Viki is a combination of “video” and “wiki”, it’s a an international TV website powered by volunteer neighborhood of fans. Videos are additionally translated in much more than 160 languages and also are analyzed by fans for fans. You can also download the in IOS, Blackberry and also Android.

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This is personally my favourite site when it comes to watching dramas online. It streams TV Shows, Movies, Music and News from around the world and also it has HD videos and audio. Though if you’re utilizing cellular data favor 3G instead of Wi-fii, intend to have low quaity video clip and audio. Once I’m making use of Viki, i watch in mine iPad or iTouch due to the fact that it only has actually one advertisment unlike when watching in laptop which has a bunch of ads! therefore if you hate ads similar to me, clock in your tablet computer or phone call or whatsoever. It’s choose you to buy viki pass. Currently I common my secret. Lol.

2. Drama Fever


Drama heat is the largest online video site. They stream movies, TV series and documentaries from throughout the world. That is also easily accessible in iPad, iPhone, Android and also Roku. You need to register though in bespeak to watch videos.

What i don’t like about this website is the they only stream HD videos for premium individuals unlike in Viki, you can collection your own video quality. Some mirrors may likewise not be accessible in some countries. Yet I heard that they’re gonna relaunch shortly in other countries so yeah. It’s additionally a great site to clock dramas.

3. Youtube


YouTube in reality has complete episodes with english below of some Taiwanese dramas. I watched Hana Kimi, TKA, ISWAK and ITWY in YouTube and also I deserve to say it has terrific quality and audio too. If girlfriend want an easy and one easy method to watch dramas or movies, try to find if they have actually it ~ above YouTube.

4. streams Japanese, Korean, Chinese and also Taiwanese dramas and movies. It’s complimentary and girlfriend don’t have to register. It’s the easiest site to clock videos. Though part dramas below lack episodes and english sub however other 보다 that, everything’s fine.

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5. SenSenTv


You deserve to watch Korean, Japanese and also Taiwanese television series here. Despite they don’t present a lot of drama. Friend can additionally download that in IOS, Android and also Windows. SenSenTv is hosted by 3rd party video clip sharing websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion.

I yes, really don’t like sites the are organized by third party website because very first of the top quality gets ruined and it take away forever to load. However the quality of Love around in this website is fine. So yeah it’s no a poor site. Girlfriend can try it, no need to register!