Four human being were responsible for her success before her birth-read on and find out the remarkable story!

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An American author, lecturer and also political activists – Helen Adam Keller is a an excellent example the advocacy and also dynamism for every the civilization with assorted disabilities. She to be born ~ above June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama, joined States. She proved to the world that deaf-blind world can additionally gain an education and learning – a meaning of a model citizen for people in the world.

When Helen to be 7 years old, the search of she father for his deaf-blind daughter finished with anne Sullivan – the one that confirmed light come a remote girl. She was an American teacher that is famously recognized as the educator and lifelong companion that Helen.


Julia Brace was born ~ above June 13, 1807, come a bad family in Hartford County, Connecticut. She was simply 5 years old when she became deaf-blind indigenous typhus fever. As a child, she go not gain much officially education. She did discover tactile signing indigenous staff and also deaf students in ~ the Hartford school.

Julia Brace /

Brace to be enrolled in Hartford Asylum for the Deaf and also Dumb (American college of Deaf). She was not shy to take part in the institution community, and she made plenty of friends there. She was a type person and also a compassionate nurse.

Samuel Gridley Howe to be a teacher in ~ Perkins college for the blind. During his visit come Hartford school, the met Brace at about 1837 wherein he experienced Brace’s tactile signing.

Samuel Gridley Howe /

Gridley came back to his school and started teaching deaf-blind Laura Bridgman, that was the an initial deaf-blind boy to acquire an education and learning in the English language, in addition to others prefer her. His teaching techniques proved to it is in a success and also he decided to go back to Hartford college with Laura Bridgman. He wanted to teach Brace (34 year old at that time) the English language and got her enrolled in Perkins institution in 1842. Brace had the chance to learn yet preferred tactile signing – she left and also came earlier to Hartford after ~ one year.

Laura Bridgman /

Howe devised a teaching plan for Laura Bridgman that consisted of tactile signing. Bridgman to be taught exactly how to read and write through tactile signing, a teaching an approach never supplied before. Howe continued to be persistent through his to teach strategy and completed success.

At Perkins School, Bridgman mutual a room through Anne Sullivan that was later to become Helen Keller’s teacher. Both of them ended up being friends and also Bridgman teach Sullivan the hands-on alphabet.

Ann Sullivan /

Anne Sullivan contract trachoma when she was 5 years old. She ended up being blind quickly after and received her education from Perkins School. After ~ graduation, she ended up being a teacher and met Helen’s dad at the period of 20. Ann Sullivan taught Helen what she learned native Laura Bridgman – and also that was the begin of a exceptional journey.


Helen Keller to be a prolific author, and she to be a differentiated member of the industrial Workers of the World and Socialist Party the America. Together an activist, she increased voice for labor rights, women’s suffrage, anti-militarism, socialism, and other causes. She came to be a function model because that everyone and also not just deaf-blind people.

Helen Keller took years in making before she was born in 1880; it was the pivotal functions of Julia Brace, Laura Bridgman, and Ann Sullivan who room responsible because that the Helen Keller us know!

1904: American lecturer and also writer Helen Adams Keller (1880 – 1968) on the work of she graduation native Radcliffe College, Massachusetts.

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Blind, deaf and mute native the age of one, she was taught to review Braille, speak and lipread through her finger by teacher ann Sullivan. (Photo through Topical push Agency/Getty Images)