Football fans hardly ever think about hash marks. Part don’t establish hash marks are positioned at various distances indigenous the sideline at the high school, college, and also professional levels, yet the development of hash mark ranks among the most necessary innovations in the background of football. If the statement seems far-fetched, imagine watching a football game played top top a ar without hash marks. Where would the referee point out the ball as soon as the round carrier is tackled close to the sideline or runs out of bounds? If either of those events developed in the red zone, indigenous what spot would certainly a team attempt a field goal?

Fans watching football in the old days go not must imagine football without hash marks because sixty-four year of football passed prior to the lowly hash note was an initial chalked ~ above a gridiron in 1933. Initially, each play started wherever the previous beat ended. As displayed in the image below of a Yale game during the 1904-1909 checkerboard field era, the teams aligned near the sideline as soon as the ahead play finished there. If the ball was placed far enough from the sideline to permit the attack team come align in their constant or balanced formation, they go so and ran their regular plays. Having actually the sideline adjacent constrained your play phone call to that side therefore their primary option come gain significant ground was to operation away indigenous the sideline. That course, the defenders understood the situation and overplayed to the large side of the field.

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Lockney Lines room the brief lines to run parallel to the garden lines that supplement the original hash marks intersecting the yard lines.

Lockney then convinced the university of Wisconsin to include his lines for a nationally televised game against Rice in 1954. There was just one college video game televised every week at the time, for this reason the game in between the #3 Badgers and also the #11 Owls drew a huge TV audience and the Lockney Lines to be a hit as soon as again. Television viewers, announcers and also others praised the innovation and the indigenous spread. Lockney present began showing up here and there v the green Bay Packers adopting Lockney lines in 1955. The college rules committee make them mandatory because that the 1956 season.

The striping ~ above football areas has seen small change since 1955, despite painted logos currently adorn midfield and the 20-yard lines, decorated finish zones abound, and also virtual very first down lines and also logos now show up for the television audience, but the lowly hash mark has stood the check of time. And it adjusted the video game of football along the way.

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