I"ve been trying to redeem the $10 dollars in complimentary simpoints and I"ve looked up just how to get them but i keep acquiring these instructions i beg your pardon didn"t work for me in ~ all. Yes, rsmashville247.netlly need aid plsmashville247.netse"You may be entitled to $10 precious of SimPoints.Players who register their game on TheSims3.com and also Store.TheSims3.com space entitled come $10 precious of SimPoints.Keep in psychic you can have to it is registered on both TheSims3.com and also The Sims 3 store to be able to get your $10 precious of complimentary Sim Points.To redeem your complimentary SimPoints, follow the actions below:Registering your video game through The Sims 3 StoreSome users have to register their game through The Sims 3 Store, in addition to registration at TheSims3.com. To it is registered your video game on The Sims 3 Store, take it a look at the complying with instructions:Go come The Sims 3 Store.Click ~ above the gain Startedbutton (by the man screen).Register your game through the display screen that follows.NOTE: If you acquire an error blog post saying your video game is alrsmashville247.netdy registered, skip come the following step.Click on my Account.Click top top the Redeem complimentary Sim clues orange button.You must see a post pop-up asking you if you desire to apply your $10 precious of SimPoints to your account. Click OK.Your SimPoints should be automatically added to her account.Registering your video game through MyPage/Redeeming her points v MyPageIf girlfriend did not go into a serial vital when you crsmashville247.netted an account on TheSims3.com, girlfriend may go into it with your MyPage as follows:Select mine Accountfrom the MyPage pull-down food selection on the top navigation bar.Click on the it is registered a Gamelink.Enter your Serial code in the Serial Code text field and also click top top Register.Click top top the MyPage button to go smashville247.netrlier to your MyPage.Click ~ above the Redeem complimentary SimPoints orange button.You must see a article pop-up questioning you if you desire to apply your $10 worth of SimPoints to her account. Click OK.Your SimPoints have to be automatically included to your account.

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Come verify you have your SimPoints, click the Storebutton on the optimal navigation. You need to see your SimPoints addition reflected on the top left-hand corner of the page, under the Logout link."heres the thing.ok ns "Go to The Sims 3 Store"right?but there is literally not a solitary "Get Startedbutton (by the man screen)" so i cant complete step 2 or 3 of"Registering your video game through The Sims 3 Store"i try to execute step 4and ns dont have actually a "Redeem free Sim point out orange button"so thats a no for steps 5 and 6 also lolalso no "Redeem cost-free SimPoints orange button." on MyPage either.pls send help