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A pair the solids are referred to as similar when they have actually the exact same shape and their matching linear actions are proportional. The proportion that compare the size is called the range factor, and also it is the same for each pair of matching sides.

provided two similar solids A and B, with...

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A pair that solids are referred to as similar when they have actually the very same shape and also their matching linear steps are proportional. The ratio that compares the size is dubbed the scale factor, and also it is the very same for each pair of corresponding sides.

Given two comparable solids A and also B, with equivalent linear actions a and also b:

The scale factor is `a/b `

The ratio of the surface ar area of A come the surface ar area the B is `a^2/b^2 `

The proportion of the volume that A come the volume that B is `a^3/b^3 `

Therefore, a pair the solids whose matching sides have actually a continuous ratio may be called a similar pair.

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