Standard: use existing understanding to generate new ideas, products, or processes.

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Learning Domain: an innovation Literacy

Standard: Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use info from a range of sources and media.

This is a unit that I have used because that introducingstudents come the four step procedure for critiquing art work.I like to use this critique through their style project come reinforce their discovering for using the Language the Art.The description (see) part of the activity works well with requiring the students come "Think" around what facets of arts they supplied in their design. They room then compelled to determine how the elements are organized using the values of Design.

The college student will must review the Language that Art.Elements of ArtLine, shape, texture, color, form, value, space.

As an artist you are required to show how to usage the language the art. This is no different than what is forced in an English course where you are compelled to show how to monitor the rules of appropriate english. As soon as you do art work-related you are using the elements of Art and the ethics of Design.

What facets of art were used in the architecture below?
Student example of colored Pencil architecture
The college student will should review the language the art.Principles of DesignRhythm, Movement, Balance, Proportion, Variety, Emphasis, unified

when you develop a design you very first select the signs you desire to usage in her design.The symbols space the workers.

These are the facets of Art.Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Form, Space

The workers need someone to guide them or tell lock what come do. The organizers or the boss, arethe ethics of Design. They phone call the aspects what to do.

These are the values of design.
Rhythm, Movement, Balance, Proportion, Variety, Emphasis, Unity

What values of design did the artist use in the design to the right?

how to criticize a work of art

In this handout, you room going to use the four-step system to help you find the concealed message in art. The four steps are:

Descriptoin: What carry out I see?Analysis: how is the work organized?Interpretation: What is happening? What is the artist trying come say?Judgement: What execute I think the the work?

Doing art criticism is prefer playing a detective. You must assume the the artist has actually a secret message hidden inside the work. Your job is to deal with the secret and find the message.

In this handout, you room going to use the four-step device to help you find the covert message in art. The 4 steps are:

Descriptoin: What execute I see?Analysis: how is the occupational organized?Interpretation: What is happening? What is the artist trying come say?Judgement: What carry out I think the the work?
action One: description

I have done this activity two different ways. Occasionally I would call for the college student to choose the elements they were going to use in their architecture before producing the design. Lines, shapes, colors and also so on. I would certainly then require them to determine exactly how their style was arranged using the ethics of style such as repetition, unity and variety.

Other times i would simply use the 4 step procedure to critique their architecture because it was easier to make them mindful of what elements and also principles castle used.

To start art criticism, do a perform of all the things you watch in the work. This step is supposed to sluggish your pace. Slowing under helps you notification things you could otherwise miss.

During this action you have to be objective. In other words, offer only the facts. List everything you see and also be certain without guessing. For instance, in describing mar Cassatt’s paint entitled The Bath, you need to say you see a woman holding a baby. You cannot say the you check out a mom with her child since you would be guessing. Friend don’t understand that the woman is the child’s mother. Save the guessing because that later. If girlfriend see numbers in a painting and also you can’t tell even if it is they are guys or women, simply list them as people.

Every summary should include the size of the work and also the tool used. In listing the dimension of the work, always list the elevation first. The 2nd number is the width. If over there is a 3rd number, the is the depth. Listing these sizes will aid you visualized the actual work.

In the design above what execute you see? Remember to only explain what girlfriend see.
step Two: evaluation


This is why I like using this critique process with a architecture project since it reinforces the students come think and become conscious of formalism.


During action two you are still collecting facts. Now, however, you will certainly pay fist to the elements and also principles that art. You will list just how the artist has used the elements and principles. How has actually the artist provided lines and implied lines? How has actually the artist offered shape, form, value, texture, space, and also color? How has actually the artist used rhythm, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, and unity? once again you have to be particular but describe only what you actually see. List how the artist has used every of this elements and also principles.

action Three: interpretation


This action is probable the weakest part of using this 4 step procedure with a design. The college student would battle the most with this step.


During action three, you have two inquiries to answer: “What is happening?” and also “What is the artist trying come say?” you will interpret (explain or call the an interpretation of) the work. The is right here that you have the right to make guesses.

Interpretation is the most daunting art criticism action for some people yet it additionally can it is in the many rewarding.

You have to use your intelligence, imagination, and courage. You need to not be fear to make an translate that is various from someone else’s. ~ all, you are various from anyone else.

How you analyze a work-related of art will count on what you have actually done and also seen in your life. However, your interpretation need to be based top top the facts and clues you gathered during the very first two steps. Your interpretation deserve to express her feelings, but your feelings should be backed up by observation.

What is keep going in this design?
step Four: translate


I have actually used this process for self critiques and group critiques. I would always encourage the college student to phrase their constructive criticism in a group critique as: If it were my design, i would have actually . . .


In step four you will judge whether or no the work succeeds or fails. This is the moment to give your opinions. No one can ever tell you what to favor or dislike. Friend must comprise your own mind. To make a an excellent judgment you must be moral with yourself. You need to understand why you feel the method you do. If you research a paint of cats, how would you feel about the work? perhaps the artist love cats. Execute you? just how do girlfriend think the way you feel about cats might influence your reaction to the work?

Was the artist successful with this design? Why? Why not?
The theories of Judging art

This step of the task once again functions well v the formalism concept for judging art, but could job-related well v emotionalism also.

Theories of evaluate Art

People who examine or referee art periodically use particular theories that say how a work have to be considered. Movie critics regularly use 3 of these theories:


Some people think art should imitate what we watch in the genuine world. Utilizing this theory to judge art is dubbed Imitationalism.

Others feel that the many important part of a occupational is the usage of the values of design and also the elements of art. According to this theory, dubbed Formalism, the occupational is effective if the textures, colors, lines, and also other elements and principles are organized properly.

Still others believe that art need to speak to the viewer through her or his emotions. This theory states that the most important part of the work-related is the mood the artist communicates. This last concept is called Emotionalism.

You deserve to judge art making use of one theory, or much more than one, relying on the kind of art and your own purposes. If you stick come one theory, but you may miss some exciting explorations in a work. Maybe the best method is to usage all three. Then you will have the ability to discover as much as possible about a specific piece that art.

Student style Examples

I normally have the students an initial critique making use of the designs because it works really well v reinforcing the Language that Art: aspects of Art and also Principles the Design.

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After they have critiqued the style using the critique form I then have actually them usage that together their rundown for creating their paper. The record has to be typed, MLA layout with complete sentences.


Please fill out the critique form over one of the designs.Please usage this summary to compose a typed document demonstrating the MLS format of writing.Please use complete sentences and also share this record with you teacher.