of maturity. Bridget asks Walden to authorize the divorce papers many times till she realizes that Walden is dating someone else and she gets jealous. She asks to get earlier together through Walden but the tables have actually turned and also he rejects her.

Judy Greer – Bridget Schmidt | Then

Judy Greer is known for exhilaration in some famous supporting roles in movies such together What ladies Want, 27 Dresses and 13 going On 30. Greer has likewise had duties on plenty of well-known TV shows including Arrested advancement and Married. Greer has readily available her voice in numerous animated reflects such as Glenn Martin, DDS, Archer and also Family Guy. Greer has a number of projects that are collection to be released in 2018 including a work again, please again of the movie Halloween. She is currently 42 and she has actually been married to she husband, Dean E. Johnsen since 2011.

Judy Greer – Bridget Schmidt | Now

In enhancement to having a rather lengthy name, Zoey is a solitary mother and Walden’s love attention in season 9 and also 10. Zoey is the brothers woman that is Walden’s very first girlfriend ~ his divorce native Bridget. One their an initial date, Walden cannot avoid talking around his attempt at acquisition his life and also his ex-wife. Walden offers his wealth to gain Zoey’s daughter into a exclusive exclusive school and he proposes come Zoey however she rejects the proposal. Walden offers her daughter an aggressive dog for she birthday the end of revenge.

Sophie Winkleman – Zoey Hyde-Tottingham Pierce | Then

Sophie Winkleman is a british actress and real life nobility as she is married to lord Frederick Windsor that is the kid of Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin. The pair have actually been married due to the fact that 2009 and also they have actually two youngsters together. Winkleman has starred in movies such together Love Live Long and The Chronicles that Narnia. In addition to she appearance on TAAHM, Winkleman has been actors in other television shows such as CSI: Miami, hot in Cleveland and also the animated series, Milo Murphy’s Law.

Sophie Winkleman – Zoey Hyde-Tottingham Pierce | Now

Charlie was presented to Linda once they were set up ~ above a blind day by Alan. Charlie to be attracted to Linda, however, she was repulsed by his crude oil nature and she found him disgusting. Later on, Charlie ends up in court after receiving a DUI and Linda is the judge. Linda believes the it was an effort by Charlie to check out her again and she agrees to go out with him and also serves him with a $500 fine. Unlike many women, Linda made Charlie wait to end up being intimate and also when they lastly do, Charlie can not go v with it since he sees rose everywhere.

Ming-Na Wen – Linda Harris | Then

Ming-Na Wen is most famed for she beautiful voice, which she supplied when she played the duty of Mulan in the movie the the very same name. Wen likewise voiced plenty of of the spin-off tasks to come the end of the Disney movie including the video clip game, Mulan Story Studio. Wen has had recurring appearances on plenty of other reflects such together Spawn, ER and The Batman. Wen continues to land duties to this day and also she can at this time be watched on the sci-fi activity show, Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D. Wen is married v two children.

Ming-Na Wen – Linda Harris | Now

Laura Lang is a lawyer who works ~ above Alan’s divorce settlement. As was regularly the situation on the show, Charlie destroyed her professional relationship through Alan as soon as he slept with her. Charlie lied to Laura and claimed the she could be with him anytime she desired, however, when she discovered that this was no the case, she intentionally messed through Alan’s divorce case. Alan fired her, i m sorry nullified the instance temporarily.

Heather Locklear – Laura | Then

Heather Locklear to be obviously famous before she do her three episode figure on TAAHM. Pagan Locklear has actually been acting since she i graduated college and also she starred in Melrose Place and Dynasty. Locklear had actually recurring roles on reflects such together Spin City, TJ Hooker and also LAX. Locklear has additionally been in the media for an adverse reasons including a health dilemm after her divorce from ex-husband Richie Sambora. She was likewise formerly married come Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

Heather Locklear – Laura | Now

Mandi has actually quite the rhyming family members as she is the mother of one of Charlie’s girlfriends, Kandi and was as soon as married come a man named Andy. When Charlie and Kandi space going out, Mandi mirrors up in ~ Charlie’s beach home looking for she daughter. When she is there, she is introduced to Charlie and also the two end up resting together. Mandi is a an extremely attractive woman and she describes that she and Kandi are regularly mistaken for one another.

Gail O’Grady – Mandi | Then

Gail O’Grady started her career showing up in Pepsi commercials and she go onto become a well-known film and also television actress. She is finest known because that her roles on NYPD Blue and also American Dreams. O’Grady has additionally been nominated for 3 Emmy Awards. The actress has likewise been featured on Boston Legal, surprise Palms and also Revenge. O’Grady has had actually quite a tumultuous personal life together she has been married and divorced a total of 6 times. She has one boy from another relationship.

Gail O’Grady – Mandi | Now

Alan and also Paula start talking in ~ a club and the two instantly take a liking to each other. Paula quickly reveals that she to be born a guy named Paul and she is transgender. This does no bother Alan and he later meets Paula’s ex-wife called Rachel. Paula wants to have actually an open up relationship through Alan and also she speak him the he can day anyone else. Alan asks Rachel out and also Paula watch them the end kissing on a date. Rachel and also Paula reunite, which leaves Alan single again.

Paula Marshall – Paula | Then

Paula Marshall is an actress ideal known for her roles on television. Before her appearance on TAAHM, Marshall to be featured ~ above Seinfeld, Nash Bridges and Diagnosis: Murder. Marshall also had minor duties in movies such as Cheaper through the Dozen and Miss Nobody. Marshall has been married to fellow actor Danny Nucci since 2003 and also the two showed up alongside each other in the film, break a Leg. Marshall’s most recent television duty was on legislation & Order.

Paula Marshall – Paula | Now

Miss Dolores Pasternak exposed Jake after he made a crude gesture to her. She lifted his suspension after she started to date Charlie. She additionally gave Jake an excellent grades even though he did no deserve them. Charlie division up v her after the realizes that she is holy spirit ill and also she disappears until season 6. Us see miss out on Pasternak again after ~ Charlie and Alan go to a gentleman’s club where she functions as an exotic dancer. Charlie offers miss Pasternak a task tutoring Jake and also a place for her in his home. He ultimately ends their relationship after miss out on Pasternak find religion.

Missi Pyle – miss out on Pasternak | Then

Missi Pyle was working as an actress before she showed up on TAAHM however she started getting an ext roles after and also during the moment she played miss out on Pasternak. Pyle has appeared on several television shows including The sarah Silverman Program and also Bordertown. Pyle continues to get actors in many roles and also several that the tasks she is appearing in room in post-production. Pyle is set to show up in the remake of the film Jumanji: Welcome come the Jungle. She has actually been married and divorced twice.

Missi Pyle – miss Pasternak | Now

Donna provides appearances in 3 episodes and we are presented to her when she is collection up on a blind date with Alan. Their 2nd date was the same date where Charlie and Linda Harris met. Alan and Donna proceed to date yet Alan later admits come Charlie that he finds she boring and also he desires to end things. However, the doesn’t as he feels guilty and doesn’t desire to pains her. Alan goes come her residence to finish the relationship and she slams the door in his face and also winds increase in the eight of an additional woman.

Kimberly Quinn – Donna | Then

Kimberly Quinn has had a variety of supporting roles in renowned films such as concealed Figures and St. Vincent. She most detailed roles were on tv in the series Terriers and as the function of tess Masterson top top Twisted. She has additionally had guest spots on shows consisting of CSI: NY, NYPD Blue and Without a Trace. Quinn is married come the screenwriter, Theodore Melfi whose Hollywood debut film was St. Vincent. It looks favor nepotism really functions in Hollywood.

Kimberly Quinn – Donna | Now

Shannon provides an illustration on one episode of season 4 and also she turns out to be Herb’s (Judith’s new husband) ex-fiance. She is a guest in ~ Herb and Judith’s wedding in addition to Alan and the two hook increase in a coat closet. They both desire to do their former partners jealousy so they pretend that they room sharing an intimate moment and make it loud sufficient so that the wedding guests can hear. This is their only interaction and Shannon is never ever heard native again.

Tammy Lauren – Shannon | Then

Tammy Lauren Vasquez is ideal known because that starring in the 1997 fear movie referred to as Wishmaster. Tammy started out she career as a child actress and also appeared on the display Who’s city hall the Kids. She also had guest appearances on Mork & Mindy and tiny House on the Prairie. Lauren has made a pair of movie roles but she has mostly appeared on television. Her latest appearance was in 2014 ~ above Criminal Minds.

Tammy Lauren – Shannon | Now

After Jake’s girl friend dumps that without offering him a reason, Alan starts wondering why his high college girlfriend left him and he calls her. She reveals that she left the after she started dating Charlie. Alan is furious in ~ Charlie and he decides to take revenge on Charlie by stealing his existing girlfriend, Gabrielle. Charlie speak Alan the feels betrayed but Alan bring away Gabrielle back to his room anyways. He decides he cannot be v her because he feel uncomfortable about what that did.

Justine Eyre – Gabrielle | Then

Justine Eyre is a Canadian actress native Nova Scotia but she thrived up in the Philippines. Eyre has not obtained too plenty of acting gigs throughout she career, however, she has remained in notable shows such as Mad Men and also CSI: Miami. Eyre’s last role was in 2016 once she available her voice come a video clip game dubbed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In addition to her acting career, Eyre is completing a level in Art background and English literature at mcgill University. Eyre has been married to fellow actor, man Allen Nelson since 2007.

Justine Eyre – Gabrielle | Now

Walden has desires of adopting a boy so that marries Alan in stimulate to acquire a far better chance. They are assigned a society worker, Ms. McMartin, to aid them with their case. McMartin is impressed through the lifestyle that she believes they are living and she helps Walden take on a six year-old boy. However, after she realizes the Walden and Alan are not really married, she has actually the child removed from the house. Alan do the efforts to readjust her mind by seducing her and also after seeing exactly how the child and also Walden interact, she lets him stay.

Maggie Lawson – Ms. McMartin | Then

Maggie Lawson was already a increasing star before she appeared in 12 illustration of the final season of Two and also a fifty percent Men. Maggie play the function of Juliet O’Hara in the present Psych and also she go on come star in the 2017 movie based on the show. Because then, Lawson has had actually a recurring role on the display The good Indoors and also she has appeared in a couple TV movie such as My favourite Wedding and also Encore Christmas.

Maggie Lawson – Ms. McMartin | Now

Although Liz only appears in one episode, she is stated in a few others together Judith’s sister. She and Charlie gained together and Judith and Alan’s wedding but Charlie does not remember that happening. Us are very first introduced come Liz and Jake’s date of birth party and also after an dispute starts, it is revealed the Alan asked Liz out before he asked out Judith. Judith i do not care furious and she take away Charlie to her room the end of revenge. Alan go off v Liz but in the end, neither couple gets together.

Teri Hatcher – Liz | Then

Teri Hatcher is best known for her roles as Lois roadway on the show Lois & Clark: The brand-new Adventures that Superman and as Susan Meyers top top the drama collection Desperate Housewives. Before Hatcher came to be a renowned actress, she to be a NFL cheerleader. Hatcher is now 52 years-old and still acting. She latest television appearance was together Rhea ~ above the television series Supergirl and she is at this time filming for the movie insanity in the Method, which is set to release in 2018.

Teri Hatcher – Liz | Now

Cindy was Judith’s friend and the 2 went surfing together. Both Jake and also Charlie develop a crush on Cindy but Charlie is no able to obtain with her. After ~ Jake watch Cindy’s butterfly tattoo, he starts obtaining interested in the female anatomy and he paint, etc a photo of she for an arts project. After hearing this, Judith goes come Charlie’s house and tells him to be more appropriate roughly Jake and also Cindy and also Judith are introduced. They build a friendship, which leader Alan to believe that they space dating.

Kristin Dattilo – Cindy | Then

Kristin Dattilo is one actress, comedian, producer and also writer. Dattilo has been acting due to the fact that the 1990s and also she has showed up in reflects such as The Office, The chris Isaak Show and Dexter. Dattilo took some time off from exhilaration to take treatment of she two youngsters that she has with her playwright husband, Jason Keller. Dattilo has actually not showed up in anything due to the fact that 2016 and also she is now focusing on creating for television and also feature projects.

Kristin Dattilo – Cindy | Now

Kate McLaughlin is a solitary mom that meets an inebriated Charlie and also Jake’s football game. The two hit that off and also agree the it is foolish the the teams are not maintaining score in the game. Charlie invites Kate over through her son for a playdate through Jake and also the two go top top a couple dates. Kate ultimately ends things after she reveals that she has not seen another man due to the fact that her divorce and also that her life is very stressful. Liz Vassey return in one more episode as Michelle who is Charlie’s dermatologist. The two briefly date but Michelle division up v Charlie due to the fact that she believes that loves Rose.

Liz Vassey – Kate McLaughlin and also Michelle | Then

Liz Vassey is an actress through a long list of credentials on she resume. She began her exhilaration career on the fight soap opera every My youngsters which she to be one from 1988 till 1992. Vassey ongoing to land tiny roles on reflects such together ER and Pig Sty. She has also had bigger parts in tv on mirrors such together Brotherly Love, in i beg your pardon she showed up on 40 episodes and CSI wherein she to be featured on an ext than 70 episodes. Vassey has not acted since 2012 once she appeared in a pair of tv movies.

Liz Vassey – Kate McLaughlin and Michelle | Now

Jamie Eckleberry prospered up v Alan and Charlie and she was rather overweight and also unattractive together a child. They also had a horrible nickname because that her and also referred to her as Eckleberry hound. Jamie runs right into Charlie and Alan as an adult and they realize the she is now gorgeous and has lost weight. Both Alan and Charlie struggle on Jamie but she rejects them and also reminds them exactly how awful they to be to her together a child.

Paget Brewster – Jamie Eckleberry | Then

Paget Brewster has had actually quite a effective career in Hollywood. Brewster make her very first appearance on television on the hit present Friends together Kathy that dated both Chandler and Joey. Brewster ongoing to get recurring functions on television shows in the early 2000s on The Trouble v Normal and also Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Brewster continues to act to this day and also she has actually even offered her voice on reflects such as family Guy and American Dad! Brewster married Steve Damstra, who is a composer, in 2014.

Paget Brewster – Jamie Eckleberry | Now

Chloe is a girl that is infatuated with Charlie but he does no feel the same method and the tries to eliminate her. Enrique Iglesias makes a guest appearance as Fernando the handyman who goes come Charlie’s home to deal with something where Chloe establishes a to like on him. Upon seeing this, Charlie immediately gets jealous and tries to success Chloe over by dressing ‘younger’. In the end, Charlie flashes his money to obtain Chloe ago and that fires Fernando.

Rachel Cannon – Chloe | Then

Rachel Cannon has appeared on a number television shows such together Mad Men, Underemployed and Pushing Daisies. Her most recent duty was together Diedre ~ above the alphabet show, Fresh turn off the Boat. Prior to Cannon ended up being an actress, she studied movie at the college of Oklahoma. Once she is no acting, Cannon enjoys law yoga and is even a certified instructor. Cannon has been married to other actor boy name Engh since 2013.

Rachel Cannon – Chloe | Now

Naomi is Berta’s daughter and also her pride and also joy. Naomi is presented to the TAAHM audience v a huge pregnant belly and it is revealed that she is unemployed. She to be fired for both gaining pregnant and also for stealing computer systems from she office. The dad of she unborn kid is not in the photo and Naomi it s okay attracted come Alan. The two continue to see each other after she daughter is born and hide castle hide their relationship from Berta. Berta find out around the couple but is surprisingly happy because Alan is the finest guy Naomi has ever dated. Naomi ultimately dumps Alan when the dad of her child comes back.

Sara Rue – Naomi | Then

Sara Rue is a well known television actress and also she is ideal known for her duties on Popular and Less than Perfect. Rue has likewise had recurring appearances as Penny Higgins on Eastwick and as Dora Winston on Impastor. Rue’s most recent role was in a Hallmark TV movie dubbed All for Love. Rue married her 2nd husband, Kevin Price, in 2011 and the couple have 2 youngsters together, one who they adopted.

Sara Rue – Naomi | Now

Penelope shows up in the nine season after Charlie has actually passed away. Penelope plainly did not obtain the message about his death and also she shows up in search of him in ~ his house. When she is upset at first upon hear the news, she quickly gets over it as soon as she is introduced to the handsome Walden. In ~ the same time the Penelope is at the beach house, Walden’s ex-wife Bridget shows up to speak to him. Alan procedures in and also pretends to be dating Penelope so the Bridget i will not ~ think the Walden is dating.

Stephanie Jacobsen – Penelope | Then

Stephanie Jacobsen was born in Hong Kong and also grew up in Australia. She gained her start on the well known Australian soap opera, Home and Away. This is the same show where actors prefer Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher obtained their start. Jacobsen made her change into Hollywood once she was actors in the 2009 work again, please again of Melrose Place. After her appearance on TAAHM, Jacobsen landing recurring duties on Revenge and Star-Crossed. Her last duty was on NCIS in 2014.

Stephanie Jacobsen – Penelope | Now

Tammy was the owner the a tattoo shop referred to as Tammy’s Tatties and she is the ex-fiance that Jake Harper in the 10th season. She is a rebellious single mother who is covered in tattoos and also was generally seen attract chokers and also black clothes. No one authorized of their connection as Tammy was twice Jake’s age and also had a daughter approximately his age. The 2 break off your engagement when Tammy discovers the Jake and also her daughter Ashley hooked up.

Jaime Pressly – Tammy | Then

Jaime Pressly is currently 40 years-old and she has made a number of appearances in miscellaneous films and also television shows. She is ideal known because that her function as delight Turner top top My surname is Earl and she won plenty of awards for her portrayal that the character consisting of an Emmy, a golden Globe, and also a display screen Actors Guild Award. Pressly has additionally made appearances in movie such together I Love You, Man and Poison Ivy: The new Seduction. Pressley was once married to an entertain lawyer called Simran Singh but she is currently dating Hamzi Hijazi and the couple have twin sons.

Jaime Pressly – Tammy | Now

Miley Cyrus made a guest appearance together Missi ~ above TAAHM in the 10th season. Missi is extremely talkative and also no one is maybe to get a word in as soon as they room speaking with her. However, she means well and is very different to many of the self-centered and also manipulative females to appear on the show. Jake drops in love through Missi while that is ~ above a weekend leaving from the army but Missi convinces him come go earlier and reveals that she currently has a boyfriend.

Miley Cyrus – Missi | Then

We execute not must tell you the Miley Cyrus was already a people famous pop star before she made a guest figure on TAAHM. Miley Cyrus gained her start starring top top the Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. Cyrus went onto beginning a music career and also found time to get affiliated in numerous controversies. Cyrus is a multi-millionaire and has to be on a number of world tours. Cyrus shed her squeaky clean picture as a teen idol and also often promotes the use of illegal building material on she Instagram account.

Miley Cyrus – Missi | Now

Prudence only makes one illustration on the show, however, she makes fairly the impression. Prudence is Berta’s voluptuous granddaughter who every one of the men in the house (including Jake) build a like on. Prudence reveals she plans to elope through her friend Freddie yet they execute not get the possibility as Berta and also her mother, Cheryl Ann, put a stop to it. If Cheryl Ann is in ~ the house, she tries to provide Charlie she number, which causes Berta to traction both Prudence and Cheryl Ann out of the house.

Megan Fox – Prudence | Then

Megan Fox demands no development as she is a hyper renowned Hollywood starlet. Fox started her acting career in the beforehand 2000s once she showed up in the film, vacation in the Sun and got a long standing function on the present Ocean Ave. Because then, Fox has actually landed functions in a variety of films consisting of in Transformers wherein she starred together Shia Labeouf. Fox has actually been married to other actor, Brian Austin Green because 2010 and also the couple has three kids together.

Megan Fox – Prudence | Now

Berta shows up as Charlie’s (and climate Walden’s) housekeeper in all twelve periods of TAAHM. Berta was constantly the comedic relief who constantly poked funny at Alan and Charlie. She regularly adds quips and comments come conversations the other characters in the home have and also she is strikes are afraid into the eyes of people she is angry with. Berta has actually a number of children and also grandchildren and we are introduced to several of them transparent the series.

Conchata Ferrell – Berta | Then

Conchata Ferrell has been acting due to the fact that the mid 1970s and also she has showed up in numerous shows and television movies. Ferrell is an award winning actress and she was likewise nominated for multiple Emmys for her function as Berta. Ferrell has been featured on many television collection including teenager Angel, mind Afire and also The Ranch. She additionally played the duty of Susan Bloom in 20 episodes of L.A. Law. Ferrell is married come Arnie Anderson and also she has actually a daughter and two stepdaughters.

Conchata Ferrell – Berta | Now

Melissa renders an figure in 10 illustration of TAAHM as Alan’s receptionist and also girlfriend. Before dating Alan, Melissa walk out through Charlie, which finished in catastrophe after she was compelled to journey in a heavy rainstorm. In season 6, Melissa introduce Alan to her mother and also then catches them in bed together. We fulfill Melissa again while she is working at the hospital where Judith offers birth. She hooks up with Alan again but in a later on episode, she grows exhausted of just how cheap Alan is. The two eventually split up for great in season 8.

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Kelly Stables – Melissa | Then

Stables is a film and television actress and also she is best known because that her duty as Melissa on TAAHM and her duties as Eden on The Exes. Kelly also had a recurring voice function on the show W.I.T.C.H. Because that 52 episodes. In enhancement to her television career, Stables has made it right into some popular films such as terrible Bosses 2 and also The Ring Two. Stables has actually been married to cut Patino because 2005 and the pair have two children together.

Kelly Stables – Melissa | Now

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