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The hatchet "Pit Bull" describes Several Breeds

When girlfriend think of the word pit bull, do you think around a particular breed? turns out the a pit bull is not really a dog breed every se, but rather a term the is loosely supplied to depict a particular form of dog. However, say the word pit bull and people will offer you various answers relying on who friend ask!

If friend ask the general public, the hatchet is regularly used come vaguely depict dogs that share comparable characteristics such as a muscular, stocky body and a blocky head. If you ask journalists, the ax is supplied to depict any large vicious dog who ends increase injuring anybody and becomes worthy of being slapped top top the local newspaper's headline. If friend ask the median dog owner, answers may vary widely. Even experts in ~ times have a tough time defining what a pit bull important is as the term has been heavily muddled and also its true meaning still stays shrouded in ambiguity.

All this vagueness end the ax has produced quite some confusion, so much so that numerous dog breeds and also even mutts are being mislabeled as pit bulls! To acquire a understand of the idea, friend can try a "find the pit bull" test online. It depicts dozens of dog who space often confused for a pit bull. If you provide the check a try, don't feel poor if you miss; countless people require number of attempts to obtain it right!

Interesting Fact

Pit bulls are not yes, really a details dog breed, but the term can be formally offered to depict specific breeds.



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The hatchet "Pit Bull" Is a group of Dogs

To make things even more confusing, the term pit bull had been used to depict officially dog breeds, an ext specifically the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), oftentimes together with the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) and also the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT). And to make points even an ext confusing, part others will certainly also include the American Bulldog in the "pit bull" dog each other category!

For the sake of clarity, the term "pit bull" is provided to depict a certain type of dog. As with the ax "hound" is provided to depict breeds in ~ the hound classification like the beagle, bloodhound, and also basset hound. The term 'setter' has been offered to depict breeds in ~ the setter classification like the English setter, Gordon setter, ireland red and white setter, and the irish setter. But then, if one is asked exactly what type of pit bull? One deserve to then go much more into specifics and give the end the precise breed name within the pit bull category.

What go the ax pit bull really mean by the way? The term pit bull derives from the old bloody sports of bear-baiting and bull-baiting. In this bloody sports, dogs the originated indigenous the Bull and also Terrier, a fighting dog occurred in the 1800s, were forced to confront these pets in the pit fighting circuit for entertainment purposes. Years later, once these bloody sports were ultimately outlawed in great Britain in 1835, this dogs to be then introduced to the United claims by English immigrants that employed them on their farms. Earlier in those old days, cloak color and also nose color was most likely the least essential thing considered. All that mattered is the these dogs to be able to excel in what they were bred for and also take over details tasks.

Rather 보다 a details breed, pit bull is more of a share term to define a group of dogs with comparable characteristics — lot as are “hound” and “terrier” — and encompasses both mixes and pure-bred dogs.

— Lisa Peterson, spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club


Blue pit bulls space not as rare together thought.

Blue Pit Bulls space Pit Bulls v Blue Noses

Are you wondering what a bluenose pit bull is? right here are some exciting blue nose pit bull facts. In instance you haven't noticed, the mean nose color of most dog each other is black; however, in the bluenosed pit bull, the color of the nose’s animal leather (skin) just like the surname implies, is blue. Right here comes the facet of surprise: regardless of what friend may have actually heard, the blue-nose pit bull is not an entirely separate each other of dog, it's simply a pit bull who happens to have a blue nose.

A pit bull v a blue sleep mostly has actually what we know as “a blue coat.” Alright, prior to you get confused around what this way when we say blue, that is not choose the electric blue or Smurfette blue one thinks of when you think around colors. That is a small bit various from the standard blue color you are offered to, in the dog world, it's much more like a grayish shade ranging indigenous light silver to a deep charcoal.

The blue coat shade in dogs is as a an outcome of a dilution the the color black. For a puppy to get a blue cloak color, it need to come from parental who are carriers the the recessive dilution gene. What this suggests is that the breeders purposely breeding for the blue coat colors will must use a narrow gene swimming pool of dogs, mainly crossing dogs that are closely related gene (i.e., linebreeding or inbreeding.) In order to prevent hereditary disorders, that is an extremely important that you get these dog from a breeder who is an professional in what he/she is doing.

Additionally, you must be aware that research has presented that blue coats are prone to skin problems. As a result of this, some breeders space embarking ~ above public enlightenment to let people know about these implications connected with diluted coats.

The dilute colors (fawn and blue) do have actually coat and skin problems and there is a ton of accessible information on them.

— Teri Dickinson, DVM


Blue sleep Pit Bulls Aren't Rare

Note the a pit bull with a blue sleep does not represent that it come from any kind of rare lineage and it is additionally not a sign of gift a member that a different kind of purebred pit bull breed. You can actually quickly see a the majority of pit bulls through "blue nose" colors.

Come to think the it; there wouldn’t it is in so many breeders heralding them if they are truly rare! In fact, that is believed that those breeders informing you the blue nose pit bulls are especially rare room doing for this reason in stimulate to increase the value of their pit bulls and force you right into paying an ext for them!

Information native The actual Pit Bull website shows that unscrupulous breeders that only emphasis on developing the “special” blue coat color with the “rare” blue sleep have practically no factor to consider to temperament and also health. Breeding just because that a specific coat color with little regards to other factors is a bad breeding practice.

Another thing to take into consideration is that part breeders, eager to make quick money, began to cross American Staffordshire Terriers with American pit bull terriers in really hopes of attaining a "rare" blue coat shade with the accompanying blue nose. Therefore if you notice blue pit bulls that lug exaggerated attributes such as enormous bodies, blocky heads, broad chest, and heavy bone structure, you are most likely looking at the result of this crosses, dogs well-known as "American bullies" which, according to the unified Kennel Club, are just American Pit Bull Terriers "blended v stock from other bull breeds." To put it much more bluntly, castle are just poorly bred American pit bull terriers.

However, not all breeders the blue-nose pit bulls space crooks. Certain if they advertise them as rare or asking a premium price, this is a huge red flag, but sometimes there are actual breeders who pay an ext attention to creating blue-coated specimens that room healthy and have a secure temperament. In summary, you should put a dog’s temperament and also health over the coat or sleep color.

Here's an amazing fact: did you understand that the hatchet “Blue Lust” was coined end the past couple of years as result of their high demand and associated high price tag of blue-nosed pit bulls?

A nose color does no a make a breed.

What around Red-Nose Pit Bulls?

Want some amazing red sleep pit bull facts? Well, here are some. Reports present that the Red sleep Pit Bull and the Blue nose Pit Bull are among the most renowned pit bull species people look because that every day. Currently here's a huge fact: it is not correct to do statements such together "My dog is the the blue sleep pit bull type," or the "red-node type" just as it would be wrong to say, "My yellow Labrador is the black-nose type," as we're just talking around color!

So a red-nose pit bull is simply a pit bull that happens to have a red nose, the is no a various breed of dog, and also as such, the is not rare or expensive as part unscrupulous breeders might want people to believe! The term red-nose and blue-nose are because of this for the most part backyard breeder terms. Nowadays, pit bulls v a red coat varying from deep red to light honey red are very popular, and also so is the linked red nose.

Now, here is where things gain even much more confusing! friend may have heard around a red sleep pit bull that originated indigenous the bloodline: Old family red sleep (OFRN) that Ireland. These to be dogs belonging to a tight-knit household that were frequently inbred and also who excelled in the pit. These dogs weren't intentionally bred because that color, but rather for their gameness. It only happened that since they to be genetically close, this make it simple to happen on particular traits–and so come along the red coat, red lips, red toenails, red or amber eyes, and also a red nose. William J. Lightner and Con Feeley to be breeders who worked hard top top this lineage.

The hype about "red nose" pit bulls may have as such originated from the Old family members Red sleep dogs lineage out the Ireland. Unscrupulous breeders may have actually started calling any pit bull with a red sleep as "red nose," make people believe that they were a different breed and particularly rare. Just because a pit bull dog has actually a red nose doesn't mean it's native the old family strain!

The Bottom Line

Pit Bulls come in virtually every shade that is genetically possible in dogs. Part colors are much more common (brindle or fawn because that instance); some colors friend don't watch as frequently (such together spotted or black and tan). One thing is for certain, however: blue and red nosed dogs do NOT fall into the "rare" category

— mary Harwelik /The genuine Pit Bull

Now that we have actually looked at some blue nose pit bull facts and some red sleep pit bull facts, here's the bottom line. If us look beyond coat color and nose color, we have to recognize the pit bulls even if it is they are the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST), or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) space all beautiful dogs and are priceless together they are distinctive in their very own ways.

Pit bulls space loving creatures who are loyal and love come shower your owners through love and also affection and also nose shade or coat color ultimately dram a little function in all this. A nose color does no a breed make.

© 2016 Adrienne Farricelli


Cyrus on respectable 16, 2020:

If you desire to understand the real background of this breed, inspect the entrys of UKC and ADBA about this each other or review the publication of Richard F Stratton: The truth around the american pitbull terrier. Richard stratton is a sources from type of civilization who deal with this kind of each other for more than 50 years and also explain the finish difference in between this breed and other similar breeds. And again, the media, world who dont know this breed or even amstaff owners regularly say the theyr dog is a pitbull or a group of dogs room pitbulls however that is not true, over there is only one real breed v this name and its embraced by 2 large associations with exact this name and also even breed requirements where u precisely can view the difference in between the staffordshire bull and the american stafford.

Cyrus on august 16, 2020:

Sorry to say that however you completly failed through researching around this and also using words Pitbull as the media supplies it. Every genuine Pitbull breeder would scream increase from his grave if they review this article, in the exact same time u mention akc numerous times and refer your information from them and also say that world should questioning the akc about this concern too. The akc is a shit association which never embraced the breed APBT. That is the UKC which embraced the breed in 1896 and also the ADBA in 1904. The genuine american pitbull terrier is without doubt a breed for his own and also yes over there is a difference in between the amstaff and also the apbt. If you cant check out the history, research study the difference and still claim that blue dogs space pitbulls too, climate please end your career as a reporter and also stop placing nonsense right into this world. GameDog currently are real apbt and a amstaff was breed there is no recognizing the gameness the this dogs. You must definetley watch some other ressources rather of claiming the the AKC (which only accepted the amstaff in 1936 together a breed) is saying that there is only one breed.

Even blue dogs are NOT pitbulls, colby himself sayd he observed in his life 2 actual blue pitbulls and also blue is a shade which comes the end of the dilute hereditary error which reasons alopecia. No serious breeder would certainly breed sick dog just therefore color trend. The background of the genuine american pitbull terrier is there and there is additionally a background of the american staffordshire terrier which came out the the american pitbull terrier (different breed goals, bigger, an ext muscles, construction dogs). But the real american pitbull lines still exist and the ADBA is the only source to gain those old lines. Please prevent spreading bullshit and also using the media pitbull slang for every those dogs.

Meredith on June 22, 2020:


I don't think you'll find any factual info on this considering that it seems like it's greatly a issue of an individual opinion. And also what MrHat states is nonsense.

He said" the American pit bull terrier, was the just "BREED" of "Terrier" not able to it is in "registered" or recognized by the UKC.. Together a pure breed."

I simply went ~ above UKC and looked up the ABPT standard and also it says: "The unified Kennel society was the an initial registry to acknowledge the American Pit Bull Terrier. UKC founder C. Z. Bennett assigned UKC it is registered number 1 come his very own APBT, Bennett’s Ring, in 1898." It's the AKC

How deserve to we trust human being making statements together such? This is so confusing! ns don't also feel like gaining there and figuring points out together the an ext I review the much more insane point seem to be. To sum it all, ns think everybody is licensed has been granted to their opinion over consumption of this term.

Adrienne Farricelli (author) on June 22, 2020:

MrHat620, ns appreciate acquisition your time for commenting, but we are still doing not have reputable resources to back-up these 'facts." it seems favor the ax pit bull is muddled and varies depending upon who friend ask. Personally, ns am an ext inclined to think the explain quoted indigenous Lisa Peterson, spokeswoman for the American Kennel club stating "Rather 보다 a certain breed, pit bull is more of a share term" more than random civilization posting here with no genuine sounding names, no explanations of what credentials lock have and what reliable sources earlier up this statements. Ns would favor to watch in specific some trusted sources stating that "the APBT is the just breed the terrier." By reliable I typical reputable historical books, breed club members, judges etc.

MrHat620 ~ above June 16, 2020:

Chris... Thank YOU for THE FACTUAL EXPLANATION!!! MOST civilization have NO CLUE about the 1 &ONLY "PITBULL TERRIER".. Gift the reason regarding why the (APBT), to be the only "BREED" the "Terrier" not able to it is in "registered" or acknowledged by the UKC.. As a pure breed.

Adrienne Farricelli (author) on might 03, 2020:

Hi Chris, ns am constantly open to discovering things, but it doesn't really aid if you don't provide some reputable references to point out your sources of information.

You state the the blue sleep doesn't exist, yet what carry out you mean exactly? the course, no dog in the civilization will ever before have a important Smurf-colored blue nose!

Do you median there is no breed who has actually it in that is standard? If so, please notice may statement the a nose color does no make a breed.

So you re welcome clarify, because readers below will want to understand why you speak they don't exist when there have actually seen plenty of specimens with the blue coat and blue sleep "(ok greyish) nose.

Please additionally clarify 'halfs and halfs weren't used in the bear and also bull pits".

I resource my info from my publications (never Wikipedia!) and shot my best to resource only reputable sources.

Here is info I probably used once I composed this post as I very own the book by Joseph L. Colby. He claims QUOTED:

"The pit bull terrier was made native the Bulldog and also the old English White Terrier. It has been said that a cross of the old Spanish reminder was used, but this has never been shown to it is in authentic.

The exact proportion in which every breed was offered to develop the Pit Bull Terrier is no known.

During the Nineteenth Century when bull-baiting and also dog-fighting were energetic sports, the bulldog was uncovered to be too slow-moving for pit purposes, therefore the need for a dog with much more speed and also a good strong, punishing jaw.

This new breed met with success and was much superior to the bulldog because that fighting in the pit."

From this reading, it indicates that the terrier blood was added to do the dog in the bull baiting pit much more efficient.

Now, the could really likely it is in this developed once the bull baiting was outlawed, however I require a resource to check this.

Chris on April 19, 2020:

Sorry but there is no such point as a blue nose and it simply goes to display a dog trainer or vet is just as clueless as the rest! Also half and halfs werent the fight dog supplied in the bear and bull pits! they was developed when the ban come in and also a smaller sized gamer dog was essential for small concealed pits come fight every other therefore the gameness etc of the terrier blood being add! The Irish space responsible because that the red nose and also the English for the black sleep making there method to the states! Blue sleep is simply an american bullie or a pit cross! ready some books on the real video game breed apbt and around the bull & terrier the englanr not simply wikipedia even tho thats more correct 보다 the declare above! over there is just one registered breed recognize as a pitbull the apbt! however the english never got rid of the pitbull, staffy ebt etc are display names not working game dogs!!

Adrienne Farricelli (author) ~ above January 01, 2020:

Skyler, let me know more specifically which picture exactly together there room two the red noses. Is that the one top top the height or bottom? Most photos are sourced through Pixabay or Morguefile.

SkylerS ~ above December 27, 2019:

I would certainly really prefer to recognize where you got the photo of the red sleep Pitbull because that’s my dog Taco who’s been lacking for 4 years.Any information would be advantageous I simply want to bring my baby home.

SkylerS ~ above December 27, 2019:

Where walk you gain you get the photo of the red nose Pitbull?Because that’s mine dog that’s been missing for 4 years.We've to be trying to find him so any information would certainly be an excellent I simply want to carry my baby home.

Adrienne Farricelli (author) top top June 02, 2019:

Mikeydogsydogs, ns trust the AKC's declare on the hatchet pitbull. The ax pitbull is often misused and it appears to be subjected to personal interpretation.

Adrienne Farricelli (author) top top June 02, 2019:

Debbie, in my experience male and also female combos works finest rather 보다 same-sex.

Mikeydogsydogs on may 28, 2019:

This article is silly. There is only 1 pitbull, the AmericanPit Bull Terrier. Part othe breeds are similar but not the same as a video game bred APBT!!!!!

Debbie on might 16, 2019:

We space looking to obtain a pit pup because that a beat mate because that our 1 year old mrs rottie. Any kind of advise on breed and also sex

Joe on might 09, 2019:

Dog broke out v rash everywhere body from nose to paws whats should i do

Adrienne Farricelli (author) ~ above December 27, 2018:

Angelia, i am for this reason so i m really sorry for her loss. Have actually been with this having actually lost my love dog 4 months ago to cancer and also having her littermate who now is the only dog. That is tough. Spleen cancer, hemangiosarcoma is for this reason cruel, I have an write-up here if you want to read about it, just google the silent killer, dog hemangiosarcoma it;s chockful that stories choose yours. Shot to be strong for her dog and keep she routines the same, play through her and also let her feeling loved. If you feeling emotional, don't cry in front of she if you can, they feeling our sadness. Just time will certainly heal.

Angelia top top December 21, 2018:

I have had actually dogs all my life and my kids saved few of there money and got a masculine blue sleep well in ~ ten mainly old he to be are new addition to room family yet some exactly how he became my dog and for the last 9 years that dog has brought me more happiness and also joy and the love that dog gave me was so unique he was loved by for this reason many world a couple of weeks ago i came home from work and ziggy was panting he gained sick i justed looked in ~ him and brand-new he needed to acquire checked the ran some test i thought it was an additional ear infection yet it was an ext then the they told the i had actually to get him come uc davis because that an ultra sound and that if i didnt the was no going to make it so we drove in ~ 2 to be as rapid as we can i layed with him and told him exactly how i love him they to be waiting outside for us they take it him the didnt do it he had three tumors follow me his spleen and one explode he was fine the day prior to i have actually never felt so sad and also empty favor i execute no w i miss him so much i have actually a female she is no the very same she is now scared of also gping for a go she will begin to play through a friend dog however she runs earlier into she roon gets in her bed and also she will certainly be shaking i never new how much she felt safe with ziggy her sparkel in she eyes are gone she looks for this reason sad i. Dont know what to do anybody have any thoughts or ideas how to do her happy again it just makes me even more depressed cuz there eye say so much this is like a bad dream i simply want to wake up up and have my babyback ns dont know just how im ever going to gain over this its horrible

Henry Bailey top top December 11, 2018:

What type of rednose

Luz top top September 29, 2018:

I have a pitbull blue sleep i also have a chiguga and they obtain along simply fine castle argue however d ont hit all counts on the training what friend teach castle they are an extremely smart. Ns have small children and they are great and protective of the kids. Pitbull space not poor dogs over there lovable faithful protective and an excellent guard dog i have the right to walk mine through no leash n ns trained him mine self. You need to be regular with them and constantly telli lock what girlfriend whant dog to do i have actually mine train cave signs and also pop n snap finer clap is awsome you contact him he dont hear without the sign and then kool right

Diqnq Exter on respectable 03, 2018:

Red sleep Pits. Cqlled Colbys. With. The. Lengthy Snout. Are. The. Top. Of. The. Line. Red. Nose. Americqn. Pedigree. Stqffishire. Terriers. Hqnds. Down. Period End. Of. Discussion.

Layla ~ above December 19, 2017:

I say thanks to blue pitbulls are beeder i have 2 blue nosed pitbulls and also i am only 9 year old and also in 4th grade therefore yup however they just have a different color nosed and also different colored fur i just love blue

Sarah, Lisa Peterson, the spokeswoman for the American Kennel club says."Rather 보다 a specific breed, pit bull is more of a share term to describe a group of dog with similar characteristics — lot as room “hound” and “terrier” — and also encompasses both mixes and pure-bred dogs." i think AKC world know ideal what is supposed by the term.

Sarah on November 15, 2017:

I will need to agree with Jenn. Article was interesting, yet the truth that human being just lightly used the term Pitbull because that a group of dog is incorrect. It's not an umbrella ax there's only one Pitbull and also that's the American Pitbull Terrier. If there is no pedigree it's no a pitbull. Ns respect the breed and also think they space amazing particularly for the background of Gaming.

j on may 29, 2017:

hy good article ,i have actually an american staffordshire terrier she is the most affectionate dog with us,now she is an excellent around people when us go for walks,now she wont let people just reach n touch she she wont be agressive however she backs away,when mine friends pertained to my home shes good with people but u obtained to permit her involved u .wonderful dog v my kids n she favor to sleep alongside my bed n in ~ night go n lays right in between both doors of my children room ,after they walk to bed.The just thing ns dont pat or allow my children play ruff v her since she was little ,i play with ropes through her ,i throw a round for she to fetsh,i play a tiny rough v her yet not to get her come the allude of gaining agressive,i feeling she has certined border she knows ,just by spring at her a certine means she knows im not happy if she walk something,but great tempermint.American staffordshires tempermint are an ext of a soft temp. Pits have tendency to be much more upbeat.

Adrienne Farricelli (author) ~ above April 15, 2017:

Jenn, welcome to the pit bull condondrum! It's not really mine "take", yet what I have been hear being around people and also reading ~ above the subject. I agree the a bull dog is not a pit bull, an old English bull dog is no a pit bull, but I listen several human being claiming that the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) autumn into the "pit bull type."

Essentially, from my research, these 3 breeds space share the exact same lineage and also just taken place that lock were simply bred for different purposes and also have slightly different size standards. Because that the many part, they merely have different bloodlines. Some of these dogs are undoubtedly registered with an ext than one registry. Telling one breed from another is challenging, and also even specialists at time can't phone call if a pit bull is an APBT, one AST or a SBT. Also DNA trial and error can it is in confusing, (source Pit Bull Rescue Central.)

If you room asking my personal opinion, ns feel like sticking to what — Lisa Peterson, spokeswoman because that the American Kennel society says."Rather 보다 a particular breed, pit bull is more of a share term to explain a group of dogs with comparable characteristics — lot as room “hound” and also “terrier” — and encompasses both mixes and pure-bred dogs." I average I think these world should know best what is supposed by the term.

If you space looking for more official declaration I would certainly ask each other clubs and also the AKC for much more specific elucidations. (if girlfriend do, please keep me post on what they say!) for now, it just seems prefer there is no official intake or explanation for the term and also it would be beneficial if somebody through authority could clear points out once and also for all so so countless dogs space not euthanized unnecessarily.

Pit bulls room the friendliest dogs out there! I typical I have actually no clue how people can watch them together vicious when every time ns go to stores they involved greet me and lick my face with their tail wagging happily! Owning Rottweilers myself, i can't view a average bone in these dogs when they are increased as they have to be and yes, as with any type of breed it at some point all sums up to how they are raised, yet as you said, that's a whole another topic! thanks for your time and also comments and I agree, the term definitely needs much more elucidation as it seems choose it's susceptible to personal interpretation, however I think it's mostly because nobody appears to agree and there hasn't to be an "official definition" comes from authority figures..

Jenn ~ above April 13, 2017:

I'm perplexed on her take top top the ax "Pit Bull". Is your stand that it is a ax or the it is a breed?

I have actually been a rescuer for 6 year now, rescuing every breeds. Acquisition in around 89 dogs a month. I can say without a doubt that there is most definitely a PitBull breed. The improper use of the name as a ax to ceiling a team of dogs is just one of the largest problems in rescue. In reality if it's plenty of dogs killed all over the country and also should it is in Banished. The is not prefer saying Mastiff Breeds and also having categories choose English, Cane Cane, an excellent Dane... Those room all varieties of mastiffs. There is just one American Pitbull Terrier. A Staffordshire bull terrier is no a pitbull and also should no be classified as one. A bulldog is no a pitbull and also should not be classified as one. A bully is not a pitbull and also should no be classified together one. A bull terrier is not a pitbull and also should no be classified together one. One old English bulldog is no a pitbull and also should no be classified together one. There room so many brand-new breeds the look close to a Pitbull which have actually 0 Pitbull DNA yet are euthanized in details shelters due to the fact that they execute not embrace a pitbull's. And exotic bully is a mix that different types of bulldogs. As in French bulldogs, English bulldogs and a Boston terrier. However the resemble a Pitbull and are euthanized by shelter's that perform not embrace out Pitbulls because of this use of Pitbull breeds together a term. There room no pitbull breeds. There are mastiff breed, there room bulldog breeds, there space terrier breeds, there space NO PITBULL BREEDS. By allowing people to use this blanket term i beg your pardon in truth is not true, dogs are dying for looking like another dog.

Pitbulls room are no an ext dangerous than a Rottweiler, doberman, Mastiff, or any type of other big strong breed. People choose to not train the breed appropriately to its requirements but, that's a whole various box off cookies.

Bree on December 10, 2016:

Thank you because that that. Agree but most human being would not. So many world get APBT, Amstaff, bully breed combined up. That have a amstaff and also say it's a pit bull. Couldn't tell girlfriend how countless agreements i have remained in over their breed. Me personally know and own pit bulls and also diffently know the difference. I wish civilization would recognize the breed they yes, really own. Hope civilization read this article.

Adrienne Farricelli (author) top top December 10, 2016:

Hi Tina, I have a bunch the training articles if you look because that them, and one that also specifically addresses pit bulls.

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Tina on December 10, 2016:

It's pretty to have read this article. Is there any assist for The cultivate of the pit bulls? For anyone to obtain along.