Performer appreciates pan base in El PasoConcert in march 11 will certainly be recorded liveLongtime Tejano music icon Little Joe Hernandez is not one to look in the rear see mirror the his life.

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"It"s the exact same old same, been having actually a most fun and it"s start to look prefer it"s going to obtain busier. Dammit, I"m obtaining real famous as I"m acquiring real old," that quipped recently while acquisition a break from a tape rehearsal in ~ Wine mindset on the West Side. He was rehearsing for one upcoming display in El Paso, whereby he"s long been a favorite.

He had a busy year critical year touring in the Southwest and also parts the the mid-west, and expects 2017 come be simply as engaging. On his schedule is a live record of his concert — a musical tribute to mexican songwriter and also singer José Alfredo Jiménez — at the Plaza Theatre march 11. The event, called a Tejano Legends Concert, will feature special guest Flaco Jimenez, himself a legend of Tejano music.

Yet, together he marks more than 50 year in the music business, also Hernandez admits it can be time to reflect. A documentary the his life now in the works might have forced him to contemplate his past — and also his future.

"I"m obtaining a feeling of urgency come do particular things that I"ve placed off native doing, friend know, that mañana syndrome," that said.

The documentary, "Recuerdos ... The Life and Music of little Joe," has provided Hernandez an opportunity to remember his start as the son of immigrants who worked in the fields. The seventh of 13 children, Hernandez additionally worked in the fields to assist his family.

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His childhood storage are marked as lot by the music his parental listened to and also played approximately the house as the financial struggles they endured. Still, that recalls his youth with lot appreciation.

"I was born during the Depression for this reason I deserve to somewhat imagine what my parents went through, what they had to endure. And if i think that I had that hard, ns think about them, and also I got nothing to complain about," that said.

"The young world should really think about all your opportunities and also learn around the Chicano movement, what it took, who paved what for them to have actually those methods so they deserve to pay it forward."

Little Joe has actually recorded much more than 600 song in his career, consisting of "Las Nubes," "Que Paso," and also "Aunque Pasen los Años."

And through his band, tiny Joe y La Familia, he has actually received several Grammys: in 1991 for ideal Mexican-American Album for "Diez y Seis de Septiembre," and in 2008 because that Tejano Album the the Year because that "Before the following Teardrop Falls," which attributes a version of Freddy Fender"s standard track. Your "Recuerdos" album earned a finest Tejano Album Grammy in 2011.

The documentary additionally is an chance to look beyond Hernandez"s career together the King that the Brown Sound.

Certainly, he has actually been a pioneer in the Tex-Mex industry, but he has additionally been a support of the Chicano movement and farm workers in particular.

"In mountain Antonio, we"re busting at the boundaries with legends in Tejano music. I"m biased about Joe but he"s very deserving ... He"s an symbol in that respect," stated Una Jean McGinnis, executive, management producer of the documentary.

McGinnis has actually easily uncovered other musicians, activists and also even political leaders to reflect ~ above Hernandez"s legacy. She to plan to pitch the documentary to number of networks.

Billy Gibbons, the bearded command guitarist because that the blues rock band ZZ Top, said tiny Joe is valued for an ext than just his field of expertise in Tejano music.

"Let"s not make any kind of mistake and also leave the end the blues, rock and also roll and country. He covers all the bases," Gibbons claimed in a clip from the documentary.

Arturo Rodriguez, chairman of the united Farm workers of America, and comedian Paul Rodriguez additionally participated in the documentary.

Little Joe, who turns 77 in October, finds humor in the truth that the documentary is going native a 30-minute regime to now an ext than an hour.

"There"s so lot to talk around in fifty percent a century .... And to inform the new younger generation the prestige of what Chicanism is and what cultura stands for, what it method to our community. I hope that as soon as folks learn more about who small Joe is, hopefully they"ll take it a positive attitude and also feel like they too can achieve their dreams through hard work, discipline and sacrifices," that said.

María Cortés González might be got to at 546-6150; mcortes
EPTMaria ~ above Twitter.

Make plans

Who: small Joe.

What: Tejano Legends Concert through special guest Flaco Jimenez.

When: 8 p.m. In march 11.

Where: Plaza Theatre.

Tickets: range from $30 to $70 at the Plaza crate office.

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Information: 231-1100.

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