United Parcel business (UPS) is among the largest delivery business providers across the globe. The call number for the company"s national person resources (HR) department is 404-828-6000, and also the nationwide customer organization number is 1-888-742-5877 or 1-800-PICK-UPS. Employees who have questions about or problems with elements of employment, such as payroll and also disability accommodations, can call 404-828-6000 come register any questions around or complaints pertained to the work-related environment.

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The company boasts a solid legacy of ethics and integrity, i beg your pardon is necessary when attracting and also retaining top-tier employees. This legacy entails supporting the community in which the operates and safeguarding the company"s all at once reputation. To support this legacy, the company features an HR department tasked with miscellaneous roles the meet different objectives. The following are some of the duties of the HR department at UPS.

The HR department is tasked with the duty of recruiting and interviewing prospective employees and also making rental decisions. Countless of the jobs available at the firm begin as part-time jobs. The agency executes proper staffing plans before embarking on the recruitment process. This helps minimize the costs of mistakes, such as hiring unqualified candidates.


community and employees room the pillars of any organization. Keeping the company"s connection with the community is among the fundamental roles of the HR room at UPS. The HR department likewise maintains call services for the UPS Foundation, which intends to "build safer, more resilient and also inclusive communities around the world." The UPS foundation also works v United method to strengthen local communities.


Apart native fostering good relationships v the neighborhood at large, the UPS HR department have the right to influence behaviors and also gain and also keep the to trust of its customers. Well-planned ar relations initiatives enhance a healthy and also balanced relationship in between the community and also the company.

The UPS HR department ensures that the agency abides through the labor, union, and also federal and also state laws. It helps the agency adhere come regulations favor fair employment and workplace safety. This is essential due to the fact that employee complaints may arise, i beg your pardon can impact workplace morale, productivity and also profits. HR additionally helps train supervisors to much better maintain reliable working relationships v union leaders.


The job-related Safety and also Health act of 1970 (OSHA) requires companies to market safe, healthy and also clean working conditions for employees. The UPS HR room manages the company"s workplace safety training efforts and records employee injuries or illnesses that take place while they"re top top the job. The department additionally sets workplace policies regarding employee health and also safety and prepares safety and security training materials.


The UPS HR room is responsible because that organizing and also storing the company"s employee database. Additionally, the department oversees the use and storage the sensitive details like contracts, wages and performance reviews. These staff members should be organized, have a firm understanding of confidentiality and also ensure all information is easily accessible.


If your requirements outweigh the roles of the UPS HR department, consider calling the adhering to numbers.

For international shipping, call 1-800-782-7892 to gain information around preparing your package because that shipment, your current shipments, shipping rates and also delivery times.

For trade monitoring services, call 1-800-782-7892. To represent at this number can assist you if you have actually questions around international import/export services. Learn much more about UPS"s it is provided chain services by phone call 1-800-742-5727.

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For freight shipping and quick accessibility to information around air and also ocean freight, contact 1-800-443-6379 or 1-800-350-8440, respectively. Contact 1-888-682-4652 because that truckload shipments weighing an ext than 12,000 pounds.

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