The Chipmunks, otherwise well-known as Alvin and The Chipmunks, room a musical group that comprises that Alvin, Simon and also Theodore from the movie franchise "Alvin and also The Chipmunks".

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Ross Bagdasarian to be the creator of the show, and also his boy Ross Bagdasarian Jr likewise worked on the show, making it a real household affair. The squirrel are well known for taking tunes and also putting their own spin top top them, command by Alvin, the command singer (he is likewise the oldest Chipmunk) who cases that that is the "most wonderful" member that the band.

For an ext fun character names, examine out this perform of all of the chipettes names and this perform of every the Backyardigans names.

The Main characters


Simon, Alvin and Theodore the space The Chipmunks and Brittany, Eleanor and Jeanette room some girl squirrel names from The Chipettes. If you are searching for the main characters of "Alvin and The Chipmunks" right here is a perform for you.

1. Certified dealer James Suggs, professional James Suggs is a U.S. Wait Marshal and also the key antagonist the the movie.

2. Alvin Seville, better known together Alvin the Chipmunk, Alvin is among The Chipmunks and the hero the the films.

3. Amber, is a character in the spin turn off "Alvin and The Chipmunks" TV series.

4. Anita, is a character who goes come the squirrel school.

5. Annie, is one of the college student in the squirrel school.

6. Auggy, one of the most important characters in the chipmunks movies.

7. Biggy Large, is a rapper character in "Alvin and also The Chipmunks".

8. Bocarter Humphrey, Bocarter is the previous class President in the chipmunk shool, he has actually a younger sibling called Neville.

9. Brittany Miller, is the command singer and also head the The Chipettes. She is the woman of Alvin the Chipmunk.

10. Calvin and The hip Munks, this is the name of a group of robotic doppelgangers of The Chipmunks.

11. Claire Wilson, Claire Wilson is Dave"s love attention in "Alvin and The Chipmunks". She is play by Cameron Richardson.

12. Darlene, another character name from "Alvin and The Chipmunks".

13. Eleanor Miller, Eleanor Miller is one of the chipettes names. She sings in The Chipettes and also is Theodore the Chipmunk"s partner.

14. Emil (Bobby), Emil Hurchif is a one-time personality in "Alvin and The Chipmunks".

15. Ian Hawke, Ian falcon is another main character, he is the antagonist that The Chipmunks.

16. Jamie, this character played among the key roles in the squirrel movies.

17. Jeanette Miller, Jeanette miller is the third singer in The Chipettes, she is Simon"s partner.

18. Jerry Berry, Jerry is another character from the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" TV series.

19. Julie, is the teacher at the chipmunk institution in the "Alvin and The Chipmunks" TV series.

20. Kevin, was the head the the Mathtrons team, responsible for publishing the institution paper.

21. Lal, she is a girlfriend of David Seville who assures to look at after The Chipmunks and The chipettes while Dave is away.

22. Mary-Anne, is one more character in the "Alvin and The Chipmunks" TV series.

23. Miles, is the child of Samantha, and an essential character, in the 4th film dubbed "Alvin and also The Chipmunks: The road Chip".

24. Miss Croner, one the the main personalities of the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" TV series.

25. Samantha, is the mommy of mile in the fourth film, "Alvin and The Chipmunks: The roadway Chip".

26. Simon, Simon native "Alvin and The Chipmunks" is a key character, Simon the squirrel is a member the The squirrel band.

27. Theodore, also known as Theodore the Chipmunk, Theodore in "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" is one of the most crucial characters, playing the 3rd member that The squirrel band.

28. Toby Seville, Tobin "Toby" Seville is Dave"s silly and also work-shy cousin, he helps to look after The Chipmunks.

29. Zoe, is one more enemy the Alvin and also The chipmunks in the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" movie title "Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked".

Recurring characters


If girlfriend are in search of recurring personality names indigenous the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" cast, we have made a finish list for you.

30. Ally, is a rat character with a high voice, who shows up in the extraordinary, "A chipmunk Reunion", together the caretaker because that Vinny"s home.

31. Bambi Apple

32. Bentley valve Rolls III

33. Bill

34. Billy Brown

35. Chuck Wagon

36. Clyde Crashcup, Clyde turns into a researcher, whose tests constantly fall flat, under the help of Leonardo, a short and calm man.

37. Daisy Belle

38. JP Lester

39. Leonardo

40. Miss Emma

41. Miss out on Fancy

42. Miss out on Haversham

43. Miss Hilbert

44. Miss out on Smith, is a severe and also strict teacher through a fairly low, turbulent voice.

45. Misty

46. Mr. Crabble

47. Mr. Figgle

48. Mr. Humphrey, Mr. Humphrey"s clothing comprises that a white shirt with a violet tie. His shoes space a medium red-earthy colored.

49. Mrs. Frumpington

50. Ms. Whiskers

51. Neville Humphrey

52. Officer Dangus, Officer Doris Dangus is a popular character in the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" TV series. He is among the cops because that the town.

53. Pamela D

54. Pamela Glockenshlocker

55. Patrick, is a minor character in the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" TV series. He is among the understudies in the squirrel school.

56. Pictorial Crashcup

57. Primary Meadows

58. Professor Perkins

59. R. B. Huston

60. RayRay

61. Reese

62. Roger Marsell

63. Rory

64. Rosie, one that the famed chipette name in "Alvin and also The Chipmunks".

65. Sam Valiant

66. Sandy

67. Sergeant Daniel "Danny" Dopkins

68. Stanley the Eagle

69. T.J Bartholomew

70. The exceptional Bryan, among the most famous chipmunks cartoons.

71. The Miltons

72. The Screaming Caterpillars

73. Tommy

74. Tootsie Bella,

75. Tracy, one that the characters in the "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" TV series.

76. Tracy Lane

77. Vanessa

78. Warbie

79. Warren, this squirrel singer"s surname to be Warren, his an initial name is Chris.

One off Characters

The actors of Alvin and also the Chipmunks has three female person chipmunk vocalists Brittany, Jeanette and also Eleanor. If friend are looking for one off characters from "Alvin and also The Chipmunks" you are in the appropriate place.

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80. Billy Diggens

81. Billy Bones

82. Charlene The Chipette, is the first Chipette and who Brittany modelled herself on. She has actually light hair in a braid and blue eyes.

83. Chaz

84. Chucky

85. Clarence

86. Cookie Chomper III

87. Stunner Willy

88. Crystal

89. Dolly Parton

90. Dr. Rutter Wisenheimer

91. Ed

92. Eddy

93. Edward Ralphs

94. Erik Miner

95. Eva

96. Freddie

97. General Heskal

98. Grandma Seville, is the mother of David Seville, she acts as a grandma to The Chipmunks. She"s Grandpa Seville"s various other half.

99. Grandpa Seville

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