The King of Queens: 10 concealed Details around The Main characters Everyone missed The sitcom The King of Queens gave viewers humor and also fun, and also now here are ten surprise details you can have missed around the main characters.

The King that Queens was a well-known sitcom the ran for simply over 10 years, help to kickstart Leah Remini and Kevin James" careers. The display centered around newlyweds Doug, play by Kevin James, and also Carrie, played by Leah Remini. Doug and also Carrie live a relatively quiet life until Carrie"s father Arthur, play by Jerry Stiller, moves right into their home. Once Arthur enters the picture, he wreaks destruction on everyone"s lives and also clashes with Doug in the most hilarious ways possible.

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While the present gave united state years that laughs, over there are additionally some concealed character details the you"d probably miss out on unless you to be looking specifically for them. Few of these details don"t precisely make sense, either. So, unless you"re an uber-fan, below are some of our favorites you probably didn"t know.

King of kings Spence
during season four, episode four, "Friender Bender," Spence is babysitting Deacon and also Kelly"s kids. As soon as Kirby finds out that Spence is allergy to peanuts, that teases him because that it. Climate Spence tries to define his allergy. However, earlier in the show, this apparently isn"t a thing. In season one, illustration four, "Richie"s Song," Spence eats expired peanut M&Ms that he find in Doug"s car. As soon as Spence asks Doug if they"re peanut M&Ms, Doug claims yes, and then Spence simply eats castle anyway. So, is Spence allergic or isn"t he? We"ll never ever know.

King of kings Doug IPS
follow to one interview with Kevin James, that hated wearing the IPS uniform since it was too snug. In fact, occasionally he"d questioning the producers if he could just not be put on the uniform in ~ all, also when he"s shown at work.

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You have the right to see the snug fit in a most the scenes whereby he"s sitting and also driving his truck. Or any kind of scene where he has to bend his body. In genuine life, the agency would have given him a size that actually fits him. Working like that would certainly be yes, really uncomfortable after ~ a while.

King of majesties Carrie and Doug
If you salary close attention, the story that Doug and also Carrie conference for the first time changes. In part episodes, castle talk around how they knew each other in center school. There"s an episode wherein "their song" come on TV and Carrie makes a comment about them dancing come it as children. However then in a flashback in one more episode, Carrie meets Doug at a bar whereby he"s functioning as a bouncer. Richie tells Doug he"s met a girl, who he introduces together Carrie and is planning to take on a dual date. The twin date doesn"t work-related out, and Carrie ends up leaving. Doug end up trying to go ago to Carrie to get her to offer him a second chance.

7 In One Episode, Spence Stood fully Motionless For three Minutes

King of kings Spence Patton Oswalt
In an illustration on Late Night through Jimmy Fallon in 2011, Patton Oswalt discussed this gem. Throughout one the the opened scenes in season eight, illustration 19, "Emotional Rollercoaster," Spence stands fully motionless for around three entire minutes.

The step is Doug"s 40th birthday party. Apparently, the whole thing to be a prank. Oswalt declared that every one of the authors on the present were large potheads and also thought it would be weird to incorporate this to watch if anyone noticed. It turns out, people did notice.

Sara Spooner, Carrie"s younger sister, appears in the an initial six episodes of the an initial season. Played by Lisa Rieffel, she"s shown as a young aspiring actress who doesn"t know how to manage responsibilities. Later on on, though, the show refers come Carrie together an just child. In season three, Doug mentions Carrie"s sister again, however this is the just other time she"s acknowledged. At the point, Doug doesn"t even say her name, simply that Carrie"s sisters had an event so he can get out of an additional one. Follow to Kevin James, the producers just ran out of principles for she character and she simply disappeared altogether.

5 Richie Silently Disappears from The Show

because that the first few seasons, Doug"s connection with Richie is just one of his longest-running friendships. Richie is in reality the reason that Doug and also Carrie gain together in the an initial place. Richie is a firefighter who loves romancing the ladies.

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However, ~ those first couple of seasons, Richie disappears entirely. This disappearance is never acknowledged top top screen. The actual reason it happened was that the actor left the show. Larry Romano, that played Richie, asked to it is in let out of his contract through the show after landing a function on an additional sitcom.

throughout season 6 of the show, Leah Remini was pregnant. To attend to her growing belly, the producers determined to have her character lose her job and then lounge about the home eating every day and also gaining weight. This way, they didn"t really have to hide she stomach as much and could refer to her load on display to do it more believable. You have the right to see the pregnant in some scenes if you look closely. In these episodes, she"s normally seen wearing baggy clothing.

3 Spence"s mommy Was Recast

as soon as we first meet Veronica, Spence"s mom and Arthur"s on and also off love interest, in season one, she"s play by grace Zabriskie. However, she was recast after that episode. If you were watching closely, you"d an alert the strange readjust in the character.

The actress who replaced her and also became associated with the character was ann Meara, that was in reality married to Jerry Stiller (Arthur) in real life until her death in 2015. The two are Ben Stiller"s parents.

This is a little detail girlfriend may have actually missed due to the fact that it"s discussed in one episode in season five. In episode 23, "Dog Shelter," Doug and also Carrie visit his parents at their home in Florida. Once they obtain there, they uncover out rather a couple of shocking details around Doug"s childhood. It transforms out that his parents lie come him come cover points up rather of taking care of confrontation or problems. One of those keys is the fact that Doug was in reality born in Canada.

1 Carrie and also Doug had A Dog because that A few Episodes

Doug and also Carrie adopt a dog called Stanley that had actually previously belonged to their obnoxious neighbors, the Sackskys. They to be going to leaving him, therefore the Heffernans take it him in. However, Stanley only shows up in a few episodes, and then that mysteriously vanishes and also isn"t watched again. No one ever acknowledges the dog again.

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