This animation explores water as a solid, liquid and gas. The water molecules remain the same, yet they behave in different ways as they readjust from one type to another.



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Ice (solid)


Ice is water in its heavy form.

Ice keeps the shape, also if it’s eliminated from the container.

The molecules in ice are locked right into place and cannot relocate or slide past one another, however they carry out vibrate a little bit.

Water (liquid)


A fluid takes ~ above the shape of that is container. Watch just how water takes on a different shape in a various container.

If you to water water out of a container, it will go everywhere! since it isn’t in a container, the water take away on the form of the table top, making a puddle.

Water molecules room still close together, but they deserve to move or slide past one another.

Water vapour (gas)


A gas will fill a container, yet if the container is no sealed, the gas will escape.

Water vapour molecules space spread out and also can quickly move past one another.


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