Two angle whose amount is 90° (thatis, one ideal angle) are called complementary angles and one is referred to as the match of the other. Here, ∠AOB = 40° and ∠BOC = 50°


Therefore, ∠AOB + ∠BOC = 90°Here, ∠AOB and also ∠BOC are called complementary angles.∠AOB is match of ∠BOC and also ∠BOC is match of ∠AOB.

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For Example:

(i) angle of measure 60° and 30° room complementary anglesbecause 60° + 30° = 90°

Thus, the complementary angle of 60° is the angle measure 30°.The complementary angle angle the 30° is the angle of measure 60°.

(ii) complement of 30° is → 90° - 30° = 60°(iii) enhance of 45° is → 90° - 45° = 45°(iv) complement of 55° is → 90° - 55° = 35°(v) match of 75° is → 90° - 75° = 15°

Working rule: To uncover the complementary edge of a offered anglesubtract the measure up of an edge from 90°.

So, the complementary edge = 90° - the offered angle.

2. Supplementary Angles:

Two angle whose sum is 180° (thatis, one directly angle) are referred to as supplementary angles and one is called the supplement of the other. Here, ∠PQR = 50° and also ∠RQS = 130°


∠PQR + ∠RQS = 180° Hence, ∠PQR and also ∠RQS are referred to as supplementary angles and also ∠PQR is supplement that ∠RQS and ∠RQS is supplement of ∠PQR.

For Example:

(i) Anglesof measure 100° and also 80° space supplementary angles because 100° + 80° = 180°.

Thus the supplementary angle of 80° is the edge of measure up 100°.

(ii) complement of - 55° is 180° - 55° = 125°(iii) supplement of 95° is 180° - 95° = 85°(iv) complement of 135° is 180° - 135° = 45°(v) complement of 150° is 180° - 150° = 30°Working rule: To find the supplementary angle of a given angle, subtractthe measure up of angle from 180°.

So, the supplementary angle = 180° - the given angle.

3. Nearby Angles:

Two non – overlapping angle are claimed to be adjacent angles if they have:(a) a common vertex(b) a typical arm(c) various other two eight lying on opposite side of this usual arm, so that their interiors carry out not overlap.


In the above given figure, ∠AOB and ∠BOC room non – overlapping, have OB as the usual arm and O together the common vertex. The other arms OC and OA the the angle ∠BOC and also ∠AOBare an the contrary sides, of the usual arm OB.

Hence, the arm ∠AOB and ∠BOCform a pair of surrounding angles.

4. Vertically opposite Angles:

Two angles formed by 2 intersecting lines having actually no typical arm are dubbed vertically opposite angles.


In the over given figure, two lines (overleftrightarrowAB) and (overleftrightarrowCD) crossing each various other at a point O.

They kind four angles ∠AOC, ∠COB, ∠BOD and also ∠AODin i beg your pardon ∠AOC and also ∠BOD are vertically opposite angles. ∠COB and also ∠AOD are vertically opposite angle.

∠AOC and also ∠COB, ∠COB and also ∠BOD, ∠BOD and also ∠DOA, ∠DOA and also ∠AOC are pairs of nearby angles.

Similarly we deserve to say that, ∠1 and also ∠2 form a pair that vertically opposite angle while ∠3 and ∠4 type another pair the vertically the contrary angles.

When 2 lines intersect, then vertically opposite angles are always equal.∠1 = ∠2∠3 = ∠4

5. Direct Pair:

Two nearby angles are said to kind a linear pair if their sum is 180°.


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