VERA Wang is a world renowned designer thanks to she long and also incredible job in fashion.

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But fans are frequently left wondering if she is related to fellow fashionista Alexander Wang.


Vera Wang is a human being renowned fashion designerCredit: Splash News

Are Alexander Wang and Vera Wang related?

They are both high file fashion designers, and also they both have actually the surname Wang.

But that is whereby the similarity in between the two Wangs ends.

Vera Wang is NOT related to Alexander Wang.

He might share the exact same surname and also industry together the famed Vera, but Alexander is a breakout fashion designer top top his own.


Alexander Wang is additionally a fashion designerCredit: Getty - Contributor

What is Vera Wang well known for?

Born in Manhattan in 1949, 71-year-old Vera to be a senior fashion editor at Vogue for 15 years till 1987 and also then a style director for Ralph Lauren.

After designing her very own wedding dress, she opened a bridal boutique and also soon introduced her own signature collection.

Now hugely popular, she has a huge Hollywood complying with and additionally designs lingerie, jewellery and also home products.

Vera is precious a disagreement or two, and also has a net worth of $650million.


Vera has actually been working in the fashion market for practically five decadesCredit: AP:Associated Press

Is Vera Wang married?

In 1989, Vera wed longtime friend Arthur Becker.

Frustrated v the slim selection of currently bridal wear, she sketched her own design and commissioned a dressmaker come tailor the sophisticated gown at a price of $10K.

Very and Arthur separation amicably in 2012.

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Does Vera Wang have any kind of children?

Vera has two daughters, Cecilia Becker and Josephine Becker, who she affectionately describes as "Cesi" and "Jo."

Cecilia was born in 1990 and also Josephine to be born in 1993.

Vera embraced the girls when she was 41 with her ex-husband Arthur.


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