They journeyed indigenous the east to salary homage come the young king bearing presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Yet they would struggle to finish the feat today. Times for way men have actually never to be tougher. Gold prices are soaring top top commodity markets, myrrh crops have to be hit by dryness – and also now frankincense can soon be no more. Solid frankincense resin deserve to be offered at up to £37.33 every kilo, follow to the global Centre for study in dry Areas. Incense is roughly twice as expensive, however prices room volatile – something that can also be said for the wise Men"s 3rd gift. Four days prior to Christmas, an ounce of gold prices £1,029.20 top top the international market – increase by nearly 20 per cent this year. Yet the worst news for biblical gift-buyers came this week, from netherlands ecologists studying populaces of Boswellia in Ethiopia, that warned the numbers the the frankincense-producing tree can halve in the next 15 years and eventually stop altogether if components such together fire, grazing and insect assault go unchecked. Full Story: Who"d be a wise man? Gold"s gone v the roof, frankincense is "doomed", and also as for myrrh...

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