An angel Announces the birth of John

A male named Zechariah was a priest of the Jewish temple. He and also his wife, Elizabeth, were very holy people. They had actually prayed for children but had never been may be to have actually a child, and by currently they were as well old.

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One day, the point of view Gabriel showed up to Zechariah. Zechariah to be terrified, but the angel stated to him,

"Don"t be afraid, Zechariah! For ns have involved tell you that God has actually heard her prayer, and also your wife, Elizabeth, will bear you a son! and also you room to name him John. You will both have an excellent joy and also gladness at his birth, and also many will rejoice through you. For he will certainly be among the Lord"s an excellent men. He need to never touch wine or difficult liquor - and also he will be filled with the holy Spirit, also from prior to his birth! and also he will certainly persuade many a Jew to revolve to the lord his God. He will certainly be a man of rough spirit and also power like Elijah, the prophet that old; and also he will precede the coming of the Messiah, prepare the civilization for his arrival." (TLB, Luke 1:13-17)

Zechariah should have actually had confidence in the angel and given thanks to God for the good news he received, however Zechariah was no convinced. The told the angel the he and Elizabeth were too old to ever have a child. Because that his irreverent absence of faith, the point of view told Zechariah he would be unable to speak until the time John was born!

Everything the angel said came true. Zechariah was unable come speak, and also Elizabeth did become pregnant. It to be not until after john was born the Zechariah had the ability to speak again.

A Fiery Preacher


John the Baptist resided in the wilderness. That wore clothing of camel"s hair and also ate grasshoppers and also wild honey.

When John prospered up, God referred to as him to be a preacher and also reformer. However John was nowell-dressed "feel good" preacher. He resided in the wilderness and ate grasshoppers and wild honey. That wore primitive clothing of camel"s hair v a animal leather belt. Man bluntly told people they would suffer the wrath that God if they did not adjust their ways. Yet, once John preached, human being felt that God was working among them, and huge crowds of civilization went right into the wilderness to hear to him.

John announced that the kingdom of God to be coming near. That warned the world that gift God"s chosen human being was not sufficient to save them indigenous God"s wrath. They must repent - readjust their sinful ways. He warned the well-to-do the they have to share their food and clothing through the much less fortunate. That exposed the greed of taxes collectors and also warned them no to cheat people. He warned soldiers to be satisfied v their wages and also not take benefit of people. John criticized King Herod because that unlawfully marrying his brother"s wife. This confrontation at some point led to man being beheaded on the king"s order.

John baptized human being with water. It was a prize of washing far the old sins and making a new beginning towards living a holy life.

Many people thought man was the Savior, the Messiah, the they had been waiting so countless years for. However John called them,

I baptize you through water because that repentance, but one who is more powerful than I is comes after me; ns am no worthy to lug his sandals. He will baptize you v the divine Spirit and fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand, and also he will certainly clear his threshing floor and also will gather his wheat right into the granary; however the chaff he will burn through unquenchable fire. (NRSV, Matthew 3:11-12)

John Baptizes Jesus


John baptized Jesus in the river Jordan, and the spirit of God descended upon Him like a dove.

That one an ext powerful 보다 John to be Jesus. John, through his baptism and announcementof the comes kingdom that God, had prepared the means for Jesus. There to be a soul of revival and a new religious fervor among the people. It was time for Jesus to start His ministry.

Jesus was about 30 year old by this time. Therefore far, He had lived His life quietly as a carpenter. However one work Jesus came to the wilderness, where John to be preaching, and asked to be baptized. Man knew Jesus to be the Messiah and also told Him, "No, ns am the one who requirements to be baptized by You. Why are You comes to me?" however Jesus stated it to be the ideal thing to do, so john baptized Jesus in the flow Jordan.

After Jesus was baptized, as He was coming out of the water, the spirit of God came under on Jesus choose a dove indigenous heaven. A voice from sky was heard to say, "This is mine beloved Son, and also I am really pleased through Him."


How to be Jesus and John the Baptist Related?

Jesus" mother, Mary, and also John"s mother, Elizabeth, were loved ones (Luke 1:36). The old King James version of the scriptures says they were cousins, however the native "cousin" provided to mean any kind of relative in the 17th century once the KJV was written. Castle may have been cousins, or since of the period difference, Elizabeth could have to be Mary"s aunt.


There to be an Old testimony prophecy that the great prophet Elijah would return to prepare the means for the Messiah (Malachi 4:5-6). John the Baptist was seen as fulfilling the prophecy (Matthew 11:14; mark 9:12-13, Luke 1:17). The dressed favor Elijah (2Kings 1:8, mark 1:6) and also was additionally a great preacher and moral reformer in the mold of Elijah.

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The occasions at Jesus" baptism - the spirit descending and also the voice from heaven - room two much more signs that Jesus was no plain man. Prefer His miraculous birth, these events show that Jesus to be truly the boy of God.