Miranda Lambert is a Grammy Award-winning country music star and also singer-songwriter recognized for albums like "Kerosene," "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and "Platinum."

Who Is Miranda Lambert?

Born in 1983 in Longview, Texas, Lambert pursued her music career by publication a self-titled album and also competing on Nashville Star in the early 2000s. ~ her significant label debut, Kerosene, walk platinum, the singer-songwriter enjoyed vital and advertising success through follow-up albums like Crazy Ex-GirlfriendPlatinum and The weight of these Wings. Lambert is additionally known for she four-year marriage to fellow country superstar Blake Shelton.

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Early Life

Miranda Leigh Lambert was born on November 10, 1983, in Longview, Texas. She prospered up in Lindale, a tiny town whereby her parental ran a exclusive detective agency. She father was likewise a guitarist and songwriter, and also she thrived up listening come such country music greats together Merle Haggard and also Guy Clark.

Talent shows to 'Nashville Star'

At the period of 10, Lambert gone into her very first country music talent show. She budding career got a boost from performing on Johnnie High's nation Music Revue, a weekly range show in Arlington, Texas. This program assisted launch the careers of several other country music stars, including LeAnn Rimes and also Lee Ann Womack. Another talent contest led to her appearances in a commercial and also the teenager comedy Slap Her... She's French (2001).

Inspired by such singer-songwriters together Emmylou Harris, Lambert started writing her very own songs after ~ learning exactly how to beat the guitar from her father. She started her own band called Texas pride at the age of 17 while quiet in high school. Concentrated on a job in music, Lambert graduated at an early stage from school to go after her dream.

Her own family members supported her efforts, helping to finance and also promote her first recording, an elevation self-titled CD, in 2001. 2 years later, Lambert obtained a huge break once she happen the auditions for a new country music fact show, Nashville Star. She relocated to the country music funding to complete for a recording contract among other prizes. 

While she didn't win, Lambert still landing a significant label contract with Sony Music after coming to be the show's second runner-up. "I was hoping no to win," she claimed in a declare on her website. "The winner had to go in best after the contest and also make a document in a pair of weeks, and also I wasn't ready."

Albums and Hit Songs


In 2004, Lambert exit the single "Me and Charlie Talking," an up-tempo story of puppy love. It to be a usual hit and also was soon adhered to by her very first major brand album, Kerosene (2005). After ~ the album's release, Lambert go on tours v George Strait and also Keith Urban.

Debuting at the optimal of the nation music charts, Kerosene surprised some listeners with its fiery lyrics. "I don't write around angels, Jesus, happy days, kids. I flourished up top top drinkin', cheatin', love unable to do bad," she when explained. Clearly, she songs struck a chord through the music-buying public, together the album walk on to sell an ext than 1 million copies.

Also a hit v critics, Kerosene earned several optimistic reviews native a range of sources, native Rolling Stone to The brand-new Yorker. Lambert earned several award nominations from the Academy of nation Music, including for top brand-new female vocalist.

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

In 2007, Lambert had another hit album on she hands. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend started out at the height of the country album charts and also reached as high as No. 6 ~ above the Billboard 200. The title track came to be a renowned hit and also anthem of species for former girlfriends everywhere, when "Gunpowder & Lead" tells the story the a mrs seeking to death her abusive significant other. Top top the other side that spectrum, Lambert shows up unusually fragile on "More favor Her." She likewise reflects on her love that rural life in "Famous in a little Town."



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Bad Bunny

in addition to being a solid seller, the album carried Lambert significant an essential attention. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend won an ACM award for album the the year and also garnered the artist an additional ACM victory for top new female vocalist. Lambert additionally received a Grammy award nomination (best female country vocal performance) because that her single "Kerosene."

'Revolution,' 'Hell ~ above Heels' & 'Four the Record' 

For 2009's Revolution, Lambert seemed to uncover her romantic side with such songs together "Making Plans" and also "Love Song"; she operated on the No. 1 country album through fellow nation star Blake Shelton. 

Later in 2011, Lambert teamed up v Angaleena Pressley and Ashley Monroe. The trio, known as Pistol Annies, released the hit album Hell ~ above Heels that September. Lambert continued with her success together a solo act as well, publication Four the Record that same year.

One that the huge winners at the 2013 ACM Awards, Lambert took residence two awards for her track "Over You" and also was called female vocalist that the year. Lambert's win streak continued that November, when she was named female vocalist that the year at the CMA Awards.

'Platinum' & 'The load of these Wings'

In 2014 Lambert released Platinum, which featured together hit tracks together "Automatic" and also "Somethin' Bad." The record also earned numerous CMA Awards, including single of the year and also album that the year, and also won a Grammy in 2015 for best Country Album.

After publication the solitary "Vice" in July 2016, Lambert followed with The weight of this Wings later on in the year. It came to be her sixth album to achieve platinum certification, as well as her fifth to win album the the year honors at the ACM Awards.

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'Interstate Gospel' & 'Wildcard'

Lambert rejoined Pistol Annies because that the album Interstate Gospel, which debuted in ~ No. 1 on the nation charts in November 2018. The adhering to year she delivered another well-received solo effort, Wildcard, i m sorry topped the country charts and also featured the singles "It every Comes out in the Wash" and also "Bluebird."

With dates from her 2020 Wildcard tour postponed as result of the coronavirus outbreak, Lambert was amongst the stars who performed because that the ACM Presents: ours Country distinct in beforehand April.

Marriages and an individual Life

Lambert married Blake Shelton in may 2011, and also they became one of nation music's most famous power couples. Throughout your marriage, the pair deflected persistent rumors about troubles in their relationship.