In Aldous Huxley"s Brave brand-new World, what does man the Savage typical when he says, "O brave new world that has actually such civilization in it"?

John the Savage very first uses the phrase "O brave brand-new world" sincerely and also idealistically. The words then recur once he sees the lower-caste manufacturing facility workers, and again after Linda"s death. The last time the phrase occurs to him, however, that regards it as "a challenge, a command" to transform the nightmare right into something worthy the Miranda"s description.

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the is ironic that only a handful of the civilization in the brave new world would recognize the location of the book, or be familiar with the source of the quotation which offers it. When John the Savage offers the phrase for the first time, that asks if young name remembers...

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It is ironic that only a handful of the human being in the brave brand-new world would understand the location of the book, or be familiar with the source of the quotation which offers it. Once John the Savage offers the expression for the an initial time, he asks if bernard remembers Miranda"s heat from The Tempest, come which Bernard, who is an Alpha Plus and well-educated through the standards of his society, replies "Who"s Miranda?" John"s meaning, therefore, is slightly undercut even as he utters the phrase ecstatically because that the an initial time.

John is sincere once he first refers come the society as a brave brand-new world, however the irony of the expression deepens every time he supplies it, till the last time. The is horrified to view a manufacturing facility staffed through Gammas, Deltas and Epsilions:

"O brave brand-new world..." By some malice of his memory the Savage found himself repeating Miranda"s words. "O brave brand-new world that has such civilization in it."

Finally, after Linda"s death, man understands the native "brave new world" as an exhortation and an ambition fairly than a description. The words i m sorry "had insisted top top the short squalor, the nauseous ugliness of the nightmare" suddenly become "a speak to to arms."

Miranda was proclaiming the opportunity of loveliness, the opportunity of transforming also the nightmare into something fine and also noble. "O brave new world!" It was a challenge, a command.

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At this point, John"s intellectual and moral journey still has some means to go. As far as his favorite phrase is concerned, however, his use of it has actually come full circle, indigenous idealism through boosting cynicism, and back to idealism again.