10 Celebrities that Were Extras ~ above Drake & mockery Drake & John, one of Nickelodeon"s most notorious sitcoms, featured part primetime celebrities in lift roles throughout its operation in the 90s and 2000s.

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The late "90s to early 2000s to be a wild time because that Nickelodeon live-action comedies. Though no as (in)famous as the Disney Channel Stars, Nickelodeon’s lineup to be nothing come sneeze at. Example: Drake & Josh, a present responsible for repeating points for emphasis and also possibly launching people to stardom.

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...Ok, it is questionable. But that no erase the fact that some primetime TV stars were barely also guest stars on Drake & Josh. Here are 10 celebrities that were extras on Drake & Josh.

Allison Dunbar was Peggy Sherman in the 2005 episode “The Affair.” Basically, the boys assumed Walter was cheating top top Audrey with Peggy and antics ensue. And also Walter didn’t have an affair, he was trying to development his career. Oops?

While Dunbar no at the height of popularity, she filmography is nothing come sneeze at. She had actually a small duty in CW’s crazy Ex-Girlfriend together Darrell’s ex-wife, Stacy Whitefeather. She’s also had recurring duties in StartUp, fast Draw, and also the crown jewel of TV dramas: The Sopranos.

one of the couple of extras to acquire two episodes and a character name in Drake & Josh, Brittany Curran showed up as Carly in the episodes “Who’s obtained Game?” and “The Storm.” other parts of her filmography from the mid-2000s encompass The Suite Life series—yes, both on and also off deck—and other guest star roles, primarily on TV dramas.

Since then, she earned it s her recurring roles on Twisted and also Chicago Fire. She had actually a main duty on males of a details Age and also won a Peabody compensation for she performance. Oh, and she remained in the film Dear White People, i beg your pardon later came to be a series on Netflix. Currently, she’s a consistent on SyFy’s The Magicians.

Minka Kelly confirmed up in the episode “Movie Job” together Drake’s date, Stacy. And also poor Stacy was left without popcorn since Drake’s always broke. Typical. However it’s okay, since now Kelly doesn’t require a male to buy she popcorn.

Her large breakout role came a couple of years after this episode, landing it s her the role of Lyla Garrity in Friday Night Lights. The show, while never a massive hit, was extremely praised by critics and also had a dedicated fanbase. Since then, Kelly has shown up in Parenthood, Charlie’s Angels, almost Human, and also Jane the Virgin. Currently, she has a recurring role on DC Universe’s Titans as Dawn Granger, AKA Dove.

7 Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto wins this list automatically because she play two different girlfriends on Drake & Josh and left many of us bamboozled. She appears in 3 episodes: together Denise Woods in “First Crush” and also “Driver’s License,” and also then as Tori in “Playing the Field.”

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Now, she appears to have actually a specialty in TV dramas. She had actually recurring roles in One Tree Hill, Pretty small Liars, and also The Vampire Diaries. Currently, she’s a component of the substantial Chicago trifecta: Dr. Natalie Manning in Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., and also Chicago Fire.

Jessica Szohr was yet an additional girlfriend. Why did us think Drake was so cool when Josh was the one who built a lasting relationship with someone? Anyways.

Szohr got her significant breakout role in 2007 together Vanessa Abrams in Gossip Girl. She’s remained in a grasp of movies, most notably Ted 2, but she’s much more known for her job-related in television. Because Gossip Girl, she’s remained in Complications, the 2017 Twin Peaks reboot, Shameless, and joined The Orville starting in Season 2.

5 Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette’s humble starts included playing a child dressed up together a pirate in one of the funniest illustration of the show: “The Demonator.” Now, he’s best known as Clay Jensen in Netflix’s controversial series 13 factors Why.

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Before that, that mostly had guest star duties on some large TV titles like Two and also a half Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, The Mentalist, Supernatural, Lost, Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D., and also Scandal. But he go land that duty in Goosebumps, which was surprisingly charming. If you haven’t checked out it, please do. The a great time.

prior to enrolling in william McKinley High School, Dianna Agron was Lexi, the girl who can fit her whole fist in her mouth. Obviously, Agron’s best-known function is as Quinn Fabray, the cheerleader rotate glee club member.

Aside from that, Agron has been in Veronica Mars, Heroes, and also the films I to be Number Four, Novitiate, and Burlesque.

3 Emma Roberts

Surprise, bench, bet you thought you’d checked out the critical of her. Emma Roberts showed up in the illustration “Honor Council” earlier in 2004. The was actually a really clever cameo of she character, Addie Singer, indigenous Unfabulous—yet one more popular Nickelodeon sitcom.

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However, in spite of a filmography a mile long, Roberts is probably most well known for her surprised meme together Madison Montgomery in American horror Story: Coven. But if us really desire to obtain into it, not only is she an AHS regular, she likewise has credits in Family Guy, Scream Queens, Aquamarine, Hotel because that Dogs, and also UglyDolls.

She played Hazel in the 2006 episode “Theater Thug.” Unfortunately, she not renowned for “Whoa, take it easy, man!” yet she has actually some various other impressive quotes, mostly as Aria Montgomery in Pretty small Liars. 7 year in a duty is nothing come sneeze at.

Busy through that, she regulated to snag some guest roles in CSI: Miami, Punk’d, and also a lead function on the short-lived Life Sentence. don’t worry, she additionally snagged a lead duty in the upcoming 2020 music dramedy Katy Keene.

1 Vanessa Hudgens

Premiering a small bit prior to High school Musical, Vanessa Hudgens proved up in the 2006 episode “Little Sibling” together Rebecca. She covers because that Drake’s tardiness and also literally has 30 secs of screen time. And then us all knew her together Gabriella Montez. Since the finish of the High school Musical trilogy, she released two albums and landed a good number of movie credits. However, it seems her bread and butter is musical theatre. Oh, and that one illustration of Drunk background where she was Joan of Arc. Everything around that illustration is amazing.

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Recently, Hudgens has actually taken to the live TV music recordings and also is absolutely death it. She was Rizzo in Grease: Live and also Maureen Johnson in rent Live!. Further broadening her musical credits, she was component of the Broadway revival actors of Gigi and also was recently evidenced for the analysis of Ingrid Michaelson’s The Notebook musical.