It’s hard to photo almost any kind of US top-10 list without brand-new York City what in there. The most expensive united state zip codes perform compiled yearly by Forbes Magazine makes no exception. In fact, Upper east Side’s 10065 top their list this year, securing the desire #1 because that the an initial time.

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But is 10065 undoubtedly the many expensive zip password in new York City, let alone the entire country, as declared in Forbes? data shows it’s not even in the optimal 5.

While we don’t claim Forbes released bogus stats on purpose, we find their methodology and choice of metrics inadequate for painting an exact picture that the real estate market.

First, castle relied on questioning prices quite than closeup of the door transactions, saying that by act so their list would certainly be a reflection of “each market’s current activity.” for their height zip password (10065), the average sale price uncovered by is $1.1 million, if the average asking price follow to Forbes data is $6.5 million. Have prices in the Upper eastern Side unable to do up 6 times since the closings the the property transactions we offered in order come compile the mean sale price? not a chance!

Second, they have actually not consisted of coops. Exactly how relevant are any kind of real estate stats released for Manhattan that don’t take into account fifty percent of the borough’s transactions? not very, and this reminds us of a similar debate top top the relevancy of the Case-Schiller table of contents to Manhattan genuine estate market.

So how execute Forbes numbers to compare to ours own? see below:


According come our data, the priciest zip password in brand-new York City is in fact TriBeCa’s 10013 through a average sale price of $2.5 million (coops included). Number 2 top top the perform is 10007, an additional TriBeCa zip code, proving why TriBeCa has been topping the perform of the most expensive communities in NYC for several quarters in a row.

Take a look at the graphic below to watch what space the most expensive zip codes in NYC based upon data. Revenue prices likewise reflect coops that have sold in Manhattan due to the fact that the start of the year.

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We would certainly really choose to hear her opinion on this! Drop united state a comment and let us recognize your thoughts on the methodology and results.

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