The volume that a rectangle-shaped prism is the measure of the complete capacity it deserve to hold. Imagine having a rectangular container filled v water. In this case, the complete quantity the water the the container can hold is that is volume. A prism is a polyhedron, a solid three-dimensional objecthavingidentical bases, level rectangular next faces, and the same cross-section all follow me its length. Prisms space classified together per the form of your base. A rectangle-shaped prism is categorized together a three-dimensional shape. It has six faces and all the deals with of the prism are rectangles. There is a formula to find the volumeof a rectangular prismwhich we are going to find out on this page.

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1.What is the Volume of rectangular Prism?
2.Volumeof RectangularPrism Formula
3. How To calculation Volume of rectangle-shaped Prism?
4.FAQs on rectangle-shaped Prism

What is the Volume that RectangularPrism?

The volume that a rectangle-shaped prism is characterized as the an are occupied within arectangular prism. A rectangular prismis a polyhedron that hastwo bag of congruentparallel bases. By definition, the is due to the fact that of the cross-section along the length, thatit is consideredto it is in a prism. It has 6 faces(all arerectangular),12 sides, and also 8 vertices, two pairs the opposite encounters thatare equal, a rectangular cross-section,and the exact same cross-section follow me the length. Together the rectangle-shaped prism is a three-dimensional shape, thus, the volume of the rectangle-shaped prism lies in the three-dimensional plane as well.

Volumeof RectangularPrism Formula

To recall, a rectangular prism is defined by its2 parallel rectangular bases and also 4 rectangle-shaped faces. In mathematics, any polyhedron, having actually all together characteristicscan be described asa Cuboid. The volume the anyprism is the capacity that it can hold orthe an are occupied through it and we know thatthe volume of any prism is acquired by multiplying its basic area by its height. I.e., the volume the a prism = base area × height. Thus, the volume that a rectangular prism formula can be obtained by multiplying the length, breadth, and also height the the prism andis measure in cubic systems (cm3, m3, in3, etc). We will certainly discussthe recipe to calculation the quantities of different species of rectangular prisms.

We will usage this formula to calculate the volume that a rectangularprism as well. We know that the base of a rectangularprism is a rectangle. By applying the above formula come a rectangularprism, we get, volume of a rectangle-shaped prism (V) = together × w × h, where

“w” is the base width“l” is the base length“h” is the height

The volume of a rectangularprism = area that base× height

To discover the volume that the rectangular prism, us multiply the length,breadth, and height, the isthe area the thebasemultipliedby the height. Thus, we provide thevolume of any rectangular prism through taking length times width times height. Now thatthe 3rd dimension ofmeasurements has actually comeinto the picture, therefore the unitwillbecubic units choose these cubic centimeters.

There space two types of rectangle-shaped prisms, specific right rectangular prisms and also non-right rectangle-shaped prisms or tilt prisms.


In the instance of a right rectangular prism,the bases areperpendicular to each other.In the instance of one oblique rectangular prism,the bases space not perpendicular to every other. Thus, the perpendicular drawn from one crest ofone baseto the various other base the the prism will be taken together its height.

Note the you can apply the sameformula, that is the rectangle-shaped prism volume formula, v = lwh, regardless of of the form of rectangle-shaped prism.

How To calculation Volume of rectangular Prism?

Before calculating volume utilizing the formula, make sure that all dimensions are that the very same units. Here are the procedures to calculate the volume that a rectangular prism.

Step 1: Identify the type of the baseand find its area making use of a perfect formula (as explained in the previous section).Step 2: determine theheight that the prism, i beg your pardon is perpendicular native the top vertex to the base of the prism.Step 3: Multiply thebase area and also the height.Step 4: compose the answer through an appropriate unit.

Example: calculation the volume of the rectangularprism whose elevation is 8in and also whose base areais 90 square inches.

Solution:We have the right to calculate the volume of the rectangle-shaped prism making use of the complying with steps:

Step 1: The basic area is already given as 90 square inches.Step 2: The elevation of the prism is 8in.Step 3: The volume the the offered rectangularprism = basic area × elevation = 90× 8= 720cubic inches.

Solved instances onVolumeof rectangle-shaped Prism

Example 1: recognize the height of a rectangular prism thathas a basic area of 10 sq. Unitsand a volume the 40 cubic units.

Solution:Given the volume that the rectangle-shaped prism = 40 cubic units and the basic area the the rectangular prism= together x b = 10 sq units.

Using the volume the the rectangular prism formula,base area × elevation = 40 cubic units.The heightof the provided rectangular prism = 10× elevation = 40.

Thus, the elevation of the rectangle-shaped prism = 40/10= 4 units

Example 2:Given the base length, basic width, and also height of the rectangular prism as 8 in, 5 in, and also 16 inrespectively. Find the volume of the rectangular prism?

Solution:Given that: The base length of the rectangle-shaped prismis, l= 8in, and also its breadthis b= 5 in.

So the basic area = together × b = 8 × 5 = 40 sq inches.The height of the prism is h= 16in.

Using the volume that the rectangularprism formula, the volume of the provided rectangularprism = base area × elevation = (40 × 16) = 640 cubic inches.

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FAQs onVolumeof rectangle-shaped Prism

What is the Volume of a rectangle-shaped Prism?

The volume of a rectangularprism is the space inside it. Thus, thevolume that a rectangular prism have the right to becalculatedbymultiplying its base area through its height. The volume the a rectangularprism deserve to be expressed in cubic devices such together cm3, m3, in3, etc.

What is the Formula for Finding the Volume that a rectangular Prism?

The volume the a rectangular prism adheres to the straightforward method,multiplyall 3 dimensions - length, height, and also width. Thus, the volume of the rectangular prism is given by the formula V= l × w× h where"V", "l" "w", and also "h" room the volume, length, width, and height of the rectangle-shaped prism respectively.

How to find the Volume the a rectangle-shaped Prism?

To uncover the volume the a rectangle-shaped prism, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: recognize the length and also width that the basic of the prismStep 2: uncover the height(total height) the the prism.Step 3: put the respective values in the formula, V = lwhStep 4: multiply the length of the prism by the broad of the prism through the elevation of the prism.Step 5: write the product so acquired with the ideal unit.

How do you uncover the height of a rectangular Prism when the Volume that a rectangular Prism is given?

The volume the a rectangular prism through the given dimensions is the area that the base times the height. Thus,to calculation the height, division the volume that a prism through its basic area. Mean thatthe volume the the prism is 600 cubic units and its base area is 60 square units. Then, separating 600 through 60 results in 10. Therefore, the elevation is 10 units.

What wake up to the Volume of rectangular Prism If Its height is Doubled?

We know that the volume the a rectangular prism is lwh, which is the product the itsthree dimensions. If its elevation will be doubled, that volume v' will certainly be lw(2h) = 2lwh = 2v. Thus, we have the right to say that the volume of the rectangular prism likewise gets doubled as soon as its height is doubled.

What wake up to the Volume of rectangle-shaped Prism If the length is Doubled and also the elevation is diminished to One Half?

The formula for calculatingthe volume that a rectangle-shaped prism is lwh, If that is lengthwill be doubled, and height will be diminished to half, climate its volume v' will certainly be (2l)(w)(1/2h)= 2/2lwh = v. Thus, we have the right to say the the volume of the rectangle-shaped prism will remain same if its length gets doubled and height reduced to half.

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What wake up to the Volume of rectangular Prism If the Length, Width, and also Height that Prism areDoubled?

The volume of a rectangular prism is the product the its three dimensions, that is lwh, if that length, width, and height will certainly be doubled,then that is volume v' will certainly be (2l)(2w)(2h)= 8lwh = 8v. Thus, we have the right to concludethat if its length, width, and also height will be doubled, the volume that the rectangular prism will be 8 times the initial value.