COLUMBIA – A Georgia mrs who cases to have actually married the late soul singer James Brown in 1953 said in court files they never divorced and she desires to be component of his estate.

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Velma Warren Brown, 73, filed a sworn declare in Aiken county court Wednesday, contending the entertainer never ever served she with any kind of divorce papers and also she didn"t sign any agreement that would have actually severed your union.

However, at the very least two attorneys involved in conflicts over the singer"s estate and trust discounted she claim, and said she had remarried.

"If Ms. Brown believed that she was not divorced, she"s admitting to having actually herself committed bigamy," said Louis Levenson, an attorney representing several of the singer"s children.

The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle additionally reported Thursday ~ above its web site that it had acquired court files showing a referee granted the divorce in 1969.


A blog post left for the woman"s attorney, David Bell, to be not automatically returned Thursday afternoon come talk about the documents.

However, Bell previously said his client married the self-proclaimed "Godfather that Soul" on June 27, 1953, had three children and lived together for 17 years.

"There was never ever a officially separation or a divorce," Bell said. "They kind of went their separate ways, however he always kept in touch with her."

The attorney stated the two last witnessed each other in December in ~ Brown"s residence in southern Carolina, just weeks prior to he passed away at a Georgia hospital Christmas Day. Bell stated his client was comes forward now since "it"s something the she had actually just never thought about."

Bell would not do his customer available for an interview and Forlando Brown, that answered the call at she Toccoa, Ga., home, said that she was not available. Forlando Brown cases to it is in the singer"s grandson.

Since Brown"s death, at the very least three other people have claimed DNA experimentation proves they space his children, and a former back-up singer, Tomi Rae Hynie, has claimed she is his fourth wife.

Hynie"s attorney, Robert Rosen, stated Velma Brown"s case doesn"t have any kind of validity.

"They to be divorced and also I typical she got remarried," Rosen said.


Brown"s longtime torture Buddy Dallas stated the Velma Brown"s insurance claim "could change the complexion of the case."

"But it"s too early for me to make a prediction," that said.

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Dallas has actually said Hynie and the soul singer"s marital relationship was annulled since the backup singer was married to an additional man when she exchanged vows v Brown.