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Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, FamilyStarring: Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, Cesar RomeroDirector: Leslie H Martinson include Favorite

Storyline: Batman: The Movie (1966) The arch-villains of the joined Underworld - the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler and the Catwoman - incorporate forces to dispose that Batman and also Robin together they beginning their great plot to manage the whole world. From his submarine, Penguin and also his cohorts hijack a yacht include a dehydrator, which can extract every moisture native humans and reduce them to corpuscle of dust. The evildoers turn the nine defense Council members in the unified World building into ripe vials of multicolored crystals! Batman and also Robin track the villains in their Batboat and use Batcharge missiles to force the submarine to surface.

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The Captive City (1952) A small town newspaperman's investigation into a regional bookie procedure turns up a net of arranged crime.


Gay Zombie (2007) A sexually confused zombie goes on one adventure v West Hollywood where he renders friends and meets a one-of-a-kind someone named Todd. His new buddies aid him concerned terms and try to assimilate him into normal life. Everything is p


Pay or Die! (1960) Movie encounters organized crime "protection" rackets. Small shopkeepers are required to salary for security or rather be brutalized or killed.


Abnormal beauty (2004) Jiney is a talented student of Arts with a trauma in her childhood and also lack of communication with her mother, and excellent photographer the is not satisfied v her forgive works. When she witnesses a car crash, she is drive

The Dust that Time (2008) A, one American film director the Greek ancestry, is making a film the tells his story and the story the his parents. That is a tale that unfolds in Italy, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and also the USA. The main character is Ele

Mystery Woman: Wild West mystery (2006) former Red river TV collection star Clint Lawson's Wild West show is in town, the compensation act in the annual festival, which the sponsoring bookshop is presiding over. The strains a leg due to a sabotaged saddle strap.

From Justin to Kelly (2003) spring break in Miami is the scene. It's where surf-drenched males cruise girl in bikinis and raucous parties ascendancy day and also night. It's the perfect time and place for three young women from Texas and a trio that college guys

Stalked in ~ 17 (2012) when 17 year old Angela fell for Chad, the promised to love her forever. As soon as she obtained pregnant v his child, he promised come take treatment of lock both. Once she establish he was deceptive and abusive, the promised come change. Once she

A cheat of the mind (2006) A mrs puts her own life on the line by helping a private investigator gather evidence versus her potentially dangerous husband.

Kiss and Kill (2017) A reckless night the indiscretion and also lust leader a woman right into the dark civilization of blackmail and murder. When some revealing photos of her sex-related trysts all of sudden surface, Katy (Kira Noir) is compelled to submit to whatever her torme

Broken down (2020) Harold, a guilt-ridden agoraphobic, must overcome the confines of his self-imposed prison to conserve a young who has risked whatever to help him. Broken Down is a powerful drama the explores exactly how the trip to conquering the demons w

Burt Lancaster theatre a pirate through a taste for intrigue and also acrobatics who requires himself in the goings on the a revolution in the Caribbean in the late 1700s. A irradiate hearted adventure ...

She drive me right into a corner, then forced me come go past my limits. She made me face the absolute: love, sacrifice, tenderness, abandonment. She dislocated me, revolutionized me. Why didn't...

The Room (2003) In mountain Francisco, us follow Johnny, a man who has actually a girlfriend, Lisa, and likewise his finest friend, Mark. Lisa has been cheating top top Johnny with Mark and Johnny doesn't know! will Johnny ever discover out? Will note still it is in Johnny's best frie

Barbie plays Rosella in this brand-new musical film. Shipwrecked together a child, Rosella grow up top top the island under the watchful eye of her loving animal friends. The come of Prince Antonio ...

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Ultrasonic (2012) A musician v hyper-sensitive hear goes looking for an ominous sound the plagues him, but is inaudible to anyone else.

The steed Dancer (2017) as soon as one the America's many promising young gymnasts, Samantha Wick, is cut from the Olympic team, she decides to follow her desires of horseback speak by authorized a girls horse camp. With financial troubles threatening come shut

Accused at 17 (2009) An innocent teenage prank plunges three high institution girls right into a world of chaos after the target of your torment turns up dead, and the police look for the evidence needed to charge them with murder. Bianca is furious. Her boyfriend, cost-free Movie, finest Movies, clock Movie digital , clock Batman: The Movie (1966) movie online, cost-free movie Batman: The Movie (1966) through English Subtitles, watch Batman: The Movie (1966) complete movie, clock Batman: The Movie (1966) in HD quality online for free, Batman: The Movie (1966) , download Batman: The Movie (1966), clock Batman: The Movie (1966) through HD streaming
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