Shopping in ~ Victoria’s mystery is great, but what if friend don’t want to use every one of your gift map balance on your products? can you obtain some the your offered gift card’s cash back? you can, and we’re below to show you how.

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Read our guide and learn just how to exchange her Victoria’s secret gift card for cash. If you want to inspect your gift card balance first, us can assist you v this too!

The Victoria’s an enig Gift map Policy explained in Brief

Victoria’s an enig gift cards permit you come buy any item from the company’s retail stores or virtual shop, except for extr gift cards. The cards are obtainable in $10 to $500 denominations. They deserve to be physical or plastic and also e-gift or online cards.

None of the cards have expiry dates.

You can not return gift cards and also get a refund for them uneven otherwise forced by law. Currently, friend can gain your cash earlier for a Victoria"s an enig gift card if the balance is much less than $10, follow to the Victoria’s secret return policy.

How To examine the Victoria’s mystery Gift Cards Balance

Before friend exchange her Victoria’s an enig gift map for cash, it’s ideal to know exactly how much money that holds. You can check the remaining balance in the following ways:

By phoneThrough the websiteVia virtual chatIn personUsing

Check the Balance by Phone

You can check the staying balance on your gift card by call the online customer care at 1-800-411-5116 native 8 a.m. To 2 a.m. EST or the save customer treatment at 1-855-866-5810 native 8 a.m. Come 12 a.m. EST.

Have your card information ready since the agent requirements it to examine the balance.

Check the Balance Online

Enter her gift card number and PINClick top top Check Balance

Check the Balance via digital Chat

You have the right to reach a customer service agent via conversation if you:

Tap top top Chat NowHit Start ChattingHold till an agent join the chatAsk them around the balance

Check the Balance in Person

If you nothing mind questioning for her gift card balance in person, you can visit any Victoria’s secret location in the U.S., and the store assistants will help you. Need help finding the closestly shops? use the Store Locator page by entering your location and clicking ~ above Search.

Use To check the Victoria’s an enig Gift map Balance in Under 2 Minutes! lets you skip every the waiting and frustration once checking her gift card balance. It take away three measures to learn about your remaining credit if you monitor the instructions below:

Click on the Check Gift map Balance optionUpload a photograph of your gift card and provide your call info


Have much more gift cards, however you forgot even if it is they have any money left? inspect the table listed below for few of our most famous guides:

Fashion and also Beauty RetailersOther Shops
Under ArmourGiant Eagle
Neiman MarcusMarket Basket
Abercrombie & FitchCoffee Bean
Hot TopicLittle Caesars
Urban OutfittersPrice Chopper
Foot LockerSteak ‘n Shake
ZaraHome Depot
ZapposHarbor Freight

The accessible Methods because that Trading Victoria’s mystery Gift Cards because that Cash

Once you know just how much money friend can get from her Victoria’s mystery gift card, here’s what you can do:

Return your gift card to Victoria’s SecretUse to acquire your money back

The complying with locations permit cash ago for gift cards:

OregonNew JerseyColoradoWashingtonRhode IslandMaineCaliforniaConnecticutVermontMassachusettsMontanaPuerto Rico

You can obtain your money ago from Victoria’s secret yourself if friend visit a store in this states and also ask a shop assistant about cash back. Does this sound choose too lot of a hassle? usage our app to obtain ahold of your money in a snap, regardless of the state girlfriend live in! Can gain Your Leftover Victoria’s mystery Gift map Cash Hassle-Free

Even despite you can go through the problem yourself, deserve to request cash ago for you and also save friend time and also gas money. We will certainly remotely ask for her money ago from a keep that’s in among the twelve standard cash back locations.

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Here’s what you need to do:

Click ~ above the Gift card Cash Back productEnter your details and the gift map info


You will have actually your money back by mail in ~ 14 organization days. Our means is the many efficient method for turning any gift card into cash, and also it’s foolproof. If girlfriend need more cards, take a look at our guide for scoring cost-free gift cards!

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