In English, as soon as you desire to recognize that someone is going come bed, you say “goodnight.” It’s usually the just time you say it. Even though it’s late, you’d hardly ever say “goodnight” to someone if you’re simply saying your goodbyes for the evening.

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Meanwhile, in French, and also depending on whether you’re greeting/bidding someone farewell, or just how well you know them, you to speak “goodnight” in French in different ways (you additionally must consider how intimate the situation is).

Knowing exactly how to speak bonne nuit (the many literal translation of “goodnight”), however, is only half of the picture.

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6 means To Say an excellent Night In French

So take it a look in ~ this overview for a couple of other means to speak goodnight in French.


4. Bonsoir — great Evening, or great Night in French

In French, words Bonsoir is primarily used together a greeting. It means “good evening”.

Bonsoir can additionally indicate “goodnight” in French. The usage varies through region. It’s much more popular to say bonne soirée to express “goodnight” in French in major cities in France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon), where Bonsoir is supplied to bid who farewell indigenous a party or night affair.

Bonsoir is likewise a little much more formal means of speak “good night” in French. However, it’s never a bad idea to sound a little formal in French.

5. Bonne Soirée — have actually a great evening in French

When who is leaving (or you space departing), you usage bonne soirée to great them goodnight in French.

You deserve to say “goodbye,” “good night,” or “see friend later” at any kind of moment in the evening as soon as it’s the last time you’ll watch them it rotates the next day.

6. A demain — see you tomorrow in French

In French, girlfriend can additionally say à demain come say goodnight.

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It means “see you tomorrow.” This may show up to it is in a little bit of a joke. However, the is a widely hosted belief.

After all, if who goes come bed (in the exact same house), friend will check out them the next day.