The Old Bahama bay Marina is situated in West End, Bahamas, only 55 nautical miles from Palm Beach. The basic is a full-service marina location with 72-slips special a managing depth that 8 feet at median low tide and 24-hour security.

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One the the just night navigable nautical point out of entry in the Bahamas, Old Bahama Bay offers quick and also efficient on-site Bahamian Customs and also Immigration. The state-of-the-art framework make Old Bahama only the ideal haven because that transient and also long-term marina guests.

The Marina at Old Bahama bay is the perfect location for boating flings and also rendezvous. Group rates are easily accessible and our staff have the right to arrange team activities, coast cookouts, mini-tournaments – whatever your team is spring for! team rates are also easily accessible in our deluxe resort accommodations.

Guests Enjoy

Old Bahama Bay to be the first Bahamas marina to earn the Blue Flag accreditation. If boaters want to it is in members of individual Blue Flag, they can request an application from the Old Bahama just Marina. Blue Flag Memberships have the right to be purchased in ~ Old Bahama Bay because that $25.00. For much more information on Blue Flag.

PortsGPS CoordinatesCourseDistance
Palm Beach26° 46 | 21.25N80° 10 | 26.36W94°55.3nm
Jupiter Inlet26° 56 | 35.60N80° 30 | 59.67W104°59.2nm
Port Everglades26° 50 | 25.41N80° 40 | 43.59W58°68.9nm

PortsGPS CoordinatesCourseDistance
Port of Miami25° 45 | 54.59N80° 40 | 58.88W46°81.2nm
ST. Lucie Inlet27° 90 | 57.73N80° 80 | 08.55W114°67nm

*Please keep in mind that this routes start at a place that is conveniently reached native each begin location, such as a recognized buoy or marker. The paths take you to the enntrance gate of Old Bahama Bay.


For navigational guidance to and also West End, consisting of headings to and also the Abacos, click here. For thorough navigational guidance right into Old Bahama Bay, click here.

Owing come the continual shifting of sands, mariners who space not regular visitors are recommended to verify current conditions with the Dockmaster by call 242-350-6500.

Premium : Bulkhead and also T-Dock

Resort Fee – per boat (regardless of variety of passengers) because that guest consumption of WiFi, fitness center, snorkel equipment, bicycles and also water toys. Uses only to watercrafts with guests sleeping aboard.

LengthElectricity: 50 ampWater
Up come 59′$0.70/ft/day$15/ day
60′– 79′$0.90/ft/day$20/ day
Over 80′$1.25/ft/day$25/ day

4/1 – 9/69/7 – 3/31
1-3 Months$1.50/ft/day$0.90/ft/day
Up come 59′$15/ day$15/ day
60′ – 79′$20/ day$20/ day
Over 80′$25/ day$25/ day
Resort Fee$20/ day$20/ day

Length of continue to be – for visits longer than 3 months, call Dockmaster.

Resort Fee – per watercraft (regardless of variety of passengers) because that guest usage of WiFi, fitness center, snorkel equipment, bicycles and water toys. Uses only to boats with guests resting aboard.


It is banned to bring sharks right into the marina for any photographic or trophy display purposes or for any cleaning or processing of the shark for fins, meat, jaws, or any other by-product. Old Bahama Bay, a man Harvey Outpost exploration Property participates in the Shark totally free Marina plan in order come encourage shark conservation by prohibiting the landing of any shark at the participating marina. Come learn more about this initiative, click here.

Permits & Fees

Bahamian federal government charges $250 every vessel 30′ and also under; $400 per vessel 31′ and above includes clearance, setravel permit and also fishing fee for up to three people; $20 per additional person. Fees are valid for 2 entries in ~ a 90-day period. Cash is the preferable payment form.


First night that dockage is compelled to check reservation. Deposit necessity for irreversible is one month dockage fee.

Holiday Weekends

Three night continue to be is compelled for all major U.S. Holiday Weekends, consisting of Memorial Day, July fourth and job Day. In addition, a 3 night deposit required, through cancellation plan of 30 days out for these holiday weekends.

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Reservation cancellations made within 48 hrs prior to reserved arrival, and also no-shows, will forfeit any deposit paid. However, if the cancellation or adjust is due to weather we reserve the best to organize the deposit and it might be supplied toward a future stay up come 6 months after the day of cancellation.