TikTok’s recent acronym is a little confusing till you know precisely what it means.

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People have started utilizing “WSG” in captions and hashtags on society media. The an interpretation of the word deserve to be hard to figure out also with context. That’s since the 3 letters room actually shorthand for a two-word phrase.

What does “WSG” typical on TikTok?

The term “WSG” stands for “What’s good?”accordingto city Dictionary. The phrase is common in the Black ar as a greeting or salutation,similar to“What’s up?” while the expression is usually provided in an upbeat or innocuous way, it mostly depends ~ above the ton of the speaker.

Some could recall the notorious moment in ~ the2015 VMAswhere Nicki Minaj referred to as out Miley Cyrus adhering to a Twitter feud regarding Cyrus’ cultural appropriation.

”Now… back to this b**** that had actually a lot to say about me the various other day in the press, Miley, what’s good?” Minajsaidwhile receiving an award.

Thus, it deserve to have a negative or confident connotation based upon the intent of the speaker.

TikTokers usage “WSG”


wsg y’all !!#fyppp

♬ monitor me yourdaddymasonward – Mason Ward

“Wsg y’all!!”
dtx_keiraaawrote in she caption.



♬ yung fazo sofaygo including – Jacob Crain

rowanxeldridge offered the caption “Wsg” come a video of that lip-syncing.

.trap8gave a really helpful great on different TikTok slang terms.

“Wyd = What you doing? Hbu = just how bout you? Brb = Be appropriate back. Wsg = What’s good? Ngl = no gonna lie. Istg = i swear to god. Wdym = What do you mean? and also Wtt = watching TikTok,” follow to her.

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